Body Language

Part 2

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Warning: Themes of shounen-ai/yaoi/homosexual relationships and whatever, you know all that good stuff, AU and also some mild OOC-ness…. If any of this bothers you then you have the option of not reading.

Music: "Trust Me" by Yuya Matsushita

A/N: So yeah, a lot of people asked for a part 2 and one reviewer seemed a little more demanding than the rest (it's okay though!), so I gave into their pleas and wrote part 2 out for you awesome, cool readers (: I don't write very much smut, I actually get embarrassed just posting it but I have no problem writing it. Is that weird? ^^; Lol, enough of me! On to part 2 of Body Language!


Ja'far was laid out on the bed with Sinbad hovering above him. The older man moved swiftly, capturing his lips in a bruising kiss that involved teeth and tongue. The silverette moaned into the other male's mouth, his hands reaching up to grip his king by the shoulders. His finger's dug into the firm muscle—not to push the other away but rather, to bring him closer if it was at all possible.

Their hips bucked and slowly but surely, Sinbad's hands glided down Ja'far's heated skin. His fingers brushed against the thin fabric wrapped around his waist. Eying the silky bralette stuffed with cloth to deceive curious onlookers, the king chuckled softly and laid his head down into the crook of his advisor's neck. Nuzzling into the other's collar, he felt Ja'far swallow nervously before releasing an irritated sound as he began to sit up slowly.

"Why are you laughing at me?"

"What are you talking about? I'm not laughing." Sinbad looked up to flash him a smile but his charm had little to no effect on his stern advisor.

"Yes you were." Ja'far insisted, this time pouting at him with narrowed eyes. He was not about to fall for his king's poor performance at playing innocent—not this time.

Sinbad continued to smile without a care. Seeing Ja'far's furrow deepen, he shook his head with a soft hum before moving in to press his lips against his advisor's mouth again for a chaste kiss. If all else failed, it was easy to coax the silverette into submission this way as he began to nibble teasingly along the younger man's lower lip. Ja'far didn't reciprocate the action though, and instead he growled warningly. Sinbad brushed the reaction off however, and continued to press on and kiss him harder.

Ja'far really hated how often Sinbad used skinship to dodge his questions but unfortunately he still loved the kisses, the touches and emotions that came with them all the same. It was a harsh reality to accept and if he were ever asked the question of whether or not he actually enjoyed the feeling of having his body worshipped by the Sindria king, Ja'far would deny it—if only to save himself from the embarrassment of saying yes.

After a while of internal fighting to keep his lips closed shut, Ja'far grew weak each time he felt his king's tongue flick across his closed mouth. The harder the king of Sindria kissed and suckled at his bottom lip, the more Ja'far's resolve to remain resilient to the other's tactics waned. The one way kiss was just on the verge of progressing, he was so close to giving in but unfortunately, Sinbad had other plans and before the silverette could begin massaging his already swollen lips against the other's, the older man was slyly attempting to slip his bralette off.

Ja'far gave out a surprised yelp that was none too gentle on the king's ears. It had a girlish edge to it though and as a result, Sinbad shook with laughter that was muffled into the crook of his neck. The balls of cloth that had been stuffed into his top spilt out once Sinbad dragged the material down to the advisor's waist. Seeing the sudden explosion of balled up fabric unravel before his eyes to reveal the flat chest hidden beneath, it made Sinbad's laughter grow louder and Ja'far's blush grew hot from the humiliation.

"Stop laughing at me you stupid king!" He retorted. "It's not funny!"

"I—I'm sorry but, I can't help but feel amused by this." Sinbad replied. Lifting a strip of fabric from atop the silverette's chest, the older man brought the cloth up into his advisor's view and waved it lightly in the air. "Come on, you have to admit that it's rather entertaining how far you went to try and appear as a woman."

Ja'far's face instantly turned sour.

"I—I mean—!" Sinbad started but the silverette was already shoving the older man aside in order to curl up into himself to hide his growing shame. "Ja'far, please I didn't mean anything by it. I was only teasing."

"Of course your highness, it's not like I actually wanted to masquerade as a woman you know." He muttered bitterly, his voice laced with enough venom to make Sinbad wince guiltily.

Sighing, Sinbad rubbed the back of his neck and glanced down at his advisor. The younger male refused to look up at him, so he was left with staring at the other's creamy skinned back. If he looked hard enough, he could spot the faint splotches of discoloration from scars that Ja'far had accumulated over the years. They ranged from the silverette's days as an assassin to the years spent traveling at his side and conquering dungeons. They were all reminders, fragmented memories that held a degree of significance and reminded the both of them that he was alive, that after all he'd lived through—he survived the trials that life had set for him thus far.

Having spent enough time staring in silence at his stubborn advisor, Sinbad crawled back over to him and gathered his limp body up into his arms. Ja'far was still far from being forgiving about the situation though so he kept his eyes down low to avoid his king's gaze.

