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Chapter Two

Haymitch doesn't even have time to blink before I'm bolting out of Haymitch's house. Tears blur my vision but I keep running. I don't even know where I'm going, nevertheless I let my feet carry me to where-ever they want. My mind is focused on only one thing.


The look in his eyes is enough to break me completely. They looked like that when I told him that I was only acting in the games.

But this time, this time, it was like that but intensified by ten million times.

My chest tightens by just the thought of it, guilt threatening to take over because I know, I'm probably the one that caused this.

My tears are slowing down, and I can see where I am. I'm in the woods, specifically the lake where my father taught me to swim when I was 7. My feet brought me to the right place because I really need the comfort of him now.

There's a small cabin-like house by the lake. Me and my father used to hang around in there after we swam. I walk inside and am instantly hit by memories of my father. His warm smile, the crinkles by his eyes, his deep laugh. I walk around the house my fingers running across everything appreciatively, savouring everything, its feel, touch even its smell. I come across the small double bed in one of the rooms and immediately fling myself on it. I bury my face into the worn out sheets, tears spill as I recognise his scent; coal, woods and peppermint.

I run out of the house, wiping my cheeks dry from tear stains violently. I collapse at the lake edge, dropping my head into my hands. I pull up my knees and hug then to my chest, burying my face into my knees. I feel a breeze shiver through me causing me to look up in confusion. I look up and a refreshing breath of air flies across my face. I stretch my face wanting to relish this feeling. In return the sun beams upon my face, its warm rays dancing across my face. My heart swells in joy, it's almost like my father is caressing my face, reassuring me in his soothing, gentle voice.

Feeling stronger, I pick myself up and walk back to the fence. I walk silently, still watching out for stray animals but I have a sense of calm over me since my trip. Crouching down, I try to listen if the fence is electrified. I hear no hum so I go ahead and slip under the fence and into town.

I walk through town, occasionally nodding or waving to people shouting their thanks for winning the games. But in my opinion no-one really wins the games. No one but Snow and The Capitol.

When I reach the Victors Village, I instinctly walk over to my house. When I open the door Prim assaults me.

"Hey Katniss! How was baking with Peeta?" She asks a grin so wide it would put the Cheshire Cat to shame.

At first I smile softly, happy to see Prim so happy. I can never deny her anything. But the I realise what she said. As the realisation dawns on me and I'm filled with horror as I hear his name again, Prim's smile falters and she looks at me worriedly.

"I - I " I stutter "I'm sorry I-I have to go"

I run out of the house tears spilling yet again, my calm, serene feeling has shattered.

I slam Peeta's door open and bound up the stairs. I make my way to Peeta's room and like I did with my father's bed, I fling myself onto it. I grab one of his pillows and take a huge whiff of it.

It smells like him; cinnamon, dill and sugar frosting. This brings tears to my eyes. Hugging the pillow to my chest, I screw my eyes shut and pretend its Peeta's warm stocky body. This calms me down for a split second and I nuzzle my face deeper into the pillow before my chest clenches in the worst way when I realise it isn't him.

I fall asleep like this, Peeta's scent constantly wafting in my nose.

I wander the halls aimlessly, until I find an unmarked door. My curiosity takes over and I push open the door. The room is crystal white, everything shining so bright, it hurts your eyes to look at it. In the middle of the room is a deep red bed, red as blood. On the bed is Peeta and Mussidia.

I watch in horror as Mussidia rides him, moaning out his name. Peeta's mouth is wide open in ecstasy, his eyes screwed shut.

Unable to watch anymore I slam the door shut and run down the hall, strangled noises coming out from my throat and my vision blurring from tears. The thought of Peeta doing that feels like a thousand knives slashing me open. I come to a dead-end and halt to a stop.

The world suddenly spins and I'm in a lavish room. Everything is the epitome of perfect. Theres a large oak desk scattered with papers. I approach the desk and see that the papers are cut-out newspaper articles. I pick one up and it reads 'Star-Crossed Lovers Over!' I drop it and pick up the next one 'Panems Golden Boy Peeta Mellark has a new woman' . I go through the articles they go on and on 'Lucky girl, Mussidia Valeria bags Peeta Mellark' , 'Katniss Who? Mussidia Valeria is the new Mrs. Mellark' , Another one catches my eye 'The Two !' I pick it up and skim through it a particular line shattering myself completely "I'm absolutely thrilled! Mussidia is delightful and makes my son happy, Katniss will never compare" Quotes Mrs Mellark.

"Seeing what could have been?"

I spin around and see Snow in a coal-black suit, white rose still tucked in his lapel.

"Miss Everdeen, aren't you just swell that has found such a delightful partner?"

"Why? He doesn't want this! You forced him!"

