Rated: M/A , NC-17 for cursing, violence, and sexual themes .
Summary: Kohta is sick of how he's been treated, so leaves the group. He goes Solo for Seven Months, had has some self-discovery's. When a Pack of zombies drive the old group into Kohta's Sanctuary, how will every one react to the new Kohta? WARNING: Sex, cursing , and violence; everything needed for a decent HSOD story . Also some Takashi and Saya Bashing. (I do not own HSOD and am getting no money for this)
Everything was officialy fucked.

(Kohta's POV)

All I ever fucking wanted is to be left alone.

I wanted to survive this stupid apocalypse, and I wanted to be left alone.
But can I get that?

Oh hell no, life has just gotta screw me over!

Maybe it's just my destiny to be miserable for the rest of my pathetic life.

Because I'm having a hard time understanding what the hell I did to deserve this!

It has been a week since the arrival of team fuck face, and I just couldn't seem to get the hell away from them!

Everywhere I turned there they were!

Go to the kitchen, there's Shizuka.
Go outside, there's Saeko.
Go to the living-room there's Takashi.
Go to th-GAH!
You know what I'm saying.|

My military obsessed mind could only think from a defence point of view, seeing as how these Crackers had efficiently fucked my head till I bled.
The enemy is EVERYWHERE.

That's when it hit me.

Military. The Plan!

I had yet to inform these assholes of "The plan".

I didn't necessarily want to either, but the cons of not telling them were too disastrous to ignore.

I have no doubt that these unorganized shitheads would immediately ruin my well formulated escape route.

I can practically see them running around like annoying, head-less chickens, getting in my way.
I could probably talk Geoffrey into doing it, but what would that say about me?

'Kohta the little bitch who can't face his past."

No, I would have to face them eventually. Standing up from the tiled floor of my on-suite bathroom,[ aka the only place I knew I could hide where they wouldn't bother me] I unlocked the door that lead to area of my 'sleeping chambers'.

Ya know, I ain't ever really noticed how nice this room is!

Queen-sized bed, held by a simple dark-wood frame.

Nice black comforter, with matching pillows.

There was a medium-sized dresser and mini bedside table made of the same type of wood as the bed frame, which led me to believe that they had to be a set.
On top of the mini bedside table there was an unused lamp, which was blue in colour with a black lamp cover.

Across from the wall the bed was against there was an entertainment centre. It too had a glossy, dark wood colour. It held a rather large stereo and numerous candles that I had place there in case the battery operated generator failed.

The flooring was the same as what ran through the rest of the house.
Originally there were multiple, decorative rugs in the house; but I quickly got rid of them after I slipped on one and nearly busted my butt cherry.

There was a large bay-side window about seven steps away from the bed if you took wide steps in diagonal direction.
The window itself, had thick black bars all around it. I'm sure the precaution was unnecessary seeing as how I'm on the second floor, but you could never be too sure.
I'd hate to find out these undead shit-heads had mutated and decided to grow snazzy pair of wings, so that they could swoop down and bite me in the ass.

Besides the window, the walls were bare- 'Wait, what the hells that?'
I thought zooming in on a sheet on paper, hanging sloppy and low on the off-white walls.
I couldn't make out what it was so I quickly made my over to the opposite side of the room in three large strides.

What I saw made me want to fall on my knees and roll around.
On my wall hung a scribbly drawing of a tall, cartoony , male holding hands with a much shorter cartoony girl .

It was obvious by the long swirly locks, and thick black boxes covering the area where my eyes should have been that the taller one was supposed to be me, and the shorter one was meant to be Rose.
And if you had any doubts about it, at the bottom in messy hand writing it read:
"Me and my Koka".

My heart warmed up and I wondered how she got this in here without me noticing.
Unpinning the drawing, I then proceeded to hang it much higher and straighter.

In much higher spirits, I then turned on my heel and left the sanctuary of my room; giving the little drawing one last time before closing the door.

After reaching downstairs, I noticed that Geoffrey, Saeko, and Takashi were already here.
Wondering what the fuck they were doing, I silently inched forward in order to hear their conversation.

"What's the difference?" Said a confused sounding Takashi.

