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Title: Peer Pressure

Summary: Fandral wants to join the most prominent warrior's organization on Asgard for the prestige. However, in order to do this he needs to prove his worth to the club, and that means hurting his best friend's brother, Loki. Slash Loki/Fandral; Warning: Loki abuse in all aspects

Author's Note- I was thinking about sororities and fraternities and wondered if Asgard would have such organizations. I also think that if they did getting in would require serious stunts that would be difficult to accomplish or demeaning to someone else who the organization saw as lesser individual.

(Fandral's POV)

It was a sunny day on Asgard, and a hot one at that, but Fandral was too distracted to pay much attention. He was watching as the members of the most prominent warrior's club on Asgard got together for one of their usual meetings. He had been considering joining one of the clubs because it was a great way to gain prestige and meet gorgeous women who would practically worship the members. There were many but if Fandral had to choose he would naturally pick the most prestigious. His friend Tyr was already a member of the club and told him of the great parties and benefits of being a member. He had been considering joining and asking Tyr to vouch for him for a while, and now they were starting to accept new members once again, so it was on the forefront of his mind.

He had spoken to Hogun and Volstagg about it but they seemed disinterested, and actually a bit unnerved at his desire. He had asked them "What do you two think of my idea to join the Warrior's Elite during their next recruitment phase?"

Hogun looked at him critically but didn't answer. Volstagg had looked hurt and tried to smile while saying "Are we no longer good companions?"

"Of course you are, but I wish to entreat myself to the wonders such an organization can offer. You could join with me and we could all be members." His hopeful reply only seemed to further unsettle his companions.

"No thank you Fandral, I hear some of their parties and deeds are bit too far out of my comfort zone, and also that the food is not of high quality." Volstagg ended the answer on a good note but his unease shown through in his tone.

Now Fandral was wondering around the palace thinking about what to do. He really wanted to be a part of this organization, but he wasn't completely sure. Tyr always told him that it was great and completely worth it while his stories always made Fandral wish he were there with him. The women that they partied with were apparently beautiful and mostly of noble descent. They also received spa trips and great weapons as prizes. It all sounded so appealing and tonight they were having a party for potential new members. He decided then that he would go and check it out.

The party was great and the food didn't disappoint him despite what Volstagg had heard. Tyr even introduced him to some of the top members, and he appeared well liked by them. He met some gorgeous women and even managed to charm one into coming home with him after the party was out. Overall it was a good experience and Fandral planned on going to the next recruitment party.

At the next party the new members sparred and the best were given awards for their great achievements. Fandral won and got a brand new sword of excellent make, along with a special meeting with the leaders of the group. It was a great day for him, and it was also the first step in committing to the group.

After this party he went into one of the organizations meeting rooms and was congratulated by the leaders on his performance. Carro, the main leader, then told him "Fandral, you are a great warrior, and I have no doubt that you would make a great addition to our group." This made Fandral feel confident and happy that he had made a good impression.

Another one of the leaders spoke out who was named Nivel. "We all believe that you could be more than just a member with your skills." Nivel and Carro seemed to be the main leaders, while the others just nodded and listened to what was being said. It did not surprise Fandral that they ran the organization because they were almost as fit as Thor, and their strength was well known to all.

Carro then continued with what they wished to tell him. "Fandral, you have clearly impressed us, and we would like to offer you a chance to obtain a leadership position in this organization."

Fandral gaped in shock, amazed that he could be put in charge that quickly. "It would be my pleasure to be a leader in this organization."

Carro just smirked at him and then added the catch. "Wonderful. However, potential leaders are given the hardest task in order to be accepted." Fandral nodded in confirmation expecting this already. "In order to join our members must be skilled warriors, and that is why we host fights similar to the one tonight. The warriors are expected to exert their skill and dominance over someone else and obtain some hair from the individual as proof. This can be during a spar or a specific person can be sought out and challenged for the warrior to prove their worth. By winning and thus taking the hair we are proving that we are better than that person and therefore above them for privileges, like bathing first after sparring. The higher up the person is in nobility and skill the more prestige the person receives from us."

After considering this for a moment Fandral finally had a thought. "So you wish for me to challenge Thor then?"

"No, Thor is held too highly in regard by this organization to bring into our acceptance process. What I forgot to include is that these spars are conducted in secret so only the two involved know of its occurrence. We do this to keep our acceptance process a secret so that only the most dedicated will be accepted when the time comes." Carro finished explaining to him with an air of satisfaction. The man crossed his well muscled arms and gazed at him from across the table.