"Me? Miss Everdeen I would never! Mr. Mellark called me himself asking for a chance since you didn't want him. He said he was tired of waiting for you to come home after screwing your cousin Gale in the woods"

"No!" I choke out "No

The world spins again and I'm at a massive room with people chattering about nonsense. I look around trying to find a way out when my eyes land on Peeta across the room. I push my way towards him. When I reach him I notice he has to women clinging to his arm.

"Peeta!" I shout. He turns.


"Come on Peeta" I try

"No! What about us?" One of the women says

"Goodbye" Peeta says simply. I then watch as he walks away from me, laughing and joking with the women. I call out his name again and again. Yet he never comes back. I'm being pushed back by Capitol citizens bombarding me with insults. 'He doesn't want you' 'Leave him alone 'You crushed him' 'You dont deserve him' 'Go back from where you came, Seam slut' Seam slut, Seam slut.

I'm on my own, holes from the wall start leaking blood. It starts at my feet, reaching up to my knees, my legs. Until Im swimming in it. The last thing I see before I drown is a pair of familiar blue eyes.

I'm nearly covered, I look back at those blue eyes and what I see in them hurts me even more than the blood; 'You deserve this..'

I wake up terrified. Looking around I see that the sheets are scattered across the bed, some on the floor, some on the bed. A few were tangled in my legs. I groggily wipe my eyes from sleep. When I look out of Peeta's window the suns up, judging by the sun it's around 8 in the morning. Nevertheless I walk downstairs bringing Peeta's pillow with me. I clutch it tightly to my chest as if I'm a toddler and the pillow a stuffed teddy. I plop my self onto the couch and tuck my feet beneath me.

I'm about to get up when the door bursts open.

"Hello Paneeem!" Slurs a voice that I could recognise from a mile away.

"Peeta!" I squeal. I jump off the couch and run towards him, pulling him towards me and flinging myself around him. I bury my face into his shirt and savour his smell. Cinnamon, dill and liquor? I look up into his impossibly blue eyes, but instead of seeing the clear sapphires that show me his soul I see them clouded over. He's been drinking.

"Peeta? I am not! I am the Muffin Man!" He exclaims wriggling out of my grasp and posing like a super hero.

"Peeta, have you been drinking?" I question

"Me? Never! My friend Mussidia gave me something to drink before we you know, did stuff" He whispers the last part. His friend Mussidia? Did stuff?

"Peeta, come on you need to rest" I tug on his arm

"No! The Muffin Man will not take orders from Question Lady!"

"Question Lady? Why Question Lady?"

"You ask many, many questions, Question Lady!"

"Ok-" I'm interrupted by Peeta

"Yuh know Question Lady, I think the Muffin Man needs someone to keep him company. What about Princess Katniss!?"

"Peeta I am Katniss" I deadpan

"Princess Katniss I found you!" He spins me around hugging me tight

"Princess, lets be monkeys!" I look at him in shock, drunk Peeta is...strange

"Peeta? A monkey? Really?"

"Geez Princess, just let me be a fucking monkey!" He huffs then sits on the floor crossing his arms over his chest and pouting. Wow Peeta must be wasted if he cusses. I join him, sitting down on the floor.

"Okay Peeta, we can be monkeys" I say slowly

"Priiincess! Why are you treating me like a five-year old" He whines "I'm only four!" He sticks up his hand with two fingers up

"Peeta, sweetie you've only got two fingers up" I lift another two fingers to make four fingers "There"

"Woah!" He lift his hands to his face and stares at them like they're the best thing in the world. "They're amazing! What can you do with them?"

"Well - um - A lot of things" I reply unsure

"They're boring then"

"Sure.." I drag out the word

"I'm hot" He announces.

Then without warning he takes his shirt off and tosses it to the ground. Peeta lies back down and puts his hands behind his head. I can't help but watch the way his muscles flex under his pale skin. I've seen him shirtless before, in the arena, but that was when he was covered in blood and mud. But this time, I notice how the Capitol got rid of all his scars, leaving him with a smooth chest. Firm and muscular. Hairless except for the thin, curly blonde trail leading to the V shape lower down, down to his...No! I should not be thinking about this!

Peeta sits up and looks at me in the eye.

"You have really pretty eyes, they're like moons" He whispers. I blush and stare at my hands, I hated compliments.

"I - " I don't even get to finish my sentence when Peeta presses his lips on mine.

His lips are warm and soft. They fit in perfectly with mine as we lock and unlock lips. A warm feeling starts inside my chest and spreads through me, to my toes, my fingertips, in between my legs. It's like in the cave, the warm fuzzy feeling, that deep stirring. Last time, my head wound started bleeding and he made me lay down. This time, there's nothing stopping us. Peeta gently pushes me onto my back and hovers over me. One of my hands, which have previously running them through Peeta's thick curls, lowers and grips his shoulders, no doubt making marks. Peeta decides to be bold, opening his mouth and swiping his tongue across my lip, asking for permission. I slowly open my mouth and Peeta's tongue darts inside. I involuntarily let out a deep moan, this spurs Peeta on and he slides his hands up to my breast. He kneads my breasts, massaging, tugging. He makes me feel exhilarated and carefree. I moan once more, longer. I decide to be bold aswell and run my fingers down his torso, down his rock solid abs and pecks. Peeta lets out a deep moan and I can't help but think it sounds undeniably sexy. "Katniss" He moans. Peeta lowers himself onto me, I feel a hardness against my thigh. "Mmm Yes" He sighs. I feel myself panic but then he starts to caress my face and I instantly relax.

