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Chapter One

Hello Maine

All was quiet In the Hidden Leaf Village as men, women and child walked the streets heading home after their long days. Children walked hand in hand with their mothers and fathers while lovers held each other's arms tightly. The many different little business's throughout Konoha began to close up while the nightlife of the village began to wake up with taverns and bars beginning to get ready for their rush of customers.

Form outside the village invisible to everyone in the village including the shinobi, a figure draped in a grey cloak looked at the village with emotionless eyes. His blue and silver eyes looked at the village before stopping at the Hokage monument just off in the back of the village.

"So they finally got around to adding her face to it." He said as he blinked and took his gaze away from it.

Using his heightened eyesight, he scanned the streets and saw a few old faces walking down the paths.

One was Choji Akimichi who liked always was still eating a bag of chips. He had grown larger in both height and weight and wore a kind of red traditional Akimichi armor. His hair had grown much longer, all the way down to his mid back and had his ever-happy smile on his face.

Beside him was his usual partner in crime Shikamaru. He too had grown in height but was now shorter than the Akimichi. His long hair was still up in its usual ponytails and was now dressed in the usual chunin uniform. In his front pocket he could see a grey lighter with a back of smokes just behind it.

He watched as the two happily chatted and he smirked when he saw Shikamaru mouth the word troublesome like he normally did.

"They're the same as always." He said to himself as his eyes the moved away from them. His heightened eyesight which had improved over the course of six months could now pick up the tiniest of things that could have been hundreds of meters away. Not only that but his sound and smell had improved as well. His time with the toads had proved most fruitful.

As his eyes scanned the streets his good mood quickly took a nose dive when he spotted a very familiar raven haired duck assed bastard walking down the street with his normal scowl on his face.

Yes, Sasuke Uchiha was walking down the street no doubt heading towards the Uchiha compound. Men and women civilians all greeted him as he went passed but he spared no mind to them and simply ignored them as if they were not even there.

The bastard had not changed much other than having gotten taller. Sensing his strength Naruto smirked at the fact that Sasuke had gotten weaker from when he was last in the village, more than two years ago now.

'Though I see some thing's never change.' Naruto thought when he noticed a pink haired woman following after Sasuke like a lost puppy. Sakura Haruno had not changed much other than her hair had grown longer again and was now wearing civilian clothes.

She was spouting out nonsense to Sasuke while the Uchiha just ignored her. No doubt she was trying to find out a way to get Sasuke to marry her again.

"I thought I might find you here." A soft voice called from beside him as he turned around to see a woman figure jumping up towards him using the branches and using a cat like agility and grace in doing so. She appeared next to him and linked one of her arms with his.

"How did you know?" He asked as turned to look at his girlfriend Silena who had not changed much in the last six months other than her hair was longer and in was currently tied up in a pony tail. Though if one thing had changed about her was that she was now so physically fit she could probably beat any Olympic runner or gymnast like it was nothing.

Her training with him at Mount Myoboku had helped her ascend to levels she did not even know she had or thought was possible. Her running speed, her balance and her physical strength had more than doubled and with the weight on each of her limbs she was now carrying up to a hundred pounds. And it looked like she was not having any trouble with it at all.

Plus with all her training she now had a body that would make goddesses envy. When it came to the women gender Silena was now at the peak of women's fitness and health.

Shima had taken an interest in her since Fukasaku was helping Naruto with his senjutsu and had gone about teaching her some shinobi skills. She could not use chakra of course but instead taught her how to use shinobi weapons, trap making, and helped her with her taijutsu. She had even taken it upon herself to learn Japanese since she wanted to understand what all the different kanji meant.

And when it came to her archery skills, Silena could probably content with the experienced members of the Hunt since she just seemed to have taken to it like a fish in water.

"You have been mumbling about seeing it ever since we came to Mount Myoboku six months ago. I knew it would only be a matter of time before you came to see it."

"I just needed to see it one last time before I finally walk away from it forever." He muttered as Silena placed her head on his shoulder and look out at the village.

"It is quite beautiful. I see what you mean by the nature spirits would have loved the Land of Fire. It's just one giant forest that seems to stretch on for miles."

"If Grover came here, I don't think we could get him to leave." He said making her laugh.

"So if this is the last you will see of it, then you won't help them with Pein?"

Naruto stood silent as he heard her words.

That one question had plagued him and been on his mind for months. Would he help the village from the Akatsuki or not? Though there was a small part of him that told him he should since it was his home while his head told him not to. There was nothing to gain from helping them and would only bring later pain to him. He knew that and so did those close to him.

