Body Language

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Warning: Themes of shounen-ai/yaoi/homosexual relationships and whatever, you know all that good stuff, AU and also some mild OOC-ness…. If any of this bothers you then you have the option of not reading.

Summary: How in the world Sharrkan managed to persuade Ja'far into masquerading as a belly dancer on Sinbad's birthday was beyond him but one things for sure, the adviser of Sindria sure knew how to let his body move to the beat.

Music: "Beautiful Lie ft. Shakira" by Beyoncé

"Hips Don't Lie ft. Wyclef Jean" by Shakira

"Naughty Girl" by Beyoncé

"Jai Ho" by Pussycat Dolls

A/N: I'm pretty sure this idea has crossed other people's minds before, and for me, my influence came from after watching two of my best friends challenge each other to Just Dance and the song that came up was "Beautiful Lie ft. Shakira" by Beyoncé. From there I thought of Shakira's belly dancing and then I was like, "Huh, I wonder what Sinbad would do if he saw Ja'far dressed as a belly dancer?" I then just sketched an image of Ja'far in a belly dancing costume afterwards which you can find on my tumblr Petite-star for those of you who may be curious. I'm just feeling like a complete pervert and one of my friends tells me all the time that I'm attracted to innocent shota looking boys, particularly with white/silver hair. (Some examples include: Nai from Karneval, Shion from NO.6, Isana Yashiro from K, and Hope from Final Fantasty XIII...). Um, yeah… She's right! T-T

I was artistically and musically inspired! I'm also just entering the Magi fandom and SinJa ship as well and I hope that you guys enjoy this oneshot!


"Ja'far, please you have to do it!"

"Sharrkan, I refuse!"

"Wha? But no one else will do it!"

"Well then maybe you're just asking the wrong person!" Ja'far turned around sharply to glare at the other general, his teeth clenched tightly as he tried to remain composed and well behaved as possible. Unfortunately, it was a difficult task to do—quite taxing really since the white haired swordsman was being stubbornly persistent about the matter.

"Oh come on!" Sharrkan sighed dramatically, feeling exasperated from having to hunt down and repeatedly trying to get the older man to listen to his plan. "No one here can pull this off better than you!"

"Wha—are you implying that I have a feminine body?" The advisor yelled; his face red from both anger and embarrassment. "Do it yourself if you can't find anyone else to help you with your ridiculous prank!"

"It isn't a prank! It's for a bet!" The swordsman stomped his foot on the ground. "And I can't do it! I won't be able to fit the costume, let alone pull off masquerading as a woman!"

The adviser made a mental note to strangle the swordsman in his sleep later with his wires. "A bet?" Ja'far asked, his expression falling away instantly. He could only imagine what the wager could have been about and the look on Sharrkan's face could only reveal so much—like how it was possible that he might have been tricked from the way he was smiling so nervously at him.

"Yeah, it's a bet—not some foolish idea! Do you honestly think that I would do something like this without any reason?"

"Yes." Ja'far's face seethed despite the flatness in his voice.

"You really don't believe me do you?"

"No." The adviser pinched the bridge of his nose with a heavy sigh. "Why would you agree to a bet that involves humiliating the male gender in front of the innocent citizens of Sindria?"

"I'm not out to humiliate us males! I'm trying to prove a point—that men are capable of deception through means of cross-dressing! And since tonight is the King's birthday, it is the perfect time to initiate the bet and strike proud and true!" Sharrkan's green eyes glowed—almost dancing with excitement. "Ja'far, if you do it, you can easily lose yourself amongst the crowd of people—you won't be noticed, well maybe by Yamuraiha and Pisti—"

"Ahh!" Ja'far immediately pointed a finger at the other general. "So that's what this is about!"

"Alright you caught me!" Sharrkan held his hands up, showing that yes indeed he'd been caught red handed. "It was Yamuraiha's words! You know how nasty of a girl she is!"

"How could you let yourself be tricked like that? If anything she is only out to embarrass you and by extension, me as well!" Ja'far shouted. "That's if I agree to your request—which I won't!"

"What? No! You have to do it!" The swordsman grabbed the shorter male by the shoulders, shaking him back and forth. "We have to prove Yamuraiha wrong! This is a battle of the sexes and as men we cannot refuse a challenge!"

