Soul's woken up by an excited Maka who's talking a mile a minute while fidgeting with their old video camera. Cerberus, who had somehow managed to sneak in their room during the night and fall asleep atop of Soul naturally, perks up eagerly from the bed. He pushes his unruly dog off of him and stretches tiredly. It's a Saturday and the sun hasn't even risen fully yet but that doesn't seem to matter to his wife or one year old daughter.

But all he has to hear is "she's about to walk" and he and Cerberus are out of the bed and following her out into their living room where Corrie hugs the leg of the coffee table with one hand while sucking on the thumb of her other hand. Cerberus trots from Soul's side to stand next to Corrie. Save for his wagging tail, he's unusually still, studying his little master.

Her little brow is furrowed as her green eyes study the floor in front of her. Tentatively, she lets go of the table. She stops sucking her thumb too so clearly she means business. Soul stands behind Maka, who has positioned herself in front of Corrie, clearly determined not to miss this milestone.

Corrie teeters on her chubby little feet, her toes wriggling as if deciding whether to take that first step or not. For a second, it looks like she's going to do it. Then, with a comical plop, Corrie falls back on her little bottom. She pouts a little bit at this unexpected twist. Cerberus pokes his nose in her face so she doesn't cry but giggles instead.

Maka lets out the breath she had been holding. "Drat!" She puts down the video camera on the coffee table. "I was so sure she was going to do it too. She looked so determined this time!"

Soul chuckles and picks up Corrie. "Perfection like this takes time."

Maka smiles and walks over to kiss her daughter's face but she still looks slightly worried. "She's already over a year old, though. She should have at least taken her first step by now, shouldn't she?"

"Just because you were an overachiever and started walking at eight months doesn't mean we were all like that."

Maka sticks her tongue out at him. "Haha."

"She'll walk eventually," Soul assures her. "Anyways, Stein said she was completely healthy and that some babies don't even walk until they're nearly two."

She relents. "You're right." She kisses Corrie again and then says, "Well since we're all up, I guess I'll make us a pancake breakfast." At the word "breakfast" Cerberus' ears twitch excitedly and he follows Maka into the kitchen.

The rest of the day passes in normal fashion, although during dinner Corrie suddenly decides food is for throwing and not eating. In the seconds it takes Maka to get Corrie's plate away from her, Corrie manages to get most of her container of mashed bananas into Maka's hair. However, she takes it in stride handing off Corrie, who is very messy herself, and table-cleaning duties to Soul while she goes to wash out her hair.

Soul shakes his head while he picks up plates while holding Corrie with his other arm. "A move like that would have gotten anyone else killed." Corrie smiles up at him happily, mashed bananas all over her face. "But then, no one else is as cute as you."

He sets her down on the floor by the table, out of the way, where Cerberus immediately tries to lick her face but then finds bananas don't taste all that appetizing. Shaking his head again, he finds Corrie some of her favorite toys while Cerberus settles next to where she plays. In a mock-stern voice, he says, "I can trust you not to get into any more trouble, right, Cor?"

His daughter doesn't answer him, too absorbed in the flashing lights of her toys. Soul smiles. "Good. You're in charge, Bear." Cerberus answers with a single wag of his tail. He takes a peek at Corrie now and then from the kitchen as he washes the dishes but thankfully she's kept sufficiently busy with Cerberus and her toys. As he finishes drying the last plate, he calls out, "Hope you're ready for bath time."

He loops around the counter to where he left Corrie. "I bet your mama's almost done, Cor, so we better get…you…ready…"

Soul's mouth drops as he takes in Corrie standing, one hand on Cerberus. He panics as he tries to figure out what to do-Maka would be upset if she didn't see her daughter's first steps. Approaching his daughter as he would a sleep drunk Black*Star, he speaks in what he thinks is a calming tone. "Hey, Cor, let's just slow things down for a second, okay?"

His daughter looks at him amusedly and releases her grip on Cerberus. Soul raises his voice while not taking his eyes off Corrie. "Maka, she's about to walk!"

There's a sound of the shower being turned off. "No, tell her to wait for me!"

"I don't think this is something that can wait!" Soul yells back.

He can hear frantic noises coming from the bathroom. "Well you better find a way!"

Soul looks pleadinly at Corrie, who's wriggling her toes again, a warning sign. "You might want hold off on that, Cor, or Mama's gonna kill Daddy." Apparently, panicking Soul is funny Soul because she starts giggling.

Fortunately, this gives Maka enough time to wrench open the bathroom door, clad in a robe with a towel wrapped around her hair. She grabs the video camera from the living room and skids to a stop beside Soul. "I didn't miss it, did I?" she asks breathlessly as she fiddles with the camera.

Soul grins at her, thoroughly entertained by his unintentionally funny wife. "Nope, you came just in time."

"Good." Maka focuses the camera on Corrie, who has stopped giggling and started wriggling her toes again. Peering through the camera, Maka encourages Corrie. "That's it, sweetie. Walk to Mama and Daddy."

Corrie cautiously puts one foot in front of her, testing the waters. It's at this moment that Cerberus decides to trot away from where he was standing behind Corrie.

Both Maka and Soul gasp as Corrie wavers on her feet. Then with a happy gurgle, she totters after Cerberus. Maka squeals while Soul thinks he'd never thought he'd be this pleased to see someone do something as simple as walk.

Corrie doesn't get too far though-she loses her balance after a few steps. But she immediately pushes herself back to her feet and is off again.

Maka beams at him. "I knew she could do it!"

Soul laughs but then stops, a new thought occurring to him. "You know what this means."


"Baby-proofing all the doors and drawers."

They both give a little groan as Corrie finally latches onto Cerberus.