"If I helped them and won the battle, all that would happen is the village would then turn on me, they would attack me and have me arrested and then lock me away and try and turn me into their weapon."

Silena growled. "They are a bunch of ungrateful bastard, the whole lot of them."

"It's why I never want to see it again after today. This village may be home and sunshine to some but to me it is nothing more than a poison. A bad memory that I just want to forget."

Silena went on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek before putting her head back on his shoulder.

"Then once we leave here for good we will make new memories. Just me, you and the others at Camp Half Blood. Memories that are worth keeping and ones that bring us joy. Ones we can look back on and smile."

"Once all this Titan business is over with, we can finally leave the fighting behind." He said as Silena nodded into him.

"It sounds like a good plan." She said nuzzling into him before she noticed Naruto's cheeky smirk was on his face. "What's with that look?"

His grin only got bigger. "I left a gift for the Uchiha. I may have snuck in and planted a few additions to his house. After these two years gone I had thought the security around this place would have gotten better but it's still the same as I remember it. Since I am not wearing orange anymore I have become pretty much undetectable."

Silena raised an eyebrow at him but paid close attention to the large compound he had pointed out and watched as Sasuke walked into the compound and into his home.

As soon as he went in a loud explosion suddenly went off. However instead of your normal fire and smoke bombs, instead it was a enormous paint bomb that was so loud the whole village most likely had heard it.

The windows were all covered with red and blue paint while out of one of the chimneys on the top of the roof green paint was oozing out. Sakura who had been trying to follow Sasuke inside had been hit with brown paint so it looked like she had a very unfortunate accident.

The front door slammed open and out came Sasuke who was covered head to toe in paint to the point that his hair looked like a spiky colored rainbow.

He was scowling so much and swearing so much that Naruto was having a hard time keeping his laughter in.

Silena stood next to him and while she found in funny, she had to shake her head at her boyfriend's antics.

'Sometimes I worry about him. I wonder if they mixed his claiming up since his pranking skills are more like a child of Hermes.' She thought as Naruto grabbed her hand while still laughing.

"Come on I can sense shinobi heading towards them. We best leave now." He said as she nodded.

Naruto took one last look back and saw Sakura trying to calm Sasuke down while Sasuke was still throwing a fit and cursing whoever did that prank.

It was then that Sasuke looked up in Naruto's general direction and met Naruto's eye line. When he did Naruto stared right back with his eyes shining and glowing a little while a fox like grin appeared on his face.

When it did Sasuke eyes widened a little before they went murderous with rage.

"Come on lets go before he blows a fuse." He said as he held onto Silena's hand tight before he made a hand sign and poofed away in a cloud of smoke taking Silena along with him leaving the scream sounds of Sasuke cursing Naruto's name.

With Naruto and Silena

Naruto and Silena reappeared on Mount Myoboku and immediately started to make their way toward Fukasaku and Shima's home.

As they walked there the toads that varied of all sized either greeted the pair or gave them both a nod hello.

Since their arrival there six months ago, all of the toads quickly took a shine to Naruto and Silena and most immediately saw the similarities between Naruto and his parents. They saw how familiar his personality had become more like Minato's but had a similar aura around him like Artemis did. One that just shouted out a bond or familiarity with nature.

The toads were even very welcoming towards Silena who was a little nervous to be around enormous toads at first but eventually got use to the company and struck up friendship with various members of the toad's community.

Though she might not have been a summoner they welcomed her happily since she was tied to Naruto in a way and it was similar to what Minato had done with Artemis all those years ago.

She had quickly struck up a strong friendship with Gamatatsu just like Naruto had with Gamakichi. The first time she saw him and met him and saw how childlike he was she couldn't help but feel a little drawn to him and want to mother him. Of course this led to Gamatatsu happily calling her big sis much to everyone's amusement and her delight.

The other was the giant toad Gamaken after she was trying to climb one of the giant lily pads that went high in the sky with weights on but had lost her grip and had began to fall down. As she began to fall, a large, long tongue had grabbed her as she was falling and put her to safety. The tongue had belonged to Gamaken who told her she was a little clumsy like he was. The two struck up a conversation and became friends ever since.

Aside from them she thought that Gamabunta was a big grouch who drank way to much sake. In a way she thought Gamabunta was the toad version of Dionysus.

Naruto had laughed and told her not to tell Mr D that since he would probably turn her into one just as a way of getting back at her.

After a few more minutes they eventually arrived at Ma and Pa's house and saw the chimney puffing smoke out of it.

It immediately made both Naruto and Silena go a little green.

