Hello! Sorry for not updating Musical Hearts in a l-o-n-g time! I'm currently writing Chapter 4. Yeah I know, I'm super lazy. But I feel like I don't really know where to go with Musical Hearts. I mean I know where I want it to go, but I just can't write it. Also I have absolutely no time. But now its the holidays I'll try to put something up.

Anyway I read a fanfiction where Peeta is forced into prositution and I had a seriously vivid dream. All through the last few days of school, its been constantly bugging me and I just had to write it. So here!

Chapter One

Peeta isn't home yet. We agreed that he would teach me to bake at 5, its 5:45 now. Where is he? I decide to give him 10 more minutes. I absent-mindedly circle my fingers on the table in front of me. Probably Mahogany, Effie would like that. I hear quiet shuffling and look up, there my sister stands, young as ever in a cream top and knit brown skirt.

"Katniss" she says "He'll come, he loves you too much to blow you off"

I only nod doubtedly, ignoring the guilt tightening in my chest. Five more minutes pass, Ten. He's still not here. I walk over to the window and peer through the glass at his house several yards away from my own. The lights are off and his house looks cold. Curiosity gets the better of me so I put on my boots, go out the door and walk over to his house. We established that we didnt need to knock on each others doors any more so I just let myself in. Peeta's house, usually light and full of life, is cold and empty. I call out into the darkness, creeping through the rooms. Silently looking in all his rooms I quickly conclude that he is not in his house.

Feeling suspicious I even resort to Haymitch's house. Slipping through the door, I walk onto the gravel path once more over to Haymitch's house 2 doors down from Peeta's. Waste and general rubbish from scraps of paper, broken glass shards, discarded clothes, week old vomit all scatter across his front porch. Nearly at a 5 yard distance I already bring the top of my shirt above my nose to stop me from gagging. But even with minimal protection, the stench of an abondoned house still reaches my nose. If I wasn't completely devoted to finding out where Peeta is I would have turned around and stomped back home without a second thought. I wrench open the door and hold my breath.

Even if I had been at Haymitch's house several times now the sight still overwhelms me. Torn furniture, toppled tables and chairs, dim lighting, scratches on the walls. It all screams revolting. But there's one thing out-of-place. Haymitch. Usually he would be sprawled over his kitchen table, bottle clutched in one hand, a waiting knife at the other. But this time, this time he is sitting on a torn couch across from the wide television currently on a Capitol news show. Haymitch frowns with disgust, a half full bottle of liquor in one hand. Habits never change, I think dryly.

"Haymitch" I call, he only turns his head to look at me, his own seam eyes reflecting back at me before returning his attention to the television once again.

"Haymitch" I try again "Have you seen Peeta? He isn't at his house"

"Probably at the Capitol" he mumbles

"What!?" I screech jumping up "Why? How do you know?"

"Calm down sweetheart" He pats the spot next to him. I hesitantly sit next to him as he points towards the tv. There stands a woman with metallic blue hair, piercing purple eyes, intricate patterns as her eyelashes, deep blue lips and a matching pastel blue dress.

"Stay tuned! Next we have a very special appearance from the 74th Hunger Games Co-Victor Peeta Mellark!" She announces clapping her hands in giddiness.

"Saw him with a suitcase in the morning, on his way to the train station" Haymitch says

"Why is he there Haymitch?" I plead

"Don't know, but we'll find out soon alright?" He soothes. I nod, fighting back tears. I don't know why, but the thought of Peeta in the Capitol, alone, is enough for me to break down. When we got back from the games, we hardly spoke and as much as I didn't want to admit it, I missed him. His friendly, constantly happy nature. His radiating smile. Thats what motivated me to apologize and now 2 weeks later he's gone. Again.

The tv comes back to life and I am met with the snake-like eyes of President Snow. He's standing on a stage, dressed in a plain black suit, his signature white rose pinned to his lapel.

"Welcome! Panem, I hope you are watching this now because one of you may get an extraordinary chance" He smiles as the crowd roars, screaming and flailing their arms and arms wildly.

"Yes, yes" He continues "How many of you here know Peeta Mellark!" Peeta's picture appears behind him. He looks amazing as always in a simple blue button down shirt. The crowd erupts in cheers, applaud, screams and crying. Men and women alike squeal and blow kisses to his picture behind President Snow. Snow stands there grinning piosinously viciously.

