Full Summary: With the ordeals of Team Plasma done and over with, Ash, Iris, and Cilan are at a stump at what they should do next. That is until Ash gets a call from Scott that the Battle Frontier has a challenge for him: Battle them again to earn the official Gold Symbols. With more experience, Ash and friends decide to head to Kanto to face the Battle Frontier once more with higher stakes and familiar faces. Can Ash defeat the Battle Frontier again?

Pairings: Main - Abilityshipping and Wishfulshipping. Side - Contestshipping, Egoshipping, and Luckshipping. Hinted - Ikarishipping, Clumseonshipping, and Flarebustershipping.

Current main ages:

Ash - 15 years old

Iris - 14 years old

Cilan - 17 years old

As more of Ash's friends and rivals appear, their ages will show up.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon. I only own the ideas from my head.


Prologue: Scott's Call

It's around the summer time, however, our trio was having anything but fun and adventure. It's only been a few days since they've returned to Nuvema Town from the White Ruins after their journey with N, the encounters with Team Plasma, and their troubles with Reshiram. With the Unova League long behind him, Ash had no idea what to do now. As far as he heard from Professor Oak, there had been no news of any League open in another region for Ash to compete once more at his attempt to be a Pokémon Master. Usually when Prof. Oak announces something like that, Ash would actually prepare about a week to a month sometimes before his next journey by heading back to Pallet Town. However, he knew it wouldn't be polite of him to leave his Unova friends, Iris and Cilan, with no heads up or anything.

The past few days was spent by helping out in Prof. Juniper's lab with paperwork or helping a new trainer out for their journey. The only times that didn't feel like such a bore was when they're either spending time with their Pokémon out on the fields to play, train, and have a bite to eat or when Bianca came by a few times and talked with them before having to leave again to do some travel work for the female professor.

At the moment, the trio was hanging around the resting area of the lab. Cilan was looking around, observing anything that might catch his interest. Iris was lying on one bench eating some berries with Axew. Finally, Ash was lying on another bench with Pikachu as the two were taking a nap.

"I have never been in one place like this for so long. Can't we just go out and travel?" whined Iris with her Axew agreeing to it.

Cilan shook his head in disapproval, "I'm afraid we really have nowhere to go Iris. With Unova being closed off from other regions, we can't really cross oceans so easily. I thought Ash would have actually gone back to Kanto but it seems like he doesn't want to leave us."

The two sighed before they went back to what they were doing. There wasn't any appointment of a new trainer coming over or any lab work to help out with since Prof. Juniper was focusing on analyzing some research papers over her topic of study and her lab assistants cleaned up the lab before the three travelers even got up this morning.

Next thing you know, Prof. Juniper entered the lobby area. "Hey, is Ash up?"

"Well um..." muttered Iris as she looked toward the sleeping black haired trainer and his Pikachu.

"Sorry about this but can you wake him up? He has a call waiting for him and it can't be hold off till later," responded the brunette while rubbing the back of her head mareepishly. Iris nodded and muttered something to Axew. The baby dragon nodded and walked over to the black haired teen and started tickling him. The trainer grumbled before he ended up in a fit of laugher and even knocked his electric starter to the ground on accident, making a rude awakening. Ash was confused when looking at Axew once the baby dragon stopped, then he saw Pikachu on the ground with a 'not amused' look.

"Is it morning already?" questioned the teen. Cilan held back a chuckle while Iris sighed and muttered along the lines of "What a little kid..."

"Actually it's three in the afternoon," answered Prof. Juniper with a sweatdrop before she continued, "Anyway Ash, there's someone on the video phone wanting to speak with you. I don't know who he is but he said he knows you and has been trying to get a hold of you all morning which means the signal is kinda off. Best to speak with him now before the signal cuts."

"Alright, I'll be right there," answered the male as he got up and placed his shoes on. He started walking over to the row of video phones with Pikachu in tow. Iris and Cilan looked confused at what was going on but decided against following him for privacy terms. Ash however, was confused about who was calling.

'Could it be Gary? No, he's in Sinnoh and Prof. Juniper knows him a bit. Prof. Juniper knows Dawn and she said it was a guy. She knows all the researchers. Who could it be?' thought the boy as he went to the video phone and was met face to face with a man with curly light brunette hair wearing black sunglasses and a Hawaiian styled shirt.

"Scott?" Ash was practically speechless, "It's been over two years. What's with a sudden call, not that I mind right now."