The sudden action quite literally stunned the government official for a moment and was received with negative implications. The former assassin's eyes narrowed much like a serpent's, glaring instantly as he gave the younger general a murderous look. Seeing the killer intent in the adviser's eyes, Sharrkan froze, his once frantic movements coming to a halt but he quickly caught himself despite the shudder running up and down his spine and promptly glared back. The two generals held each other's gazes but neither one made a move to pull away or attack—instead they shared a silent duel that ensued back and forth in the way their eyes glared daggers at other. Unfortunately for Sharrkan, he was no master of the silent kill and quickly submitted defeat by turning away to rub his eyes after having been unable to blink for a long time.

"Look, if you're not going to do it—" Sharrkan said between rubbing his watering eyes. "I may as well ask Yamuraiha to send a message for Judar since he has a good enough body that can easily pass for a woman's and fool the crowd."

Hearing the Magi's name said out loud left Ja'far's eyes widening, releasing them from their furious gaze. It wasn't from the fear of the arrogant yet powerful boy, not at all but rather from the disbelief that Sharrkan would really go so far as to invite the enemy to their country and on their king's birthday celebration in order to prove a foolish point in a stupid bet.

"You wouldn't dare…" Ja'far growled lowly, threateningly to be more specific.

"Oh please, does it look like I'm lying to you?" Sharrkan glared with a smirk on his face, eye's glinting mischievously and there was no doubt about how very serious he was being about the situation.


"This is absolutely humiliating…" Ja'far muttered under his breath.

It had taken both Sharrkan and him with the assistance of Pisti at least two hours of preparation to figure out the workings of the costume—double checking that it indeed hugged his figure nicely along with powdering on makeup and putting on jewelry in order to make him look more like a woman than he already did. The blond general even went so far as to stuff his top with balls of cloth to give him the appearance of owning small breasts, which the swordsman thought was hilarious.

Even though his disguise was convincing enough—it still hurt his pride as a man and to him, the outfit made Ja'far feel essentially naked. He was no longer covered from head to toe in the heavy material of what he was so use to wearing as Sindria's adviser. Instead he was dressed in fine silk, disassembled and worn in pieces that covered but a strip of his chest (with the illusion that he had breasts) and the bottom half of his body from the waist down with fluttering strips of long silk flying around his pale legs and even then his stomach and legs still remained very much exposed. His arms were a slight exception though since he refused to unwrap the red wires and relieve himself of Balalark Sei, thus he had some coverage but not by much. Sharrkan was worried that because of it, Ja'far would be easily recognized but from the way bystanders were gawking sultrily at the disguised general as he walked past them while hanging off of the swordsman's arm, the worry was quickly shoved in the back of the younger general's mind.

"It'll be over before you know it, just don't make any eye contact with anyone and I think you'll be just fine." Sharrkan grinned.

"Just so you know—you will pay dearly for this." The adviser snarled, dark green eyes glaring holes into the ground they walked on. He felt tremendously insecure and when he did look up every now and again he was met by several wandering eyes filled with lust and want—it made him shiver and hang on even tighter to the other's arm. "I thought you said I wouldn't be noticed! And why am I accompanying you? I'm quite certain that you told me I was allowed to wander and you're only bringing more attention to me than necessary I must add!"

"Did you not see yourself in the mirror Ja'far?" Sharrkan frowned. "Whether you realize it or not, you're gorgeous and it wouldn't be the wisest idea to leave you alone after seeing how—," he looked him up and down, cheeks slowly blooming red now as he took the time to let the adviser's image sink in. "Very desired you are from the way men left and right keep looking at you."

The adviser's jaw dropped; unable to speak he instead reached up to angrily yank on the swordsman's right ear. The Heliohapt royal had no idea how badly his brain and mouth were disconnected from each other and it infuriated Ja'far more than anything about how inconsiderate he was being about the situation at hand. No matter how true the other's words were, Ja'far was making doubly sure to give him hell.

"Ahh! Stop it that hurts!" He yelled but Ja'far refused to let go and only pulled on his ear harder. "Just look on the damn bright side! You're fooling those men and we can prove Yamraiha wrong!"

"You idiot that isn't the point!" Ja'far shouted back before releasing the taller male's ear in order to deliver a swift punch to his side. The swordsman was adding salt to his wounded pride and he didn't enjoy how much fun the general was more or less having at his expense. "We've done what you wanted, now let me go so that I may change back into proper attire and then we can forget about this ever happening!"

"Wha—what? No, you can't be serious?" Sharrkan coughed, still trying to gulp down as much air as he could after having gotten the wind knocked right out of him. "After spending so much time getting you ready and walking outside for less than twenty minutes—I forbid you from changing back! You can't waste our efforts and throw it into the wind so causally!"