"Well how about I tell you, one of you lucky people could spend the night with the one and only Mr. Mellark?" He bellows. This just causes to crowd to erupt into more applaud and defeaning screaming. But only one thing registers in my mind.

Peeta will be with someone from the Capitol for the night. Alone.

"Now after the break the bidding will start. Remember this is for women and men, the highest bidder shall receive Mr. Mellark and this is the most important. You may do whatever you wish with Mr. Mellark and he will stay with you until 6 in the morning, then he will leave after being escorted out" Snow adds. The crowd cheers once more. Snow winks once more, then the screen fades to black abruptly changing into Capitol commercials.

My body goes numb. Peeta. Why? Peeta. Is this what he wants? Peeta. Is he finally done with me? I vaguely hear Haymitch calling my name but I ignore it. My eyes are trained on the television, desperately wanting to find out more, desperately waiting for answers.

After what seems like a lifetime has ticked away the screen bursts back into the stage where Snow is casually perched.

"Welcome back citizens!" He greets "Lets start! Mr. Mellark if you please" Snow extends his arm towards the edge of the stage.

Thats when I see him. Peeta.

He walks casually onto the stage, dressed in a royal blue dress shirt, that's really accentuates his eyes, a white tie, and white dress pants. His smile is radiating as always, waving kindly to the crowd. The crowd is in riot, I can even see girls tripping over themselves to get on stage and reach him. Just incredible, he's got them captured, it's not hard for him. He's just naturally...Peeta. Who can draw you in with his breathtaking smile, mesmerizing eyes and friendly out-going nature.

"Settle!" Snow booms which automatically silences the crowd.

"Let the bidding begin! Start off with 50 thousand dollars!" Every card is still held up high

"70 thousand dollars!" Still every card

"Hmm, I see then. 1 million dollars!" A few drop. 2 million, 5 million, 10, 50, 100, 1 billion, 2 billion.

By now there are only a handful of cards up. Still 2 billion that's amazing. The money people will pay, is simply overwhelming.

Eventually it dwindles down to two scary looking women. One has sickly green skin, which makes her look constantly sick. She has striped black and white hair that falls like a pristine sheet. She's tall and slim, dressed in a black and green skin-tight jumpsuit adorned with white swirling patterns, piercing green eyes and pea green lips.

The other can only be described as... bright. She wears a bright red dress patterned with rainbow spots and six-inch spiked red heels. Bright yellow eyes, blinding blue hair that is bunched up in curls on top of her head. Her most frightening feature are her lips. They're bright red and matching her dress, tiny rainbow micro sized beads scattered across her lips. The worse things about them; they're real beads and they're slightly spiked at the end. Her smile is so blinding, almost devious, she has plans. For Peeta. Oh my God.

Eventually the rainbow woman bids highest at 3,274,500,000 dollars. Wow.

She bounds happily onto the stage, sprinting to where Peeta stands with determined eyes. You can practically feel her giddiness radiating off her. When she finally reaches Peeta her long manicured nails wrap around his bicep, smiling blindingly at him.

"My, my what's your name?" Snow asks

"Mussidia Valeria, Sir, and may I say this will definitely be the best night of my life!"

"Well, I bet it is!" Snow sneers "Panem, Mussidia Valeria and Peeta Mellark!"

The camera zooms in to capture Peeta and Mussidia's faces. Mussidia looks positively thrilled. But Peeta.

His smile shows happiness, but that's nothing in comparison to his eyes. From his eyes you can tell every emotion he holds.

And right now. It shows fear, regret, sadness.

It shows hurt.

It says that he doesn't want this. That he'd rather be left alone.

That's what breaks me.

I want to scream. To shout. To burn down the Capitol. Kill President Snow. Kill Mussidia Valeria.

Anything to take away the pain so clear in his eyes.

But I can't everything I want to say, curse. It's all stuck in my throat.

As, Peeta and Mussidia walk back stage I see Mussidia faintly grope his ass.

The impenetrable pain in my chest aches even more.

Because he's stuck with her. Because he's forced to do this.

Because I can't do anything about it.

And it ends! I will keep going with this, because I like how it makes Katniss actually feel something. (I know shocker!) Because honestly, as much as I love her, she is so freaking oblivious and stupid. But in the end she did choose Peeta so yeah.

And yeah, its super cheesy to write scream and shout. But oh well! I'm a cheesy old style romantic girl who wants a fairytale love story and a hot prince. But can you blame me?

Okay enough of my ranting;

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