Geoffrey sighed in annoyance before speaking.
" Alright, listen this time kid. I ain't explaining again! A M92 Vertec D/G model is from the Beretta 92 family. It fires a 9×19mm Parabellum. The major difference between it and a normal 92f is it has an accessory rail under the barrel, for a torch or laser pointer-"

Plopping down beside Geoffrey on the cream colour sofa, I surprisingly jumped into the conversation without thinking.

"It's a double or single action pistol working of a blow back feed system, meaning when you fire the pressure from the round is what causes the reload. It can have a magazine capacity of 10, 15, 17, 18, 20, 30, and 32. But 15 are more common. " I said matter-of-factually.

"Way to cut a nigga off, Kohta." Geoffrey said in a bitter, country tone, adding his usual Clint Eastwood glare.

Takashi jumped at the extra voice added into the equation, but after recognizing me he just seemed surprised I was talking to him. After staring for another five minutes he then replied.

"Magazine capa-what?" Takashi squeaked.

"Dear god" I groaned out loud at his lack of knowledge.
'Calm down man, not everyone's a gun nut.' I thought to myself.

"Magazine Capacity, it means amount of bullets. " Geoffrey replied understandingly, seeing his embarrassed expression.
"It is actually considered an accurate, reliable pistol." he added after.

"S-so it was used in the Army and Navy Seals and stuff?" Takashi asked .

Mentally face palming, I shook my head 'No'.

"Takashi I'd be embarrassed if I were as gun retarded as you' I thought to myself.

"NOOOOooo, God no; the Seals hated them" I said like it was the most common knowledge ever.

Raising an unnaturally perfect eyebrow in question, Takashi silently questioned 'Why?'

As my mind got into the conversation, it was almost like I was talking to a close friend rather than a dickhead.

" Well the U.S, SEAL teams hated e'm because the top slide would fail, causing it to come away from the pistol, and knock you in the teeth." I stated.

With a smirk I elbowed Geoffrey before reciting the old phrase.

" Aye G, You know what they say haha. You ain't a seal, until you've tasted that Italian steel!"

He just shoved me back, chuckling lowly.

"Alright, so it can be hard to handle?" Saeko questioned.

I noticed that when Geoffrey looked over to her his eyes seemed to soften, and I internally grinned in an evil manner . This is interesting!

"Well I wouldn't say it's Hard if you know how to handle them. They are actually getting pretty difficult to find now a days because Beretta no longer makes Compact versions of the Model 92. In the firm's product line these were replaced by the entirely different Model 8000 Cougar pistols. I am very lucky to own one." Geoffrey explained.

Saeko gave a nod, showing that she understood.

A silence that one could describe as awkward filled the room and I found myself wondering why I ever left the safety of my room.

Then my original reasoning floated back to me.

Ya know, you'd think someone as scatter brained as me would have been the first to go in an apocalypse.
But BOOM! I'm still here, and it's been almost seven years now.
Let us give thanks to my dear, batshit crazy uncle, because without the military training... I would have been turned into a Mc Double on the first day.

Ugh. Off track again!

Forcing my brain to stay on the task at hand, I stood up turning to face the three beings in the room.

"Okay. Group meeting. I need everyone down here ASAP. G, can you get Ren ?"I asked going from silly to serious in a flash.
"Sure can." he replied.
"Saeko can you get... the rest of your people?" I said ignoring Takashi.

I didn't WANT to sound childish...but they just made me so bitter! Holy hell I've never wanted to be away from a group of people so bad!
Sure they haven't done anything yet, but I'm almost positive that sooner or later they're going to try to walk all over me.

And when they do I'll be the first to throw a punch.

Waiting for them to return, was easily the most nerve-racking thing I've experienced in the past hour. Which is saying a lot once you consider the situation outside.

Freaks. Climate . Spiders . and Dear God! Survivors!
Yeah. There's no denying that I need to explain what to do if you encounter one of those five things to these free loaders.

Soon the three returned with the rest of their groups and I settled on the warrior of a coffee table, so they would be able to see me.

After ensuring everyone was here, I began.

"Okay. You're probably wondering why I've brought you all down here." I started.

When no one interrupted I continued on.

"Well, it has come to my attention that you're all retarded. In order to remedy this I need to explain a few things to you." I stated.

"Really Kohta? I know you don't like us, but name-calling? We have survived this long we don't need to know anything else!" Takashi shot off, standing up as he did.

"No, no, no you got it all wrong. I don't dislike you. I fucking HATE you. Now stay on topic!" I replied coldly.

