Jenny trudged up the stairs toward the master suite. It had been a long, crazy day and she couldn't wait to get home! Besides the summer heat had made things unbearable. The air conditioning had broken at the atelier, and although the other executives went home, Jenny had to oversee the preparations for Fashion Week. Even though she was now the First Lady of New York City, she still had to work.

That afternoon and evening, Jenny couldn't help but remember her early days as an intern at Waldorf, under first Laurel's supervision, then working for Eleanor Waldorf herself! It was HOT, hard, backbreaking work but she used to think that it would all be worth it someday.

She'd worked so late that she had to ask Serena to pick her child up from preschool. Not only was her sister-in-law nice about it, she offered to keep him overnight with her kids! This way, no matter how late Jenny or Nate had to work, their baby would be taken care of.

Jenny knew that her husband was home from the presence of his security detail outside when her town car pulled up. She was so pleased that he wasn't working late! She couldn't wait to tell Nate all about her long, tiring day.

"Nate? Babe, I'm home!"

Nate looked up from his laptop computer, where he'd been reading over a speech he had to give the next morning at a local charity run. He was lounging on their king-sized bed in just his boxers. Jenny came over to kiss him.

"Hey, sweetheart. What did Waldorf do to you today? You haven't returned any of my texts or calls…"

"Sorry…" She kissed him again, enjoying the taste of his lips as always, but stood up before he could deepen their kiss. "You won't believe the day I've had, handsome. Anything that could go wrong did!

"Sounds serious," was his reply, as Jenny kicked off her heels with a sigh. "What happened?"

"Hilda happened, actually…" She moved toward her vanity, unbuttoning her sleeveless silk blouse as she went. "I can't believe how she treats her interns! This has been an ongoing problem for years, Nate… she's ten times worse than Laurel ever was to me… and this morning, one of the interns showed me video footage of Hilda shaking one of her interns! This kid's parents are hotshot attorneys..." Finished with unbuttoning her blouse, she turned back to face him, flipping her hair over one shoulder to deal with her elaborate earrings. "You know, Howard Katz? I always remember him because he has the same name as your dad… remember that huge case he won against Pepsi?"

Nate closed his laptop and laid it aside, tucking his hands behind his head and staring at her. "Yeah. I remember."

"Exactly!" She turned back to the dresser and flung her earrings on it, then dropped her blouse on the back of the vanity chair. "The last thing we need is a lawsuit, especially after that fire in the Bass resort in the Seychelles last year! Do you remember how much it took to contain that scandal?"

"Yeah…" Nate muttered. Eyes never leaving Jenny as she buzzed around the room, removing articles of clothing and pieces of jewelry as she went.

"I know, right? So I called Hilda into my office and told her that I was going to reassign her interns to Jonathan. She gets all mad at me and is like, 'You don't have the authority to do that, Jennifer. You are not the CEO.'" Jenny pushed her skirt over her hips roughly, starry eyes sparking with the memory. "Can you believe her? She knows that Blair's in Paris right now!"

Unbeknownst to Jenny, her husband was drinking in the sight of her as she undressed, not really registering her words. Unconsciously, Nate wet his lips, trying not to think about how much he'd been anticipating her arrival at home for hours, trying to do the right thing, trying not to be an asshole by thinking about how much he dearly wanted to screw his pretty little wife senseless.

He would be a good husband tonight. Even if Jenny looked extremely fuckable in nothing but lace underwear…

"Yeah, she's always been pretty awful, right?" he managed to say, looking away for a moment, opening back up his laptop for a distraction.

"I know, right? She's such a bitch," Jenny complained, running her fingers through her hair, shaking it out. "So I told her, look, we'll call Blair and let her tell you exactly what I just did... wow, that feels good, I've been wanting to get out of this sweaty thing for hours… are you listening, Nate, or am I talking to myself?"

Nate couldn't help it. When he looked back at her, she'd taken off her bra, and had folded her arms right underneath her breasts. But the look on her face told it all… she was completely unaware of her effect on him just then.

"Yeah," he managed to grate out.

"So anyway, she said to me, fine, go right ahead. I picked up the phone to call Blair and the power went out! Can you believe it?"

Jenny turned away, walking toward their walk-in closet.

Nate watched as his wife entered the closet, still sharing the stressful details of her day.

"Oh it feels sooooo good to get out of these clothes! Even my panties are sweaty! Can you believe that!? Well, at least now I can take them off and put on something cool."

All Nate heard was the words panties and off. Standing up from the bed, he pulled off his boxers and followed her into their closet. There stood his incredibly hot wife, naked and grumbling, looking through a drawer.

She seemed to have no idea what the sight of her bare did to him. It was time he showed her!

He strode up behind her and moved her hair from the back of her neck, kissing the spot as he placed his hands on her hips.

"Nate! It's too hot..."

"Yes, you are...too hot! Hot pair of little ass...and a hot, tight-" he said, touching each part as he named it.

"Nate!" she cried out as he dragged his fingers through her dampening folds... all thoughts of her horrendous day at work forgotten.

"Baby... you just don't know what it does to me when all this soft, sweet skin is on display," he said rubbing his hardness against her backside.

Jenny moaned as she felt him. "!"

Nate wrapped his arms around her and sat on the end of the padded bench in the center of the closet. Within seconds, her back rested on his chest, her ass nestled into his stomach, and his cock rested against her wetness.

"Ready, baby?"

Jenny simply lifted herself to take him inside. Placing himself at her center, he eased in. She shifted down until he filled her entire core.

Nate pinched her nipples making her cry out. Holding one hand against her, he thrust shallowly.

Jenny's head pressed into Nate's shoulder as she rode him in wave-like thrusts.

"So tight, sweetheart..." he groaned. "Sometimes I wish I could just stay inside you and make you come forever..."

He rubbed her swollen pearl and she clenched him tightly, pushing him over the edge.

The feel of his release flowing into her brought on her orgasm. Jenny whimpered and wailed as he held her to him, release pulsing through both of them.

Nate eased out of his wife's still trembling body. Turning her head, he took her mouth in a deep, drugging kiss.

As their kiss went on, he swung her up into his arms, carrying her out of the closet and into their master bath. Unable to get enough, they fucked up against the wall of their shower, and later, they made leisurely, passionate love atop their bed.

As they rested after their latest bought of lovemaking, bodies cooling beneath the ceiling fan, Jenny vaguely remembered that she had something to tell him when she first came home.

"Nate, what was I talking about earlier?"

"No idea," he replied, kissing his way down her body...