Ja'far however refused to listen, and as such he pulled himself away from the other's arm without giving the younger male a reply. Unfortunately his escape from Sharrkan's presence was short lived as Masrur appeared suddenly to block his way.

"Uh—Masrur?" Sharrkan blinked while Ja'far stood frozen in his place, unsure if whether or not he should reveal himself or remain in character.

"One of the entertainer's you hired that are supposed to dance for Sinbad came down with a fever and is unable to perform." The fanalis said flatly, catching both men off guard.

"Where will we find a replacement?" The swordsman muttered under his breath.

Silently eying the unnamed woman in front of him Masrur cocked his head to the side before bringing a finger up to point at her. "I believe she will do just fine." He said.

"E-excuse me?" Ja'far choked, his green eyes growing in disbelief. "You can't be serious! I-I can't—"

"Ah! That is a brilliant idea Masrur! I bet 'Jasmine' would love to dance for the king!" Sharrkan smirked.

"No! No she wouldn't!" Ja'far retorted angrily but he was quickly dismissed as Masrur reached down to throw him over his shoulder.

"Wha-What are you doing? Put me down immediately!" The adviser began to yell as he pounded his fists against the fanalis' back. It was useless though and with Sharrkan following steadily behind them to watch out in case he did try to make a run for it, escaping was impossible.


"Yo, I heard about what happened and so we've brought you a replacement!" Sharrkan said merrily as Masrur unceremoniously dumped Ja'far in front of Sinbad and the rest of the generals.

Pisti's voice instantly hitched at the sight of the fuming adviser. Covering her mouth quickly, she tried her best to contain her laughter but was noticed by Spartos who quickly began patting her back and asking if she was alright. Yamuraiha merely tilted her head but she had her suspensions whereas everyone else welcomed the new arrival without batting an eye or questioning how very familiar they looked.

"Ah, well what a pretty thing you are." Sinbad smiled down at the white haired adviser, causing the younger man to freeze up with embarrassment. "Please, join me up here, the ground doesn't look the least bit comfortable and I'm quite sure my lap will serve you well."

Ja'far was far from traumatized now that Sinbad was trying to charm him and he glanced over his shoulder to give his fellow general a scowl unlike anything other—promising to make his life forever miserable as he was ushered towards his king's throne.

Despite being surrounded by six or so other women, Sinbad managed to persuade one of the girls on his lap to remove herself from him in order for Ja'far to replace her. It was an extremely mortifying experience for Ja'far as he tried to sit as far away from the king's face as possible. Sin was a persistent individual though and the other's shyness only served to tempt him even more as he wrapped an arm around his adviser's waist and pulled him against his body. The sudden jerk caught Ja'far by surprise and naturally he threw his hands forward, pressing them against the king's firm chest to stop himself from colliding painfully into him. Seeing how close they had gotten, the adviser swallowed nervously and began to shake.

"Please, no need to feel so shy." He chuckled, causing Ja'far's already apparent blush to deepen even more.

In the background, Ja'far could hear Sharrkan snickering out loud. It was obvious that no one other than Pisti could understand why he was responding so obnoxiously and it made Ja'far churn angrily inside. The swordsman was relishing in his misery—turning the bet into his own personal form of entertainment and at his expense. At this point, Ja'far really was itching to kill him and if he wasn't in such atrocious attire in the presence of so many people he knew he'd have the wires of Balalark Sei wrapped around the younger general's neck like a noose and ready for hanging at the gallows in less than a minute.

"So, my lady, what is your name?" Sinbad asked, flashing his pearly white teeth as he smiled up at the unnamed girl.

Ja'far didn't miss the way his amber eye's glinted and his heart began to pound relentlessly in his chest. If he spoke, he was quite sure that Sin would be able to recognize his voice no matter how hard he could try to disguise his manly tone. Deceiving—lying to Sin was a challenge that even he had trouble with, let alone cross-dressing and he couldn't stall for much longer, seeing as how the King was still waiting ever so patiently for his reply. Either way, he felt that he had been doomed from the start.

Hesitantly, Ja'far began to open his mouth, readying himself for the inevitable revelation he was sure was bound to come but luckily Sharrkan was clever enough to jump in at just the right moment.

"Jasmine!" The swordsman said, managing to direct Sinbad's attention on him for but a moment. "Her name's Jasmine."

"Really now? It's a lovely name you have there, 'Jasmine'." Sinbad looked down at him, eyes narrowed slightly—as if he knew something but wasn't willing to release that information just yet.

The way Sin said his alias sent chills running down his spine. He made his slight discomfort quite obvious really, and in response the King's hand pressed against Ja'far's skin harder, bringing him even closer to the muscular body beneath him. He'd been saved, for now but just how much longer did he have until he was sure to get found out?