Before he could reply I continued.

"What are your seven P's?" I questioned him harshly.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You see! That right there Takashi is why you're in this situation! You think you don't need to know anything? YOUR WRONG! You wanna be a good leader? "I asked annoyance now sky-high.

"Of course" He spat, glaring at me like I was the devil himself.

"Well then you need to know things! You need to know when to shut the fuck up when someone's trying to help you! I can and am willing help you, but keep fucking with me and I'll break you!"

I couldn't help but feel like whooping his ass... I mean what kind of fucking "leader" is that!
Hi I'm Takashi and I survived the Zombie apocalypse for a few months with no military, and or gun knowledge.
Oh what's that you say?
You wanna help inform my retarded ass?
No thanks, I'll just keep the flesh-eating fucks at bay with my boyishly good looks!

As if reading my thoughts Takashi sighed in defeat, slumping back into his seat on the cream-colored couch.

"What are the seven P's?" He asked softly.

After making sure he was going to stay fucking quiet for a second, I nodded and went on in my explanation.

"The seven P's are a military based term. They stand for the saying 'Prior Planning and Preparation to Prevent Piss Poor Performance.' ."

I turned toward the couch where Geoffrey and Ren sat and said,

" Sorry guys, I know you've heard this all before but I'm going to need your help in a minute."

"Aye, it's no problem sugar pants" Ren said with a wink.

If I were in a better mood I would have laughed, but I'm pissed and in no mood to joke around.

" My group and I have already come up with a plan. So, if you plan on staying with us for a while, you're going to need to know what it is and what rules to follow, Understood?" I questioned firmly.

After everyone gave a nod, I smiled and said "OKAY!"|

"I'll start off with your two options in a dangerous situation. It's pretty simple, and usually instinctual : Fight or Flight." I started.

"F.C double S, or otherwise known as Freaks, Climate, Spiders, and worst of all fucking Survivors.
These are the top four most dangerous situations you will most likely face.
You will have to use your own discretion when deciding whether to fight or not.

If you think you can take out a few Freaks on your own, you go ahead... but our absolute number one rule is that you NEVER leave the gate open!" I said raising my voice when the word never was said.

"Why would finding other survivors be bad Kohta-kun? Shouldn't we try to help?" Shizuka asked in her signature ditzy tone.

"Mrs. Shizuka... Have you ever seen the discovery channel?" I asked the busty blonde.

When she confirmed that she had indeed seen said channel, I nodded thoughtfully trying to word this in a way she'd understand.

"Okay, If you have I'm sure you've seen a feral, rabies-infested coyote tear apart another coyote over food ... Do you see where I'm going with this?" I asked praying that she did.

"S-so you're saying that humans are dogs?" She questioned in confusion.

I sighed, pinching the bridge of nose.

"No. What I'm saying is, if you help someone now days, chances are you're going to get shot in the back of your head while they take your shit."

"Oh ... that's terrible!" she said like the thought was shocking.

"Yes it is, but it's the world we live in . Now, if you encounter a survivor while you're away from the nest, you are to take the flight option.
In the occasion where they follow or attack you, you fight.
That leads to the second rule.
NEVER bring an outsider in!
Firstly you never know if they are scavengers from another group of survivors, or better yet you never know if they are infected."

"Understood, but Kohta...what is a freak exactly?" Saeko questioned.

"Freak is a code name for Zombies." I answered.

"Why do you have a code name for Zombies? It's not like they are smart enough to understand what we're saying." Saya said in a snooty tone.

I crossed my arms across my buff chest, shooting her a glare as I did.

"Okay Mrs. I know fucking everything. I am aware of their lack of brain capacity!
I believe that if you give something a name that is feared, it becomes much scarier. Zombies are a scary ass concept, therefore I mind fucked myself into imagining they are much less frightening by taking the name back and replacing it... Not that I need to explain myself to you!"

"That's explanation actually not as stupid as I thought it would be...I remember that quote, I actually read a book call-"

"The execution of fear." I finished for her.

I wanted to laugh at the widening of her eyes. Bitch be acting like I don't know how to read or something.
Maybe she would have known if she wasn't too busy being a cunt and down grading me!

"Any other stupid questions?" I asked, impatiently tapping my combat boot covered foot on the hardwood flooring.

"I know I'll regret asking, but what about climate and spiders?" Takashi asked in a weary tone.

