Summary: With the help of his master, Jackson Williamson, Commander Ulysses Feral will have to come to terms with his own vampirism in time to fight Dark Kat's own legion of one thousand vampires before ALL of Megakat City is destroyed.


The sun shone over Megakat City for a few seconds, only to be covered by more gray clouds.
Commander Ulysses Feral silently walked about his office, thinking. That was all he could do for the past couple of day, was think.
Not paying attention to the changing cloud cover outside, Feral had the misfortune of being hit by a particularly powerful beam of sunlight, on his paw, and he quickly jumped back into the darkness of a corner of his office, swearing at the burning sensation which soon followed.
Jackson was coming back, Feral thought to himself. He's sensing a danger only he can prevent from wreaking havoc on this city.
Feral thought he should be glad that his vampiric master was going to be free soon, but was too busy occupying himself with the burnt area on the back of his paw, which he promptly wrapped in gauze. While he was doing this, he couldn't help but glance over at the huge stack of reports on his desk.
So many more vampire attacks in the last two months, Feral thought. But why? How?
Apparently, he was going to the Megakat City Defense Council Headquarters today to discuss with some of the highest of officials what kind of protocol should be taken to combat the steadily increasing vampire attacks.
Please, Feral pleaded. Don't let Deputy Mayor Briggs mention my own vampirism...
Feral's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his offices door. His secretary entered, poking her head in. "E-excuse me, Sir, the chopper is ready for your departure to Megakat City Defense Council Headquarters."
The Enforcer Commander sighed. "Tell the pilot I'll be right there..."