The boat was tipping in turning all over the place. The waves crashed so hard it sent Daffy, Tina, Wile, and Road into the forest. The parade float they were in fell of the boat and they were sent in the water as their ship plunged into Bugs' old rabbit hole. The waves then sent Daffy's parade float high up into the air with a rope tied to in getting tangled with Honey's car sending Bugs, Lola, and Honey up into the air too.

They were soon sent crashing down in front of some random house. "Hey! This is my house!" said Honey as she got out of her car. Daffy then got out of the parade float too. "Man, all that searching has starved me!" said Daffy. "Oh, well you wanna come inside and have some lunch?" asked Honey. "That would be great!" exclaimed Daffy.

Everyone was in Honey's house relaxing when suddenly a female duck with yellow feathers walked downstairs. Daffy's eyes widened. "Melissa!" he shouted and ran up to her. "D-Daffy?" asked Melissa. "Yep! That's me! Melissa, I'd like to introduce you to my new girlfriend," said Daffy as he brought Melissa over to Tina. "Tina Russo," said Tina holding out her hand. "Melissa Duck," said Melissa as she shook Tina's hand. "Yeah, I know that. We spent all day looking for you," said Tina.

"So, anyone want to go outside?" asked Honey. Soon everybody was outside with Honey grilling for everyone. Wile then sneaked over to the barbecue and threw the Road Runner in it and quickly closed it. Road soon burst out of the barbecue and ran away into the fields. Wile started chasing him knocking down the honey bottle spilling honey all over the floor.

Daffy was walking by when suddenly he stepped in the honey. He tried to get out of it but there was no use. Daffy shrugged nervously and said "Well...I guess I got myself into quite a sticky situation this time". Everybody laughed.