"Forgive me." He said as he began laying a few soft kisses against his shoulder.

"You're not forgiven…" Ja'far replied but his expression told Sinbad otherwise as the king brought his face up into his line of sight.

At this point, Ja'far's face was literally glowing bright and crimson. Any other time, Sinbad would have teased him, but the king of Sindria didn't. Instead he stared down at his advisor with the gentlest of smiles, one that Ja'far had only ever been given the honor of seeing as far as he knew. He really hated how Sinbad always managed to butter him up like this because most time it had a tendency to work and even now he was quite literally melting under his gaze.

The bralette was still snug around the advisor's waist and to be frank, Sinbad actually found it to be a rather distracting sight. He wanted to see every little detail, every limb, muscle and bare skin that was Ja'far's and the garment was getting in the way of that. Giving the decorative piece of fabric one last glance, it took little to no effort for Sinbad to reach down and tear it apart seam by seam straight down the middle. Once it was torn all the way through, he released the cloth and allowed it to fall back onto the mattress before he proceeded to lower the silverette down flat on his back along with it.

Ja'far was thoroughly surprised by the sudden action but the thing that left him utterly speechless was the cloud of lust that he saw raging on the surface of the older man's bright yellow eyes.

The assassin was done for.

Again they kissed. While doing so, they frantically began tearing into each other's clothes, pulling here and yanking there, even biting on one another's neck and shoulder as they became bare and naked.

"It's a shame that your dress went to waste." Sinbad murmured against his lips.

"Doesn't—matter—Ahh!" Ja'far replied between kisses.

Reaching for the vial of oil that he kept on his bedside table, Sinbad began to spread his advisor's legs open. "How about I purchase you a new one, I'll even let you pick it out." He said before he bit down onto the cap and pulled it off the tiny bottle with a pop. Spitting the plug from his mouth onto the bedspread, he drizzled the thick oil onto his fingers, spreading the liquid thoroughly across the pads of his digits.

"Do it and I swear I'll have you cut off from your precious alcohol for the next six months." The silverette panted. "Now hurry up."

Sinbad chuckled. "A little impatient now aren't we?"

"Sin…" Ja'far half whined.


Pressing his finger gently against the younger man's tight entrance, Sinbad carefully began to push it forward until he got the tip inside. With each centimeter that slipped in, Ja'far's panting grew louder, serving to heighten Sinbad's hunger for him. Once he had one digit in, he pulled it out, only to push a second finger long with it, this time causing his advisor to arch his back with a long moan.

A few pumps in, Sinbad decided to added a third, leaving Ja'far all but squirming wildly as he gave out a silent scream. They were both impatient—the most impatient that they'd ever been and the Sindria king almost found it ironic since his advisor was losing all rationality at much faster rate than he was.

At that moment, an idea came about in Sinbad's mind and he instantly stopped thrusting his fingers into the silverette's heated entrance.

"S—Sin, why'd you stop?"

He didn't give Ja'far a reply; instead he used his actions to do all of the talking for him as he pushed back at in agonizingly slow pace. With his free hand, he then wrapped it around the advisor's shaft and began to pump it slowly as well.

"Ah! Sin!" Ja'far jerked. "Y—you stupid king…"

"I'm preparing you." He chuckled.

"T-this is torture!" The silverette cried, his hips rutting forward slightly in order to meet the other's weak thrust.

Sinbad seized his pumping of the assassin's aching member only to grip him by the hips. "Patience is a virtue."


"Ah, what did I say?"

"S—sinbad…" Ja'far began to growl and before the older man knew what was happening he was already being pulled by the ends of his purple hair down to the other man's level. "Do it now."

"Uhh—Okay…" Sinbad replied nervously, his mind visualizing Ja'far's possible reaction if he didn't do as he was told quickly. Looking down at his advisor's glare alone was making him quiver with fear but he tried to ignore it and did his best to move as swiftly as possible.

Pulling his fingers out, Sinbad settled himself at the younger man's entrance and without wasting another second he pushed in all the way to the root of his length. Ja'far didn't make any attempts to stifle his moans this time and in no time the pair were grinding against each other.

There was no hesitation, no slowing down. All they wanted—craved was the feeling of reaching completion. Their pacing was beyond inconsistent, thrusting so hard and fast that it could be considered painful. There was no style or delicacy in the way they kept moving faster and faster either and in no time the sound of sweat covered skin slapping against each other was among their crazed panting.

Ja'far in particular was a shameful mess, his cries of pleasure so loud and yet it encouraged his king to keep thrusting into him harder and harder each time. At the rate they were going, it was no surprise to either of them that they would not be able to last long but they still went on until they were both exhausted and spent to the point of being unable to move for what seemed like hours.

"You're going to be the death of me…" Sinbad panted, throwing an arm to cover the upper half of his face so that his fatigued advisor couldn't see the blissful gleam in his bright amber eyes.

