Summary: Willowkit and her sister Frostkit are born in calming times to one of the three Clan, LightningClan. But Willowkit doesn't feel all at home with her family, her parents seeming to sun her for her lack of skill. Yet, a prophecy is born to the medicine cat of the clan, and he cant but help to see that it has to do with the family. Will the clan be saved in time, or will their own foolish mistakes make the three clan become just two?

Alive: Book 1

By. Hidding-In-Shadows

Chapter 1


Leader: Runstar- slim light brown tabby tom with amber eyes (Mate: Sandleg) (Kits: Windpaw and Spiderpaw)

Deputy: Longwind- sleek white-and-gray tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Healheart- slim cream-and-brown tom with amber eyes (Apprentice: Lightpaw)


Forestfoot- slim white tom with large brown paws and green eyes (Mate: Softpelt) (Kits: Lightpaw and Heartpaw)

Sandleg- small pale ginger she-cat with dark ginger legs and blue eyes (Mate: Runstar) (kits: Windpaw and Spiderpaw)

Runningcloud- soft pelted small gray-and-white she-cat with light blue eyes (Apprentice: Heartpaw)

Softpelt- soft light brown she-cat with heather colored eyes (Apprenitce: Windpaw)

Rockfang- dark gray-and-black tom with icy blue eyes (Apprentice: Spiderpaw)

Braveclaw- black tom with white chest and amber eyes (Mate: Fernheart) (Kits: Grasskit and Mousekit)


Lightpaw- tan tom with brown patches and blue eyes

Heartpaw- pretty slim light brown she-cat with a heart shaped patch on her chest and heather colored eyes

Windpaw- light gray-and-brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Spiderpaw- dark brown tom with black under belly and chest with amber eyes


Fernheart- cream-and-gray she-cat with green eyes (Mate: Braveclaw) (Kits: Grasskit and Mousekit)


Grasskit- black tom with white patches and green eyes

Mousekit- gray-and-white she-cat with amber eyes


Deaf-ear- black-and-white tom with pale green eyes who went deaf (Old Mate: Kindears) (Kits: Braveclaw and Runstar)

Kindears- retired queen with brown pelt and amber eyes (Old Mate: Deaf-ear) (Kits: Braveclaw and Runstar)


Leader: Creekstar- silver tabby tom with blue eyes (Apprentice: Millowpaw)

Deputy: Fishfur- silver she-cat with amber eyes (Mate: Reedtail) (Kits: Millowpaw, Hollowpaw, and Dashpaw)

Medicine Cat: Leapfish- black tom with blue eyes (Apprentice: Hollowpaw)


Waterpelt- blue-gray tabby tom with light blue eyes (Apprentice: Dashpaw)

Reedtail- black tom with a gray-brown tail and green eyes (Mate: Fishfur) (Kits: Millowpaw, Hollowpaw, and Dashpaw)

Troutheart- light gray she-cat with white mark on chest with blue eyes (Mate: Runlake) (Kits: Weedpaw and Flowerpaw)

Runlake- dark brown tabby tom with orange eyes (Mate: Troutheart) (Kits: Weedpaw and Flowerpaw)

Lakeleg- silver she-cat with dark gray legs and blue eyes (Apprentice: Flowerpaw)

Shorefur- light, sandy colored she-cat with blue eyes (Apprentice: Weedpaw)


Hollowpaw- black she-cat with blue eyes

Millowpaw- pretty silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Dashpaw- light brown mottled tom with blue eyes

Weedpaw- dark brown tom with orange eyes

Flowerpaw- light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Grasswhisker- light brown she-cat with green eyes (Old Mate: George) (Kits: Gingerkit and Mosskit)


Gingerkit- light ginger tom with green eyes

Mosskit- light brown-white-and-light gray she-cat with blue eyes


One-ear- dark brown tom with one ear and orange eyes (Old Mate: Tinyfish) (Kits: Reedtail and Shorefur)

Tinyfish- sandy light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes (Old Mate: One-ear) (Kits: Reedtail and Shorefur)

Fluffypelt- light gray-and-black tom with green eyes (Kit: Fishfur)


Leader: Lightningstar- orange tabby tom with a pale ginger mark on his forehead with orange eyes (Mate: Darkflower) (Kits: Willowkit and Frostkit)

Deputy: Tigerlight- dark brown tabby tom with orange eyes

Medicine Cats: Wormfur- sandy colored tom with patches of fur and blue eyes


Ringtail- gray tom with tabby tail and green eyes (Mate: Grassshine) (Kits: Harepaw and Stripepaw)

Feverhead- brown tom with a going on fever and blue eyes (Mate: Beestripe) (Kits: Nightpaw and Petalpaw)

Grassshine- light brown she-cat with blue eyes (Mate: Ringtail) (Kits: Harepaw and Stripepaw)

Beestripe- pale gray she-cat with thick black stripe and orange eyes (Mate: Feverhead) (Kits: Nightpaw and Petalpaw)