My hands were about to wander further down when a voice rings in my ears

"Enjoying yourself there, sweetheart?" Haymitch, I think irritatedly.

Peeta rolls off me and sees Haymitch, freezing him.

"Haymitch!" He yells and locks him in an awkward hug where Haymitch's head is stuck inside Peeta's bare arms.

"Okay kid, yeah, let go" Haymitch grumbles

"Are - you breaking up with me?" Peeta says. I snort at his exaggerated tone.

"I'm a very good kisser Haymitch, ask Princess Katniss!" He exclaims

"Uh - I - Yeah?"

"Hmm, I could see that, by the way you were sucking each others faces off for 10 minutes" Haymitch smirks

"Haymitch!" I scold

"Hey! I just come in and see you two groping, making out, honestly I bet if I didn't speak up you two would be on your way to sex" He retorts "Literally, Mr. Good Kisser was fondling your boobs and you, sweetheart, were on your road to Mr. Good Kisser's dick"

I just stare at him in shock and come to the conclusion that Haymitch is pure vulgar.

"Anyway, what's up with lover boy?"

"I don't know, he said something about 'His friend Mussidia gave him something to drink' that's it though"

"Hmm. Mr. Good Kisser? Over here!" he calls over to Peeta who was rolling around on the floor

"Mr. Good Kisser? This means... Oh Haymitch, I knew we were meant for each other!" Peeta hugs Haymitch tightly

"Shut up boy! What did Mussidia give you?"

"A drink"

"Dammit boy, describe it!"

I watch in amusement as Haymitch starts getting frustrated with him

"Okay, but only for you Mitchy"

"Mitchy!?" Haymitch repeats in disgust

"It was blue at the bottom then green at the top. It smelled like potatoes!" Peeta exclaims with wide eyes

"Sounds like Onyxdrone. But the potato bit? I have no idea, boys gone mad"

"What's Onyxdrone?" I ask

"It's really strong alchohol, makes you loopy and uh" He replies uncertaintly

"What?" I ask

"Boy, get out of here" Haymitch barks

"Okay, my one and only!" Peeta sings then exits to the kitchen

"Damn boy" Haymitch mutters

"Aww I think it's cute, Mitchy" I tease

"Mitchy is my nickname! Copyright!" I hear Peeta holler from the Kitchen

"So what did you want to say?" I question

"Katniss, this drink. It um, make's mens dicks automatically hard and women automatically wet" He explains. I bring my hand up to my mouth in horror, eyes widening in loathing.

"Mussidia.." I whisper

"Yeah, she probably gave it to him before, you know" I do know. Before she made him do that with her

"Well see you later sweetheart, take care of the kid. He should be sporting a really bad hangover in the morning" He offers a sympathetic smile

I wave goodbye and he walks out. The thought of her giving Peeta that, is despicable. I wander into the kitchen to see Peeta looking at himself in a spoon

"Princess! This person looks like me! But upside down!" He shouts pointing to the spoon

"Okay, come on" I take his hand and lead him to the couch. He sits down and snuggles into a pillow.

"I'll get you a hot chocolate, okay?"

"M'kay" He replies in a sleepy voice

I walk into the kitchen and start taking out a mug, cocoa and milk. As I prepare his milk, my mind thinks about the strange version of Peeta in the other room. His strange words. Muffin Man? Mr. Good Kisser? Monkey? Then my mind thinks of the intense make out session. The thought of it makes my cheeks to blush and my body to start tingling. How far would we have gone if Haymitch hadn't interrupted us. All I know is, he made me forget everything, made me feel more than a broken victor.

I walk back to the living room to give him his hot chocolate but see him passed out, face front, in-front of the fire snoring slightly. I smile slightly and sit next to him, drinking the hot chocolate. The fire warms me and I crawl closer to it. I look back at Peeta, the fire lighting up his pale face. He looks so peaceful, younger, without a care in the world.

I finish my hot chocolate and set it on the table. I lie next to Peeta and his arms snake around me. My heart swells, knowing he does this instinctively. It's still early in the morning and I just slept but I stay with Peeta anyway.

I turn and lay my head on his chest, listening to the comforting sounds of his heartbeat.

I feel warm in his arms,

I feel safe in his arms,

I feel like I'm at home right inside his arms.


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