Daffy was driving his Parade Float looking desperately to find Melissa. "Daffy, I don't understand. Why do you need to see Melissa so much? You're with me now, remember?" asked Tina. "Yes Buddy, I know. But I just have a sudden urge. An urge to see her," said Daffy. "But why? Daffy, are you cheating on me?" asked Tina. "No, Buddy of course of not! Listen, I just want to see how she's doing. O-Our relationship ended abruptly.." said Daffy. "It did? How did it happen?" asked Tina. "Well, you see..." Daffy began but he then gasped.

"Free grilled cheese!" he proclaimed as he swept his hand out of the Parade Float and stole Elmer's grilled cheese sandwich. "I'll get you, you screwy duck!" shouted Elmer in the background. "Daffy, what was that for?" Tina asked as Daffy took a bite out of the grilled cheese. "What do you mean?" asked Daffy, still chewing on the sandwich. "You just stole that man's grilled cheese!" Tina proclaimed. "Well, he used to hunt me. He deserves to have his sandwich stolen," said Daffy.

Meanwhile, Lola and Honey were walking into the sunset when they reached Honey's car. "Hey, Lola would you like to go to my house?" asked Honey. "Oh, sure!" said Lola and she called over to Bugs. "Oh, Bun-Bun! Honey's taking me to her house! You wanna come?" "Honey's house, huh? Eh, I guess I'll come " said Bugs as he hopped into the car. Lola hopped into the car too and Honey soon started driving to her house.

"Daffy, I think we're lost," said Tina. "What makes you say that?" asked Daffy. "The fact that we're in the desert," said Tina as the camera panned out revealing the desert. "Oh, it's not too bad," said Daffy and suddenly the car went out of gas. "Not too bad, huh?" said Tina sarcastically. "Oh, relax I'm sure there's people who can help us," said Daffy as he got out the car. Tina rolled her eyes. "Sure, Daffy. Some people will just come and help us in the middle of the desert," said Tina sarcastically.

Suddenly, the Road Runner zoomed by along with Wile E. Coyote chasing it. "Aha! See, people?" exclaimed Daffy. "Daffy! Those are wild animals!" said Tina. "Nonsense," said Daffy as he walked up to the two. "Excuse me but do you two possibly know where we could get help?" asked Daffy. Wile and Road stopped their bickering and stared at Daffy, Road's foot in Wile's mouth. "Uhh..." said Daffy in shock. "I CAN HELP!" shouted Beaky Buzzard as he flew by in his rescue balloon.

"Finally! Somebody who makes sense!" proclaimed Daffy. "I don't know, Daffy. It's a vulture," said Tina. Beaky Buzzard laughed. "Oh, nonsense. I'm not a vulture! I'm a buzzard" said Beaky. "So...you're not going to eat us?" asked Daffy. "What?! Of course not! I'm not here to eat you! I'm here to help you!" Beaky chuckled. "See! Told you he made sense!" said Daffy. Tina rolled her eyes, and Beaky lifted Tina, Daffy, Wile, Road, and the Parade Float into his hot air balloon and set off.