"Ash, I have a message for you from the whole Battle Frontier," responded the man. The said trainer's eyes widened. The last encounter he had with any of the Frontier Brains was when his Sinnoh rival, Paul, challenged Brandon to do what his older brother Reggie couldn't. However, the purple haired trainer lost really badly against Brandon's Regi Pokémon. That was well over a year ago!

"Ya see, you're still that only trainer who has ever beaten the Battle Frontier for the past 2 1/2 years. No one has ever gotten close except up to at least Lucy or Spencer. However, because of this, they have a real challenge for you. Ya see, they all give you what was the Silver Symbols, which presented your completion of the Battle Frontier. They came up with the idea that since they have all gotten a lot stronger since your battles with them, why not come and challenge them to earn the Gold Symbols. Those will represent your superiority as Frontier Champion," explained Scott. Ash was very surprised and tried to take it all in.

This would mean that the Battle Frontier would be a lot harder than before and show no mercy. Ash would have to train a lot harder to beat them. And at that, Ash would be able to test the skills of both his Sinnoh and Unova Pokémon against Kanto region battlers. Then Ash thought of his two Unova friends. Maybe he could convince them to come with him to Kanto so the two can finally see what life is like in Ash's home region and see Pokémon that they have never encountered before. Plus, Iris and Cilan have been dying to see all of Ash's other Pokémon since he only mention very little of his previous journeys aside from his journey with his current team member Charzard. Plus, it'll be nice for Ash to have friends to experience a journey he's been through with fresh new eyes.

Ash grinned before he responded to Scott, "Alright then, let's get this show on the road."

"I'm happy with your decision," responded the man before having a questioning look, "By the way, where exactly are you? When I asked Prof. Oak, he just gave me the number to this lab and I've been having a hard time with the signal."

Ash smiled in reply, "Well...I'm actually in the Unova region right now."

"Unova? That place is way far from Kanto. Knowing you, I'm pretty sure you caught lots of Unova Pokémon. I'll be sure not to tell the Frontier Brains though. Expect the unexpected right?"

Ash agreed, "I'll be sure to get on the next flight to Vermilion City. I'll have Prof. Oak take me to Pallet Town though since I'm sure all my Pokémon are missing me like crazy for being gone longer than expected. Hope you don't mind me having friends from Unova traveling with me through the Battle Frontier."

Scott shook his head, " Of course not. Just call when you're heading to the Battle Factory so Noland can be ready."

With a few more exchanges of words, both males eventually hung up. Ash smiled largely at the news.

"Hear that Pikachu? We're gunna go challenge the Battle Frontier again to get the Golden Symbols so we can be the official Frontier Champions." said Ash with his partner cheering in agreement. 'And I'll get to see someone who I haven't seen for a long while. I hope she's happy I'm coming back.'

Ash went back to the lobby and met up with his companions. He started to explain to the two about the situation and in hopes in agreeing to going with him on his journey.

"Are you crazy!? Of course we'll go with you to Kanto! This will be an exciting adventure for us and we'll get to see so many Pokémon we have yet to meet!" answered Iris in glee with Axew shouting.

"But of course. This will be a strong and exciting taste of a new adventure!" responded Cilan with a smile.

"Of course you two would have to call your families first," said Prof. Juniper smiling before revealing three tickets she's been saving since the adventurers returned, "The next boat to Kanto leaves early tomorrow morning. I suggest you get calling."

Ash couldn't help but grin with Pikachu cheering.

Another adventure awaits for our three adventurers in Kanto at the Battle Frontier.


A/N: I kinda had this idea bugging in my head for a short while. I mean, in the games, you pretty much have to beat the Battle Frontier a second time to get the Gold Symbols. So kinda imagine this story as an alternative to Decolora Adventures. Before anyone asks, Ash will be a bit smarter than in the anime especially for how difficult the Battle Frontier is a second time. It will have its twists and turns that some might or might not expect. Now since I'm to be pretty crazy on when I will update a story. So expect for it to be updated in a few hours, a day, a week, or even a few months. It will always depend on my mood, how busy I am, school issues, or writer's block. I really hope to get this story done though. I have high hopes for it. If anyone already has a story of Ash competing against the Battle Frontier again, I'm sorry since I have only seen one and if I remember, it's around the time Ash's in Sinnoh instead of Unova. Anyway, Chapter 1 is halfway finished so a possible update for tomorrow/today. Goodnight!

-Child of the Empire