"Since we have all of our dancers assembled again, why don't we proceed to the main performance?" Sinbad said out loud, garnering cheers of approval and several claps and hollers from the people and generals around him.

Ja'far cursed his luck and in the process he bumped his king up to second place on his list of people to kill; Sharrkan at the very top of the list and Masrur being third and Yamraiha the fourth. He watched silently as the women around Sinbad began to disperse and it didn't take very long for them to line up in front of the king while he was still unsure of himself and continued to sit diligently on Sin's lap. He didn't know the first thing about dancing—of course he'd seen performances but for him to actually do it? Well that was a completely different story.

"Is there something wrong 'Jasmine'?" Sinbad asked; eying the disguised adviser with worry now as Ja'far clenched his fists tightly in his lap.

"I-I…" Ja'far bit his lower lip and whispered in the quietest voice he could, just loud enough for only Sin to hear and no one else. "I can't dance…"

"Really? But you are a replacement, surely you must know something."

To this the adviser shook his head no, making it clear to Sin that not only was he petrified but he really didn't know the first thing about dancing. "I was brought here as a replacement against my will, I'm sorry but I really don't know how to dance." He said, his eyes staring straight down at his lap instead of looking up at his king in the eyes.

From Sinbad's perspective, the 'girl' looked troubled, disappointed in herself for being unable to accomplish what should be a simple task. Being the gentleman that he was at the most crucial of times, he took her face into his hands and lifted her gaze up to meet his. Staring into a pair of deep green orbs, he smiled softly, his own amber eyes relishing in the familiar pools.

"Even if you don't know how to dance, I believe in you. Just get up there and let your body move alongside the rhythm of the music. You don't have to follow what the other's do, just do what comes naturally only to you and I'm sure whatever you perform will be breathtaking."

Locking eyes with his king, and hearing everything word for word, Ja'far could only nod his head in silent agreement. Being so close to the other's face, he could smell the faint scent of alcohol in his breath. He was grateful that the smell wasn't heavy like it usually was but still, it left Ja'far feeling slightly worried and for a moment he wondered if it was even possible for people to get drunk off the scent of wine itself instead of tasting it. Even Sin's presence was enough to make him dizzy and he found it quite odd—almost shameful that he was becoming captivated by the older man's charm.

Staring at Sin for a moment longer, it just barely registered in the adviser's mind when the king decided to close the gap slightly in order to lean over and kiss his forehead.

"Good luck, 'Jasmine'. I look forward to watching you dance for me."

He really had been doomed from the start.

Standing up on wobbly legs, Ja'far left his king behind on his throne and unconsciously took his place at the very front of the group. His heart was beating harder than ever before now and when he glimpsed up at Sin, he thought he might die in place from the way the king was looking at him. The way those amber eyes stared at him was like it was meant for him and only him—no one else despite how very crowded it was around them.

With everyone accounted for, the music started, drums pattering and growing steadily with speed and all around him the girls began to move. Ja'far was the only one who had yet to follow the routine and seeing him stand so stiffly began to worry the onlookers around him—particularly Sharrkan and Pisti. Sinbad though, continued to smile at him—confident that the adviser would eventually join in and remembering how his king had been so reassuring; Ja'far finally took a deep breath and began to sway his hips.

The progression was slow but it was there as Ja'far closed his eyes and listened to music. His hips thrust left and then he struck to the right, his stomach curving outward before he stepped back again to return to swaying his hips. The transition was done leisurely and Ja'far took his time, making careful movements so sensual and delicate that even he himself didn't know he was able to do before. His arms too flowed nicely, complimenting the movements his lower body made and in all honesty he was growing somewhat confident as the rhythm began to pick up.

Hearing the steady drum beat grow louder, Ja'far then began to twirl in place. Unconsciously he smiled to himself, suddenly enjoying the way his costume fluttered around him and made him feel all whimsical and free. He could see why the girls took such pride in this specific attire now and for the moment he forgot why he himself was wearing one in the first place. Things were beginning to come together now and though he wasn't in sync with the other girls, Ja'far was dancing just as fine while being in the spot light.

Sharrkan and Pisti's felt jaws fell open in awe as they watched their fellow general grow bold and dance to his heart's content. The swordsman in particular was in an immense amount of shock, his eyes literally bugging out each time he watched Ja'far twirl on the tips on his toes. The two generals turned to each other every now again, wondering if whether or not they were in a dream but after pinching one another's faces they confirmed that yes indeed this was a reality and there was no illusion of what they were seeing in front of them.

