Rated: M/A , NC-17 for cursing, violence, and sexual themes .

Summary: Kohta is sick of how he's been treated, so leaves the group. He goes Solo for Seven Months, has had some self-discovery's. When a Pack of zombies drive the old group into Kohta's Sanctuary, how will every one react to the new Kohta?

WARNING: Sex, cursing , and violence; everything needed for a decent HSOD story . An Oc Kohta and Also some Takashi and Saya Bashing. (I do not own HSOD and am getting no money for this)

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I am so tired of this shit.
Can she not leave me alone? I mean it's not like I did anything to her.

"Your so fucking stupid Kohta! Always eating!" Saya spat, looking at me like I was some kinda disgusting bug she could easily squash.

I said nothing.
I did nothing.

I just allowed her to berate me, and took it like I always did.
Everyone in the group pretended nothing was happening.

Everything was "normal".

It made me sick how they did nothing . Was I no one important to them? Surely if I mattered to these people at all they would say something, right?

Who am I kidding?

Hell, I made myself sick.

Just sitting here allowing her to rip me to shreds! Like I don't already have self-esteem issues, with out her up my ass!

Why do I even care about her? She is so mean, and so fucking bitter! Everything word she speaks is like a shit-covered poison, and it leaves a bad taste in mouth. It was almost like she like she couldn't do anything else.

Insults . Countless insults. Endless insults.

It's all I ever hear anymore.

I tried to keep calm, like I always do.- I really did .

I tried to act like sweet little nerdy Kohta. But she just kept screeching, like a fucking bird on crack.
"Kohta this" "Kohta that" "Your so stupid!" "Fatty" "Ugly"

It never stopped.
I couldn't take it anymore!

The realization hit me at that moment. This girl would never like me, She would never respect me and she would never stop trying to hurt me . So, I asked myself a million dollar question...

"Why do I try so hard?"

I have no reason to. I never have. This dysfunctional group was making me sick in the head. I think have finally reached my peak.

Something in me snapped, I was no longer the same person, it was like my 'little box of fucks I give' vanished into thin air.
I no longer wanted this.
I'm not sure I ever did.
These people were killing me.

Saya was Killing me.

It was like A wire in me was coiling tighter, and tighter, and tighter until...



"GOD DAMMIT, YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING BITCH!", My voice thundered loudly.

The room went into a silence so silent, that I could have sworn I heard the needle Saeko dropped in her shock, stopping her from finishing the process of patching up one of Saya's jackets.

Everyone sat in shock, Eyes wide, waiting to see how this played out.

"Excuse me?!" she said in a high-strung voice, flipping her strawberry-pink locks over her tiny, tan shoulders.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU FAT FUC-" I cut her off right there.

My normally soft, kind eyes hardened into a fierce un-forgiving glare.
I have no doubt in my mind that if looks could kill ,this bitch would have been dead ten minutes ago. She tried to avert her eyes, but I was having none of that.

I grabbed her slim chin in between my thumb and trigger-fingers roughly, making her face me. She was gonna hear this whether she wanted to or not!

"NO. You listen to me for once, bitch. YOU are tha biggest piece of shit I've ever met in my entire life. I fucking HATE you! I could throw you into a pit of those fucking zombies and not lose an ounce of sleep." I said through gritted teeth. It was a lie but...it felt so good to see the hurt in her eyes, instead of my own.

Is this how it felt? Is this how it felt to be her? I felt Horrible...but good at the same time. For the first time in my life; I wasn't the poor, picked on, victim.

Her face went blank. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked when she wasn't scowling at me in disgust. I saw tears well up in her Amber orbs, and for once It felt good to see someone cry.

"How can someone be so beautiful...but so ugly at the same time?" I asked her while I paused to collect myself then continued ," You make people feel horrible for their flaws, but have you seen a mirror lately?" I said softly.

"I may be fat ,but I can lose weight. You will always be ugly. Ugly on the inside, and I can't stand to be near you!" I half-yelled and I pushed her pretty face away in revulsion.

That's all she was. A pretty face, with an ugly soul.

I made a decision right then, that I no longer wanted to be apart of this.

This group, they think they don't need me.

Well you know what, I'm not to sure I ever needed them.
I was just so desperate for friendship, and acceptance. These people aren't my friends.
I was nothing, but a boot-licking, door-mat.
Something they could walk all over.
I was just so lonely before all this happened, all I ever wanted back then, was to fit in. Well none of that matters anymore. Everyone's Dead, Dying, or fighting.