Longfur- long-haired brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Brightface- orange-and-white she-cat with blue eyes


Harepaw- light brown tom with green eyes

Stripepaw- gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Nightpaw- black tom with orange eyes

Petalpaw- brown she-cat with pale-gray patches and blue eyes


Darkflower- gray-and-white she-cat with blue eyes (Mate: Lightningstar) (Kits: Frostkit and Willowkit)


Frostkit- pretty white she-cat with blue eyes

Willowkit- dark gray tabby she-cat with orange eyes


Badfang- black tom with green eyes and long teeth

Losteye- white she-cat with green eyes and blind in one

As night crept over LightningClan, a yowl pierced through the air. From the warriors den, two sets of eyes opened and peered out to the den across from it, the nursery. Another yowl came from the nursery, causing the leader to walked out of his own den from across the camp, his orange eyes hard. He looked around, trying to find the source of the noise. It was only about four moons ago that the Clan had finally settled in with it's neighbor Clan, CreekClan and RunningClan. And now, an unknown cat was yowling for help.

Lightningstar's eyes widened as he found the source and he leaped off of the stone ledge that sat on the lip of his den and ran to the mush den next to his. He looked about before spotting the scraggy looking medicine cat.

"Wormfur, Wormfur, walk up. It's Darkflower, the kits are coming."

The fur-less creature in the back of the den stirred before sitting up, emotionless blue eyes contacting with worrisome orange one. The tom rose silently and grabbed a few herbs from the line of plants on the floor of his den, and shoved past the frantic leader. Another painful yowl came from the nursery. This time, a few of the apprentices even had their heads outside of their den, curious as to why the queen was causing such a ruckus.

Wormfur walked into the den where he say the gray-and-white she-cat laying in her nest, crying out in pain. No other queens laid in the empty nests, already moved out after their own kits had become apprentices. Wormfur dropped the herbs he brought with him next to Darkflower, telling her to eat them with his raspy voice. He then walked on the other side of her, placing a paw on her side. A rippled of pain shot through the she-cat and she cried out once more, making the medicine cat twitch with annoyance.

he always hated having to deal with births. A new member to the clan was always welcomed, but the ear-splitting scream were what made him frustrated. And having to calm the queen as she gave birth to her kits. Darkflower let out another claw-on-stone scream, making Wormfur cringe. He then applied a small amount of pressure to her side, the she-cat sliding her two kits out easily with the help to the expert medicine cat. He may hate having to go through the births of kits, but he knew just how to make it go quicker.

Wormfur leaned down and nipped at the sac of the first one before licking it's fur and placing it next to the mother's belly where it began to suckle. He then went to the second one, nipping it also.

As he grabbed the kit to place it next to her sister, his vision whited out for a moment before he was suddenly standing in a field of grass, blue skies surrounding him. He blinked and then groaned in frustration. Not now, not while there was a new born kit in his mouth. He heard a slight growl behind him and turned to see his mentor, a cat just a few moons older them himself.

"Sparrowtail, why did you call me here at such an important time? If you didn't see, I was helping Darkflower with her kits." the old tom meowed to his mentor angrily.

"I understand Wormfur." the graying brown tabby answered, his dark amber eyes narrowed. "But something important has come along. A prophecy has been given to me to share on to you."

Wormfur flinched back in surprise. A prophecy already? They hadn't even been in their camp for six moons and a prophecy was already being given to them. Wormfur cleared his throat, trying to hide his surprise-and slight fright- and nodded, telling the older tom to continue on with his message.

"As the time goes by, good will turn bad, and a terrible frost will kill the aging willow."

Wormfur growled in frustration. He knew that prophecy's were vague at some point, but this? This was darn near impossible for him to figure out. "What is this mouse dung you're telling me Sparrowtail? I don't understand what you're talking about?"

Sparrowtail chuckled, shaking his head. "You always were a hot headed one, weren't you Wormfur. All in good time my apprentice, all in good time."

Wormfur blinked his eyes once and was then sitting in the back of the nursery, two kits sucking milk from Darkflower as Lightningstar curled his way around his mate, purring in happiness. Wormfur's blue eyes travel to the kits, two she-cats. One had a brilliant white coat, the other a dark gray tabby. Wormfur noticed that the parents took deep interest in the white one, murmuring about her beautiful pelt and debating what to call her. Their names ranged from Rainkit for Snowkit to Featherkit. Finally, the decided on a name, Frostkit.

Wormfur felt his heart drop slightly as they looked onto the other kit with less interest, quickly naming her Willowkit after the large willow tree that sat in the middle of the camp. Her tabby pelt vaguely resembled that of the willows and Wormfur let out a displeased noise, startling the two lover. He pushed past them, growling to himself.

"Thanks StarClan."