"H-heh, you're one to talk." He retorted halfheartedly but smiled nonetheless as he snuggled up against the older man's side.

Sighing contently, Sinbad wrapped his arms around the silverette. "You're right."

"I usually am." He mused.

"Don't get ahead of yourself now."

"I'm not." Ja'far tried to glare but it came out as more of a pout if anything else.

"Sure you are."

"Are you trying to make a statement? If so, you had better explain yourself." The silverette warned.

"I—I'm not! Can't this wait until morning?" Sinbad frowned however the look on his advisor's face told him that the answer would be a definite no.

Staring at each other in silence, the assassin finally huffed, his nostrils flaring to further reflect his visible discomfort. Feeling annoyed, he then turned on his side in order to avoid looking at his king's face and he was intending to keep it that for the rest of the night.

"Ah—Ja'far!" Sinbad began to whine but he was promptly silenced with a sharp reply from the fuming advisor next to him.

"Go to sleep!"


"I said sleep!"

And that was the end of that. Well into the night however, the couple found their way back into each other's arms, their legs tangling up amongst one another's under the sheets as they nestled closely. When morning arrived, Ja'far was hardly surprised with his sleeping position, accepting how natural it was for the both of them to seek one another out in their sleep. He didn't wake up angry either and reluctantly, he accepted that he would probably not get his answer from the still slumbering king. But it was fine, he told himself. Because this was Sin, it was who he was and no matter how secretive and sly he had grown, Ja'far knew that his feelings for the older man would never waver.


Since the night of Sinbad's birthday, Sharrkan had been on his toes, always on the lookout for Ja'far and incase he did spot the older general, he was quick to hightail it out of the area in order to save his skin. But being an assassin, Ja'far was a master in the art of the silent kill—and that bit of information was something Sharrkan failed to take seriously.

By noon when the sun was high above Sindria, Ja'far quietly ensnared Sharrkan with his wires in a surprise attack in the castle hallways from up high. With his arms bounded tightly against his sides, the swordsman was met with a cruel smile from the silverette, one that left him shaking considerably with fear.

"Ah! J-Ja'far! I'm sorry about last night! I know it was uncomfortable for you to dress up as a woman but look on the bright side! You got to spend the entire night with the king all to yourself! Better than having him surrounded by the usual flock of young broods right? Right?..." He tried to laugh.

"Yes, I guess you can say that, however…" Ja'far yanked the other man closer to him. "I never go back on my promise to make you pay for humiliating me." He grinned happily this time, causing the younger general to gulp nervously.

Though it was an odd sight to find in the castle throne room, it came as no surprise to Pisti and Masrur how creative Ja'far had gotten with his punishments lately.

"Aw, guess he didn't forget after all." Pisti pointed at her fellow general who growled angrily in response.

"I told you." The fanalis added.

"J-just shut up both of you!" Sharrkan exclaimed shakily, his arms screaming from the pain of having held the two buckets of water for nearly three hours now.

"This is a rather fitting sight." Yamuraiha commented with a snicker.

"Ah." Ja'far's gaze fell on the giggling magician and he snapped his fingers. "I nearly forgot."

"Forgot what?" Pisti asked as she cocked her head to the side."


"Yes Ja'far?"

"Please stand next to Sharrkan." He smiled.

"What?" The girl blinked.

"Please stand next to Sharrkan." He repeated and this time she did as she was told abide reluctantly. "Stay there." The silverette said, still smiling as he made his exit and in no time he returned with two more buckets of water only to hand them off to the magician.

"W-what is this?!" She shouted.

"Punishment, now do try to get along children."

"What did I do to deserve this?!" She cried but her words fell on deaf ears.

"Everything." Sharrkan commented.

"I don't need to hear that from you of all people!"

"Hey, you're not the one with their arms bound!" The swordsman snapped. "And let me tell you, I can't even feel my arms let alone move them!"

Their argument continued on like that for the next hour and half until Ja'far finally sent a few servants to relieve them of their punishment. With the assassin's temperament, it was difficult to predict what sort of retribution he would have planned out next time the younger generals felt the need to act out and no one wanted to know just what he'd do to them if they were to step out of line should he happen to witness it.

One thing was certain though, that despite punishing Sharrkan and Yamuraiha (even though the latter was innocent), Ja'far would never know that the mastermind behind it all had been Pisti all along.

A/N: That was pretty short but I've been trying to practice writing under 10 pages and this hit 7 pages so I was close. Well, this story is officially done! I have more idea's for Sinja and recently I've been getting into Enja/Sinjaen (guilty pleasure) so I'm going to do my best to keep on writing for the Magi fandom whenever I can (':

Also, I got the idea for the punishment from when I read Vampire Knight where Kaname punished Aidou for intimidating Yuki. I don't remember which specific chapter the omake took place but I remember it so well because I found it quirky that a serious guy like Kaname would do that to someone.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this!