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My Other Self

Chapter 2

"Oh, man." Yosuke stretched his muscles. "That test was brutal." Yosuke yawned, feeling tired. "I hate tests."

Souji just shook his head at his friends words, knowing how true they rang. "It wasn't that bad, Yosuke." Souji couldn't help but stare at him for a moment, unblinking. His mind went blank again, as it had been doing a lot recently. He tried to not stare, but he found it hard not to. He quickly turned away before anyone would notice. He didn't want any awkward questions right now, especially from Yosuke.

The brunet boy sighed and scratched the back of his neck. "I'm just glad it's over, man," he told his best friend, who was now putting his things in his bag, to which he did the same.

"Yeah.." Souji said not really paying attention to him, opting to focus on something else at the moment. Yosuke always distracted him, and he was sure that the music loving boy had no clue that he did. As it was, it was unusual for Souji to get distracted so easily, so it meant something. But what? That question played in the young teens mind over and over, still coming up with no answer. It just all confused him.

"Hey, Yukiko?"

"Hm? Yes, Chie?" She gazed at her friend with a warm smile, pushing some hair out of her eyes. She waited for whatever Chie was going to say.

"What did you get for question five?"

"Oh.. I put.." She told her, and Chie looked defeated.

"Seriously? Oh, damn. I got it wrong then." Yukiko was smart, she knew he work well, and Chie admired her for it, but it did kind of make her feel stupid. Though, she was glad her friend was so smart.

"Crap, I think I did, too," Yosuke looked defeated as well, sighing heavily. "Ahh, this sucks. Why can't I be smart like, Yukiko-chan?"

"Yeah," Chie agreed with a nod. "Give me some of your smarts, Yukiko."

They laughed for a good moment, then they all stood up and was ready to leave. School was out and they were ready to go home, especially Yosuke. "Okay. Well, I will see you guys later." Chie and Yukiko walked out, chatting idly amongst themselves. Yosuke thought he hear that Chie was going to go over to the Inn to hang out with Yukiko for a while.

"Hey, partner?" Yosuke startled him, looking at him with a smile.

"Yes, Yosuke?" Souji asked, turning to face him fully.

"Uh, you want to go to Junes with me? I'm suppose to be working in a little bit, but I do have some free time before then, so I figured that we could hang out."

As much as Souji would like to, 'cause really, it did sound tempting to the silvered haired boy, but he found himself shaking his head. "I can't. I told Doijima that Help clean the house today." He was always finding excuses to not hang out with him. "I'm sorry. "Maybe later?"

Yosuke frowned. This would be the second time in a week that Souji has turned down his offers to hang out together. Normally, he and Souji would, but lately, it seems as though his friend was looking for an excuse to not hang out with him. It wasn't like him. He couldn't quite dismiss the feeling the something was going on with his partner, something he didn't know about. Because well, this just wasn't like him, Yosuke knew.

"Are you okay, man?" he decided to ask.

Souji blinked, startled by that question. "Yes. Why?"

"Well," Yosuke began, "It's just that we haven't been hanging out much lately. You always seem to be really busy or something every time I ask you to hang out with me."

"I'm fine, Yosuke. I've just been really busy, that's all. With with helping Dojima out with Nanako and the house. I'm sorry." He did look apologetic, Yosuke observed.

"Souji... if there's something bothering you, you can tell me. I mean, we're partners right? You're also my best friend. You know you can talk me me, man."

Souji did give a genuine smile at that. He knew Yosuke always had his back, and not just in the other world either. He had grown close to the other boy, and they share a close bond with each other. Perhaps, that helped him feel the way he did. The way Yosuke would look at him with concern. Yosuke was the only one who could make Souji react in any kind of way. There was just something about the headphone wearing boy that drew the leader to him.

"No, Yosuke, I'm fine. I guess I'm also tired," he admitted, and it was partly true. He had been feeling tired lately. He didn't know why, but perhaps it was due to his running around for his friends, and other things.

"Alright," Yosuke relented, seeming to believe him for now. He saw Souji smile at him and nod. He couldn't quite help feeling there was more to it than Souji was letting on. He just had this feeling that something was bothering his friend, but he didn't seem to want to bring it up, so Yosuke kept quiet for now. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah," Souji agreed. "You will." He felt his stomach jump at the thought, and frowned to himself. This was really getting to him, and he just didn't know what to do about it. Being around Yosuke made him feel weird, but in a good way. It was a feeling he'd never felt towards anyone else, though. So this feeling was new to him.

"Later, Partner!" Yosuke called out as he made his way to the door.

"Bye," Souji called back, halfheartedly. He couldn't help but let his mind wonder to thoughts of his best friend. Souji cursed himself. What the hell was wrong with him? Yosuke was constantly invading his mind and he didn't know what to do about it. He didn't like feeling confused and nervous around his best friend. He saw Yosuke give him a look but didn't say anything as he walked out a moment later, turning the corner in the hallway.

Souji sighed to himself and grabbed his own things. He needed to stop acting like this. This wasn't helping him. Well, he didn't completely lie; he had told Dojima that he'd help clean the house today, it just wasn't until later.


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