Popularity is no longer a priority.

I strode to the black weapon cabinet we found in the room we were staying at for the night, anger rolling off me in waves.

Takashi tried to grab my arm, but I reared my fist back and punched him off me as hard as I could, without a word. I didn't feel sorry when I heard his nose make a sickening *crack*

"TAKASHI!" Rei screamed in horror, scrambling to help him up. He groaned and held his nose trying to stop the blood rushing out.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I strode over to the Black colored weapon cabinet, we found upon coming here.
We had yet to really look through, or shall I say I had yet to; because it wasn't like any of these other fucks knew the difference between a handgun and a shot-gun.

Much to disappointment there was very little to choose from, and normally I would just try to make the best out of the situation, but this just wasn't a normal situation folks.
As my eyes scoped over commonly owned weapons I found myself tensing unnaturally tight, my jaw clenched hard enough to break teeth.

My left eye twitch and I could hear growling, that I would later discover was from my own chest.

The Pope?!

I mean come on a . 9mm, .45, .357/.38, 12 gauge, and a fucking .30-06.
Not to mention the fact that the there was only extra ammo for the .45.

Rolling my eyes, I swiftly picked up 45 and it's ammo and decided they would have to do.
As I turned to walk away I glanced back once more at the 9mm and my fingers twitched for it and I sighed before picking it up also.

I then began filling up an old spiderman backpack I saw beside the closet.

Everyone just watched, frozen as I scrambled back and forth, shoving necessary items in the small pockets.

As I shoved my the last of my stash of ramen in next to my shirts, Saeko stepped forward moving towards me carefully; as if she was worried I'd snap on her as well.

Ha- like I'd get a finger on that bitch before she carved me up like a damn turkey. Silly Saeko.

"Where are you going Kohta?" Saeko asked calmly, now within hearing range.

I was at a loss on what to say.
She just confuses me beyond all belief.
She never stopped the hatred I received, but a part of me wanted to believe she just a big believer in independence.
My dislike with her, didn't run very deep.

"I-...I'm leaving. I'm done with this shit." I said in a dark tone before shoving past her to get to the keys that Takashi laid on the pale linoleum counter.

As I expected, she made no move to stop me.

I snatched up the keys to the neon orange bike, gripping them harshly in my hand and picked up all my shit heading for the door.

I had just grasped the brass knob to connected the white door, when Takashi decided to speak up for the first time since I "popped his mouth"

"Kohta wait!.. You can't leave brother. I mean I know Saya is a bitch and all, but is it really bad enough to die over?" He said in a nasally tone, still holding his nose as blood pumped its way out of his unnaturally pretty face and onto the cold floor.

My brain stopped upon hearing the word brother leave his lady-looking lips.
Fucking brother?!
Just a second ago he was pretending to be blissfully unaware of this fucked up situation.

I let out a laugh so evil I could literally see the goosebumps rising on his skin.
My eyes looked particularly dead as I turned to face him.
I wasn't even glaring, but some how the cold crazy stare was all the more frightening.

"Ha...HAha...HAHAHAHAhahahaHA! That's fucking cute Takashi!
Are we brothers now?!
Are you gonna play big brother now that I'm fucked in the head?
Are you worried I'm gonna die now?" I asked voice growing louder until I was practically having a screaming match with myself.

Takashi, who was no longer holding face now that the blood had dried, was speechless as he watched my break down.

"Well don't you be concerned one bit you fucking douche.
Unlike you I know how to shoot a gun!
I'll be just fucking fine, but I highly doubt your uppity ass will last a week without me to blow these cannibalistic faggots sky-high! Fucking pussy ass pretty boy bitch!"

I was probably breaching limits here, but I was just so fucking gone.

The fury I've lock away inside for so long had finally fought it's way out, and it wanted everyone to feel how I felt for so long.
I turned back to Saya, still sitting on the floor in a state of shock.

Was it really so shocking? I mean you can only smack a dog so many times before it bites back.

I squatted down in front of her one last time, making sure I had eye contact with her fiery orbs, and said one last thing before turning around and leaving for good.

"Look at what you've done to me."

As I opened the door, a total of three slimy, disgusting, pus infected zombies (that were most likely drawn by the noise of my psychotic rant) were awaiting me.

And as I walked away with brain covered combat boots... not one of those zombies were left with a brain intact.

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