Fandral waited for his challenge to be given to him as the members all locked eyes with one another and nodded as if confirming something. Finally Carro stood up and looked him directly in the eye. "Normally it is another week before we reveal this, but since you are getting a difficult task you will be allotted more time. We still expect you to come to the parties we host for potential members though."

Fandral nodded vigorously replying "Of course." He then leaned forward in anticipation wondering who he would have to defeat in a fight in order to be accepted as a leader in the group.

Carro also leaned forward as if to emphasize his words. "Good, then your challenge is to dominate Loki Odinson, and show him that you are more worthy than he is. We expect you to dominate him in both body and mind in all ways necessary. His hair has magical properties that allow us to know that it is in fact his."

It took a moment for what they were asking to sink in, and it definitely wasn't what he was expecting. He couldn't believe that they would demand that he hurt a prince of Asgard, let alone destroy him. "But Loki is a prince, and that would be treason."

"Loki is a coward and trickster. He needs to be shown that even though he is of royal blood that he is unworthy to consider himself above us." There was a note of finality in that voice that made Fandral feel uneasy and even more conflicted. "You have two weeks to accomplish this task."He nodded and with that the meeting was adjourned with the other leaders wishing him good luck.

Despite his desire to join the club he was conflicted about what they were asking him to do. He couldn't hurt his best friend's brother, especially not in the ways they were asking. Beating him in a spar was one thing, but destroying his body and mind was another, and Fandral was guessing that the way they expected him to do that was through defilement. He would not do that to Loki, for he believed in consensual sex and thought rape was wrong. This demand made him wonder if the club wasn't corrupt or even insane in some matters.

He spent two days trying to come up with a plan to accomplish his task without overstepping his boundaries. When he was eating one day it had finally occurred to him what he needed to do, and he would have to speak to Loki privately about it.

It took him another week to get up the courage to find Loki, but eventually he settled on visiting Loki at night in the prince's personal chambers. He did not knock and just opened the door startling the prince lying on the bed. He shut the door quickly after ensuring that no one was following him or watching.

Loki was indignant about the sudden intrusion and he jumped up off his bed to shout. "What do you think you are doing?"

However, when Fandral motioned for him to quiet down he did, even if he was reluctant. "I need to speak to you urgently." Loki seemed interested after hearing this and inclined his head to show Fandral that he was listening. "I need a small amount of your hair."

Loki looked surprised and a bit defensive after he spoke; reflexively tightening his grip on the knife Fandral knew was hidden in his sleeve. After a moment of staring the god finally spoke with an edgy, but curious tone. "Why?"

Fandral fidgeted wondering what he should say before finally settling on the truth. "I want to join the Warrior's Elite, but they won't let me in unless I bring them a lock of your hair. They said that it would serve as proof that I… hurt you to prove myself a true warrior."

Loki crossed his arms then regarding him with a look that a parent might use to scold a child. "That organization will bode trouble for you, as it does for everyone who joins. They are not a good group of people to be around and will certainly draw you in with all sorts of promises only to leave you with nothing but guilt."

This response angered Fandral and he considered hitting Loki for being so rude and judgmental but held back. "You know nothing of them or what they do, you are only jealous that they would never accept you."

Loki's eyes flashed dangerously at this and Fandral winced at the harsh tone. "On the contrary, I know too much about them, and I wish I didn't. However, I am surprised that you would be so easily swayed by their false promises. I thought you had more sense than that."

Fandral turned toward him angrily. "I doubt you know anything trickster. Now are you going to do this the easy way or the hard way?" He hoped that Loki bought his bluff because he really didn't want to hurt him despite being slightly annoyed with the trickster's words.

He was surprised to see Loki's eyes widen and his mouth close shut immediately. After a moment Loki shook his head and produced the knife from his shirt. "I see they have gotten to you already. Well have sense not to make your tale too elaborate or they will suspect foul play, and they will not take kindly to it from either of us." Loki then cut a small portion of his hair handing it to Fandral who took it gratefully.

Fandral turned to leave then as the prince resumed the place on his bed similar to before he was interrupted. However, before exiting he turned back and uttered "Thank you." receiving an eye roll and nod in return.

At the next party three days before the induction ceremony Fandral told the other leaders a bold tale of how he forced Loki to submit to him before he stole the lock of hair. They seemed enthralled by his story and he was grateful at his ability to exaggerate so well. They bought the story after testing the hair and prepared to welcome him into their group. He was so glad and didn't think anything could go wrong now.

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