A few personal words:

So, this is it - eventually, says my reason; sadly, says my heart.

This is a bit of a farewell, as I think I won't be able to start something new in the foreseeable future. I don't have any ideas for a new story and, most of all, I simply don't have time for writing one.

Almost two years ago, I gave writing a first try. I had been slightly obsessed with Sherlock h/c stories and had read a fair number of them before I wrote the first chapter of Dangerous Mould. I had inteded it to become a three-chapter story. As you know, it all turned out differently: Dangerous Mould was continued in its second part. I had sworn to myself not to start writing again, as, with a small child and a job and a house and a big garden and friends and family and all sorts of things you want to do and have to do, there was no time for writing.

And then, the prologue to Shot in the Dark was suddenly there, in my mind first, written down a bit later. What I had got myself into, I hadn't been able to foresee when I published it. Writing this multi-chapter fic was a roller-coaster ride of a very special kind. I was sometimes overjoyed and overwhelmed by the response I got. Sometimes I was rather disappointed when people didn't leave any reviews since there were times when writing had become a bit of a chore for me and I only kept continuing the story because I didn't want to disappoint my readers.

The writing process was as much an up and down. Sometimes there were chapters that ... just happened. They were there, all of a sudden, sort of dripping from my fingers into the keyboard. However, after a hiatus in particular, it was difficult for me - as well as for you readers, I assume - to get back into the story, to pick up the train of thought and produce something that fully met the standards I had set myself. I was always a bit insecure because I'm not native to English. Four different online-dictionaries (German-English/English-German, OALD, a Thesaurus and linguee) have become the most frequented websites on my computer. As you can probably imagine, I have learned incredibly much during those two years; my English has become remarkably better and I am much more relaxed when speaking English in front of others, which is good, given that I teach English Second Language.

I know that I'm a very lucky writer to have found the most wonderful beta-reader and Brit-picker on earth. I have once tried to find a beta-reader for someone else, which was very difficult. Librarianmum, you know, this all is also your fault and your achievement. Without you, there wouldn't have been a story at all. However, you alone know how much time you put into this. There were certainly chapters that didn't contain many mistakes or parts that needed changes, but there were other chapters that looked like a year 8 English Second Language student's test - full of stupid mistakes! Not only did you correct my mistakes, though, you also taught me a lot about British culture and idiomatic language (milk doesn't come in bottles, London bathrooms don't usually have a separate shower and it takes more than half an hour to get from Baker Street to the next airport; "Get your jacket" can be more than the mere words suggest, and love, dear, honey, darling are used in different contexts, if at all - just to mention very few things!). You said you enjoyed my writing journey - so did I! We've become friends, met twice in London and I think that this was just the start to a life-long friendship. I did say it before, I know, but I have no words to express my gratefulness. I did some research on the topic, but, other than the plain two words, I found nothing helpful. Here they are now, straight from my heart, the plain two words: THANK YOU!

I am sort of relieved that I have rid myself of the obigation to write, since life is again very busy these days and every single minute I have will be spent on the markings that I have to do. Until Christmas I wouldn't have been able to write anyway. I can now focus better on the things that require my professional attention. As you probably know, I have always been a secret writer, which didn't make it easy for me, but it was my choice. One day, when I have translated my stories, I will make a step out of secrecy and confess my addiction to hubby and friends. Maybe...

Many people have accompanied me through this story, by either reviewing, following or favouriting. The two reviewers, who haven't missed leaving a comment on a single chapter, are Prothoe and storylover18. That's what loyalty is by definition! There were chapters where yours were the only comments. It it hadn't been for your constant support and for librarianmum's encouragement, I would definitely have given up. Thank you!

I'm missing writing already, I'm missing you, my dear readers, but I hope that you see it the way I see it: The story is finished, but that doesn't mean I have forgotten about it and about you. So, reviews are still more than welcome and, as long as you're logged in, I will get back to you personally.

I had once thought, I was the only nerd in the world doing crazy stuff like making up stories about my favourite characters at the age of ... well, let's say, more than twice the age of the average fangirl, but as soon as I had found this website, I realized, that there are actually a LOT of people like me. Some are even closer that I had ever imagined. ;-)

Thank you to all people reading my stories, thank you to all the guests who left reviews, and thank you to all of you who revealed their identity in the form of following, favouriting and leaving reviews (I hope all names show in more or less alphabetical order - Hats off! to the creativity you show in choosing your nicknames!),

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I'm looking forward to reading your stories!

Lots of love,