"Climate: As in Fire, Tornado, Tsunami, Earthquake, etc. DO NOT try to take on the fucking Elements. Minor fires, extinguish if possible. Major Fires run like a bitch."

"And spiders?" He questioned once more.

"Spiders: They are fucking freaky. If it has more than four legs exterminate immediately don't let me see it, got it?" I said in a 'I'm dead-fucking-serious tone' .

I heard Saya snort.

"Are you really scared of spiders Kohta? That's so stu-"

"SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH!" I cut her off, efficiently ceasing the annoying ass taunting.

"Our plan is that if the situation reaches F.U.B.B, aka Fucked up beyond belief, we abort.
I have three means of transportation a red Doge Challenger R/T, 2011, a black 2006 Hummer H3, and a fucking short-bus.
All are prepared to travel, but you're going to need to refuel the bus.

We were originally planning on leaving the Short bus, because honestly that thing fucks with my head, but seeing as we now have you in addition to the four of us; you're going to need a way to travel.
You're going to need to have your shit ready to go at all times, because I WILL NOT wait for you to pack your panties. Got it?"

After receiving a series of nods throughout the room, I asked if anyone had any questions so far.

"Where do you plan to go after our escape?" Saeko questioned in a soft, bored tone.

"There is a garage about four miles from here, stocked with weapons, ammunition and enough food to last us for a few days at best. Geoffrey and I will show a few of you the location tomorrow.
If that situation is bone we have three other emergency rendezvous, but that is just in case of a legit emergency."

"How will we know when a conflict is upon us?" Saya asked, thoughtful expression on her tan face.

"We won't know for sure. Geoffrey and I check daily for any signs of a hoard, but if they were outside right now we wouldn't know until we looked." I stated.

"Any other questions before I continue to rules and routines?" I asked quickly, wanting to get this over with.

When no one came forth I spoke once more.

"Everyone in this house has a routine, and must follow the rules. The rules are simple, but strict and if you break them, I'll turn you into Freak bait.

Rule one, as I stated earlier is NEVER leave the gate open. By doing this you are risking the lives of my friends, and in return I will take yours.

Rule two, never bring an outsider in to my home. I don't care if she's hot, or if you knew him before this shit. I will kill you both.

Rule three, do not fuck me over! You wanna stay and help that's all fine and dandy, but if I catch you stealing my shit and trying to leave with it; your fingers are mine!
I will not stand for any five-finger discounting.
I ain't fucking Wal-Mart!
These are the top three and most important.
Besides these three I expect respect, loyalty, and hard work.
Do any of you have an issue with my laws? If so go ahead and make your way to the kitchen, and I will personally, and literally kick your ass out." I finished.

When I wasn't questioned, I then turned to Geoffrey and Ren, who were sitting comfortably beside one another on the cream-colored love seat.
They seemed un-surprised by the yelling, but then again they had already been through this speech and were used to my potty mouth.

"Geoffrey here is an excellent marksman, and almost a bigger gun freak then I.
He is in charge of the weapons and ammunition, he has also agreed to help you free of charge.
He and I will be showing you how to use a fucking gun during our free time." I said pointing my finger in his direction.|

|"Ren, is an excellent at hand-to-hand combat. She knows the body well, and can show you the correct way to stab a feisty survivor.

She has offered to help those of you who can't fight worth a fuck." I said doing the same for her.

"You will all do as they say, or get the fuck out.
Everyday Geoffrey and I will come and wake one of you up and you will accompany us on our daily rounds.
Listen closely, because I will not repeat myself.
KEEP UP! If you wonder off, we aren't going to look for you.
We will assume you're dead, or infected.

After the gate is closed, it will not be open until the next morning. No if's, and's, or but's about it."

"Now. If there are no other questions, Ren has written out a list for each of you to complete.
You are expected to do this list Every. Single. Day.
If you don't do it, you're out.

Ren. I'll let you take over from here. If you got any questions, feel free to ask.
And remember what I said.
I can help you, or I can break you. " I finished.

Standing I walked toward the winding stair case, back straight as a board.

After making it up the stairs and out of sight, a goofy smile broke on to my features, and I had to cover my mouth to quiet my laugh.

'They should have seen their faces!'

I felt like some sort of badass general or something!
For the third time that day, I felt a smile grace my features.
Today. Was. Fucking. Epic!

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