5 Moons Later

Willowkit sat outside of the nursery, watching as her sister played with the apprentices. It was sun high at LightningClan's camp. The fresh kill pile was plentiful, the borders had all been checked and secured, and it was just the right temperature out to be relaxing. Willowkit looked over to the elder's den where her grandparent were laying on top of their rock den, purring and basking in the sunlight. She hear a small chuckled and turned her head in the other direction where her parents were laying under the ledge of her fathers den, enjoying the shade it provided. Wormfur, the medicine cat who was always sour and sarcastic was even enjoying the sun, laying out and scratching his claws along the dry ground.

"Willowkit!" a voice called. The gray tabby turned her head her orange eyes looking for the source of the holler. She spotted one of the apprentices, Nightpaw, a built black tom trotting over to her.

"Hi Nightpaw. Do you need something?" she asked, looking into the toms paler orange eyes.

"Do you wanna join us. Harepaw and I were just about to show Frostkit this fighting move we learned yesterday from Longfur." the tom purred. Willowkit looked over his shoulder to were her sister was sitting and talking to Harepaw. Frostkit looked over, her pretty, white face clean of dirt and her blue eyes bright and beautiful. She smiled to her sister warmly before being tackled by Petalpaw, Frostkit's best friend.

"I don't know, it seems like you all are having fun enough. I'm fine with staying over here." she said, looking back to the black tom.

"Oh come on, it'll be fun. For all you know, it'll help you out later in life." he gave her shoulder a friendly puch with his muzzle, making her chuckle and stand up, stretching.

"Alright, alright. I'll come play with you guys."

She trotted over with Nightpaw, the tom speaking energetically to his friends about the move, Harepaw cutting in every once and a while. Willowkit sat down next to her sister her pushed her, making the gray she-kit tumbled over. Frostkit snickered and then leaned down, helping her sister back up.

"Don't be so clumsy Willowkit. If you're going to be a warrior, you've got to stay strong on your paws." a voice from across the clearing called. Willowkit sighed, recognizing her fathers voice anywhere.

"Yes Lightningstar."

Nightpaw flicked his tail, getting everyone's attention. "Okay, now listen up. Harepaw and I are going to demonstrate the move. It's real simple actually, just a trip. But this is how you trip someone and flip them, when they're in the air."

Willowkit watched as Harepaw crouched down and ran to Nightpaw, jumping in the air to land on the toms back. Nightpaw smirked and dodge it easily, but instead of just doing a simple dodge, he turned around and jumped also, slapping Harepaw's back leg, making the tom flip in the air and land on his back on the ground, Nightpaw, landing over him, a paw on his throat.

"Wow Nightpaw, that was so cool!" Frostkit exclaimed, standing up and walking to the tom. Nightpaw smiled and thanked her before looking to Harepaw, thanking him for his assistance. He then turned to Willowkit, his eyes scanning her.

"What did you think Willowkit?" he asked.

"That was really good Nightpaw. You've got that move down." Willowkit purred, standing up. "Now all you need is a real enemy and you'll be set."

Nightpaw smiled. "Thanks Willowkit. I-"

"Hey Nightpaw, do you think you should show me around the apprentice's den? Flowerpaw forgot to show me yesterday, and since I'm joining soon, I wanted to knwo where to put my nest." Frostkit cut the tom off, purring happily and pushing into his fur. Nightpaw looekd down to her, thinking nothing of the kit's actions and shrugged.

"Sure, why not. Willowkit, you wanna come along? You'll be joining too." Nightpaw asked.

Willowkit opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off when Lightningstar called her over. She looked to her father who flicked his tail summoning her. "Some other time Nightpaw. Bye." she trotted over, felling the black toms eyes on her as she walked and then sighed as Frostkit giggled, the groups of cats walking to the apprentice's den. Willowkit sat in front of her parents.

"Yes sir?" she asked.

"Willowkit, sit up straight, you'll hurt your back it you slouch like that." Darkflower said first, giving the kit a hard look.

"Yes Darkflower." she kis sighed, sitting up a bit straighter.

"Willowkit. I was wondering if you would like to become a certain cats apprentice once you become six moons. Wormfur's for instants." the ginger tabby asked, looking to his daughter with questioning eyes.

Willowkit twtiched her ear, taken off guard. "W-Wormfur's apprentice?" she looked to the tom who was now standing and stretching, and then turned and walked back into the den, his skin pale beneath his thin patches of fur. Sure she would strike up a conversation with tom every once and a while, learn a few of the simple herbs here and there, but she never had a real interest in becoming a medicine cat. When she was young, she always would tell her mother of how hard she was going to work to become the best warrior of the clan. So why would her father even bother asking her such a question.

"I feel honored to be even thought of as the future medicine cat, but hat's not my path Lightningstar. I want to become a warrior for our clan." she said simply.

The tom narrowed his eyes and nodded. "I see. Alright then, carry on."

Willowkit nodded and then turned around, walking back to the nursery. She flinched as she heard Frostkit giggled from inside the apprentices den. Willowkit murmured to herself useless things before laying in her own personal nest, curling up and closing her eyes. Suddenly, she wasn't feel like laying out in the sun.