Though they were grateful at how motherly Ma had been around them and treated them, when it came to her cooking they wanted to run for the hills. Neither enjoyed having to eat insects for breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every day.

The first time Silena saw what she might have to eat for the rest of their time at Mount Myoboku she gave a look to Naruto telling him to take her home.

Though later in they were eternally grateful to Pa as he revealed they had stocked up on food for Naruto and Silena to eat since he knew full well what his wives cooking was like and he did not envy anyone who was not a toad that had to eat it.

They neared the home of Fukasaku and Shima and both noticed Fukasaku was waiting outside for them with a patient look on his face.

As they got closer the old toad look in their direction and smiled as they got closer.

"Naruto, Silena it's good that you have come. We have a guest joining us." He said making both demi gods eyes shift up a little wondering who would be visiting them since this was a first for the entire duration of their stay.

Seeing their confused looks Fukasaku showed them inside with both following quickly after.

Once inside Naruto's mouth grew into a bright smile as he saw his grandmother Hestia sitting at the table sipping on some tea having a small conversation with Shima.

Hestia saw them come in and smiled warmly at Naruto before getting up and making her way over towards him.

"Grandma." He said as he engulfed her in a tight hug making Hestia laugh a little at how childlike her grandson was when he was around her.

"Ooo I have missed you while you have been away. The camp is not the same anymore without you there." She said before putting him out in front of her looking at the little changes on him.

His hair was a little shorter but was as spiky as ever and he had very little baby fat anymore. Now that he was sixteen he was becoming a full adult and she already knew he was going to be a very handsome young man. He had grown again and was now around five foot ten and she knew he would be growing taller within the next few years.

She then turned her head and saw Silena shuffling a little in her spot since this was the first time she was properly meeting her boyfriend's grandmother.

"And you must be the one that has gained my grandsons heart." She said as Silena nodded a little.

"It is nice to meet you Lady Hestia." She said as she bowed.

But Hestia just laughed at the action.

"My dear there is no need to bow to me. I am not one for formalities." She said as she brought Silena in for a hug.

Silena was surprised by the action but quickly returned it. When she did she heard the Hearth Goddess whisper into her ear.

"Thank you for being with him through this rough time. I know he could have used your support in these last few months."

Silena though surprised at first exited the hug and gave a small smile to Hestia. "It was my pleasure."

From the side Naruto was smiling at their interaction, happy that Silena and Hestia seemed to like each other and were getting along. Though he had no doubt about it, it still worried him since he wanted Hestia to like her.

"Gran not that I don't love you being here but why are you here?" He asked since Hestia had picked an interesting time to finally visit. He was surprised that it was during the last few days of him being on Mount Myoboku but his gut was telling him there was another reason.

Hestia smiled. "Your observation skills are still growing I see." She said before they all sat around a table and turned her attention to the old green toad.

"Fukasaku first I would like to ask where Naruto is in his sage training." She asked as Fukasaku had a thinking look on his face and took a moment before answering.

"Well he has shown great promise and had mastered senjutsu well and very quickly I might add. While we are still tinkering with a few little bits like how long he can last in said state, I would say he is just about finished his training. We are now just refining the edges now so to speak."

Hestia nodded and looked at Naruto with pride.

"That is good. Very good. If that is the case then it means now would be the best time to bring you back. Things at home are beginning to elevate so to speak and we will need Naruto more than ever."

Hearing her tone Naruto and Silena knew things back home were beginning to get worse then they had left it and wondered if Luke or Kronos had made a move against the camp or Olympus yet.

"What's been happening back home gran?"

Hestia took a breath before she began to speak as the others leaned in.

"Things have not been good Naruto, not in the slightest. While no battles have occurred yet, the enemy's forces are beginning to build and get to a monstrous level. Over the last few months monsters have been sighted together and not on their own like they normally would be, all gathering in secluded areas away from town and cities."

"Your mother and her hunters have been in multiple small scale battles and while there have been no deaths yet from the hunters, it is also beginning to take its toll on them and they are getting slower and pushed back more so then ever before. It's only a matter of time until the hunters begin to dwindle."

"And what's worse is that Zeus is still claiming ignorance and saying that Kronos is not rising and that is just some small scale uprising from the monsters and a couple of demi gods. Myself and others have tried to point out to him that Kronos is rising but he just refuses to believe it."

"Pervy King is still a stubborn old goat then." Naruto said while Silena smiled at the jab while Hestia laughed.

"Yes well like mother Rhea says he did take after his father in that aspect." She said before patting him on the cheek.