Out of all the girls, Ja'far seemed to be the only one having the most fun, moving fluidly to the sound of the music and every so often he'd take a hold of his dress and spin himself around along with it. He was practically dancing to the beat of his own drum in contrast to the other dancers around him but it was a wonderful sight to see even for Sin. Thoroughly enjoying himself, the adviser threw his head back and laughed, his hands reaching back to flip the ends of his shoulder length white hair and veil into the humid wind as he spun around again.

Not once did Ja'far stand still, choosing instead to hop to and fro on his toes and occasionally spin on one leg as he twirled around and round. His balance was awkward, but in a sense that it matched the tone of the music and dance to a certain degree and as long as he was free flowing, it was safe to ignore his imperfections.

Just as the music was coming to its climax, Sinbad chose that moment to stand up from his throne and descend towards the dancers, specifically his oblivious adviser. Watching Ja'far with his eyes closed as he twirled around, the king caught his hand in the air, spinning him once before capturing him by the waist and tipping him back. Instantly the two men were faced with one another with Ja'far completely stunned and Sinbad grinning at him from ear to ear.

"I told you, you would be breathtaking." He said, his face leaning down close to his until the tips of their noses touched. "I don't think I've seen you look so carefree, not since you were still a child."

"S-sin? You knew?" Ja'far blinked, the blush returning to his cheeks now that the king had finally confirmed that he had known his real identity all along.

"Of course I knew, you're the only one who has ever been so close to me and it's only natural that I could tell it was you from the start." Sinbad chuckled. "You really surprised me though to be honest, I was worried since I hadn't seen you for most of the night but after Masrur dumped you at my feet, I had to wonder if you did this as your birthday present to me."

"Wha?" Ja'far deadpanned. "N-no it—!"

"That's enough talking Ja'far, I believe we have some business to attend to." Sinbad said with a wink this time and before his adviser knew what was happening, the older male was already lifting him up into the air and carrying him away from the audience.

"Sin! Where are you taking me? Put me down at once!"

"Ja'far don't be so naïve, you should know where we're going."

"No I don't know!"

Watching the couple disappear from sight, Sharrkan stared after them, his mouth still hanging open. Beside him, Pisti giggled and he looked over to her with an awkward smile and twitching eyes. "I can't believe you were right…" The swordsman said with a short sigh.

"I told you, wasn't it a great present to give Sinbad?" Pisti grinned before turning her attention towards the fanalis beside her. "Thanks again for your help Masrur!"

The fanalis nodded in response, his lips pulled up into a faint yet almost unnoticeable smile. He was glad that he could be of some assistance and like Pisti, he was aware of their king and adviser's feelings for each other. All the three of them did was give the two men a little push in the right direction and he was glad that there would finally be some progress in their relationship.

"Hopefully Sinbad doesn't break Ja'far in half tonight." Sharrkan commented. "I'd hate to see how mad he'll be in the morning, particularly with me…" he grimaced.

"Oh don't be silly, he'll be too sore to hurt you!" Pisti laughed. "Just stay out of his way and out of sight and I'm sure he'll eventually forget about you."

"I can only hope that you're right." The swordsman sighed.

"I highly doubt that Ja'far will forget about your dastardly deed, Sharrkan." Masrur remarked. "He's the type to settle the score when the opportunity presents itself, so I'd suggest you watch your back."

"Well, thank you for ruining the moment!" Sharrkan retorted and glared.

"Will you two stop it?" The petite girl frowned.

"Hey! He's the one that decided to play smart!"

"And you're the one who opened your mouth, I was merely stating a fact."

Watching the swordsman growl while Masrur stared blankly at him, Pisti shrugged her shoulders as thoughts of Sinbad and Ja'far being together began to fill her head. She really hoped that the two of them were enjoying themselves and she smiled after remembering how awestruck her king looked when Ja'far danced for him.

A/N: This was actually really hard to write. Do you know how many Beyonce, Shakira and Pussycat Dolls music videos I had to watch in order to write Ja'far's dance scene? A lot! And it's going to take a while for me to get Hips Don't Lie out of my brain for the next week! (Not that I don't mind).

I'm debating about writing a part two where Sinbad and Ja'far are in the bedroom (xD) it's an idea that I don't know when will be finished but I already started writing the first page anyways! Its kind of on the back burner for now but until then, please stay tuned in case I do decide to write and post part two of Body Language! (: it also depends on if people want one so leave a comment please so I know if people actually want to read it or not (':