Yup, another drabble! This just came to me this morning and since I had a bit of time left, I decided to write this. Hope you like it :)

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Part I

Glancing at the clock, Akihiko sat on the couch next to his bear Suzuki-san. Misaki could be back any moment, either jumping around in joy or dragging himself inside with his head down in disappointment. Yes, Akihiko knew exactly what Misaki felt.

"Here I am, being all nervous for him," the author said softly, laughing to himself. A small smile played on his lips. "I hope he's passed."

About a year ago, Misaki proudly announced that he wanted to get a driver's license. There was a lot of commotion as Akihiko insisted on bringing Misaki to his work, but due to deadlines and meetings Misaki was forced to take the train a lot more often.

However, the real problem was that Misaki had started to feel uncomfortable taking the train after being groped by a stranger several times. When Akihiko found out about this, he instantly accepted Misaki's wishes and insisted on paying for his driving lessons. After some half-hearted protests, Misaki agreed.

Needless to say, Akihiko was nervous. In fact, the only time when he had been so nervous was when Misaki applied for a job at Marukawa Publishing. It both amused him and frustrated him that a brat—as he still called Misaki occasionally—could sweep him off his feet. Yet, he couldn't deny that he had never been happier with anyone else.

He truly, undoubtedly, boundlessly loved that silly short brunet.

Just when Akihiko was about to check the time again, the door swung open. Akihiko remained seated in anticipation, even though he wanted to run over to Misaki and ask how things went. It wasn't like him to be so interested in someone else's matters, but Misaki wasn't just 'someone'.

"I'm home!" Misaki called in a plain voice, only making Akihiko more nervous about the result. As the chocolate haired male entered the living room, Akihiko finally managed to get up.

"So...how did it go?" 'Please tell me you passed,' Akihiko pleaded in his head.

Misaki tried to hide his emotions, staring at his lover with expressionless eyes. While it was partially to tease Akihiko, Misaki was just keeping quiet to process everything that had happened.

Finally, after three more minutes of staring at one another, Misaki's lips formed into a smile. "I passed!" he exclaimed happily, almost jumping out of his skin as Akihiko pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Congratulations, Misaki." Although Akihiko's tone was calm and composed as usual, his heart was beating loudly in his chest in utter happiness. It was wonderful to share those feelings with someone he cared so much about.

"Thank you," Misaki replied softly, still smiling as he buried his face into the man's chest.

"You know, I still want to drive you from time to time."

Misaki pulled back and stared at Akihiko in disbelief. "Then what's the point of me getting a driver's license?"

"It was you who wanted that, not me."

"Baka Usagi!"

As Misaki pouted cutely, Akihiko simply chuckled and ruffled his hair. He knew he would be yelled at for the rest of the day, but it was all worth it. Because, no matter how irritated Misaki tried to be, that tiny smile on his lips as he turned around would never go unnoticed.

Yeah, it's fluff, as usual xD The only reason why this is rated T is because of the word 'groped'.

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