"By the way Mother Rhea says thank you and that she will want a visit very soon. She enjoys being visited by Demeter and Poseidon and she has you to thank for that and I know she wanted to hug you to death."

Naruto blushed a little but shrugged.

"I just didn't want her to be lonely anymore and she deserves her own happiness just like everyone else does."

"Hmmm." Hestia hummed before getting back to where she was.

"Also we have begun noticing a fair amount of the minor gods spending very long absences from Olympus and acting suspicious. We are beginning to fear that some of the minor gods and goddess will be turning their back on us, not that I can blame them if I am honest."

Naruto and Silena looked a little confused so Hestia elaborated.

"The Minor Gods are constantly looked down upon by some of the Olympians, Zeus, Hera, Ares, Aphrodite, Dionysus, Apollo, and I know they are beginning to great frustrated at how we treat them. They are sometimes threatened to do the bidding of an Olympian God and a few of the Olympians use their status as a god to have certain pleasures given to them."

"Plus their children don't get homes like the children of Olympus get. They don't get cabins and end up being pushed into the Hermes Cabin."

"That's why it's always so full. Why the Hermes cabin is so overcrowded."

"Yes and like the parents the children of the minor gods are the ones that have mostly turned to the side of Kronos and the other Titans."

"If the other Titans begin getting involved then we really will start having problems. Some that were friend and allies in the previous Titan War could easily turn on us."

Naruto nodded a little sympathetically while Silena winced a little at hearing her mother's name. But both felt a little angry since the Minor gods did not deserve to be treated with such disrespect. They followed the rules like they should and they have never been much of a problem, other than Khione back at Christmas but that had been a one off.

"Do you have any idea which ones yet?" Naruto asked but Hestia shook her head.

"Not yet though I have a few in mind who have been acting a little odd lately but I don't want to press them until I am sure of it."

"Which then leads to why I am here." She said. "Since your training is mostly over I believe it's time for you to return. I can see you will not help the leaf and for that I will not blame you. The leaf has done you no favors and therefore you should not have to owe them anything."

"I know but even though my mind is made up, I have a few friends there that I don't want to get hurt. And then there's Ino's dad and I don't want her to lose her father because I chose not to do anything."

Hestia smiled at her grandson. "That's very admirable and your heart is as pure and as strong as always I see. Do not worry. I already have a plan to deal with that." She said.

Everyone looked surprised buy Hestia just gave them a look saying to them 'do not ask because I will not tell.'

Everyone fell silent for a moment before Naruto got up. "Then I guess we should get packing. When will we leave?"

"In ten minute." Hestia said surprising them all but Hestia quickly explained.

"Back home your friends Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace and Grover Underwood were sent to retrieve two demi gods in Maine. I have a feeling things are not going to go as planned due to a bit of information I required and I think it would be best that if you both return and join them in Maine."

Both Naruto and Silena nodded since both were anxious to see everyone again since the surprise that they were staying in the Elemental Nations for six months had hit a few of their friends pretty hard.

Clarisse since they were her two best friends and Annabeth since she looked up to Naruto like a little sister looks up to her big brother.

"Right in that case we will be as quick about it as we can." Naruto said as Silena got up and went after him.

As they left neither saw the smile on Hestia's face which gained the attention of Fukasaku and Shima.

"What is with the devious smile Lady Hestia?" They both asked with slightly raised eyebrows since its made shivers go down their spine before it morphed into a warm smile as her eyes had a faraway look in them.

"Nothing it's just Naruto will be getting a very nice surprise when he arrived in Maine. A surprise he has been waiting for, for more than sixteen years." She said as both toads now understood what she meant."

They hoped Naruto would be ready for the meeting of a lifetime.


"Who are you people and what is that?" A tanned girl with long black hair and a scruffy green hat called out as she stood in front of her little brother who looked physically similar to her as Percy and Annabeth stood in front of them with Percy having Riptide drawn out and Annabeth with her two bronze knifes in her hands.

Both demi gods looks a little taller than before and a little more mature. Percy had grown a little with his hair now shorter then how it normally was and his body was slightly more muscled then before.

Annabeth biggest change was that physically she looked in better shape than she was six months ago with her arms and legs showing off her now light but lean muscles from the training Naruto had set up for her and it had proved that it had done wonders for her.

From behind the tanned girl, the younger boy looks in wonder at the figure in front of them. "It's a Manticore. He's got three thousand attack power and plus five to saving throws!"

The two demi gods looked at him in confusion while the girl face palmed.

"Nico this is not the time for your card game."

"But Bianca it's just like my game." He said before everyone heard a war cry and saw Thalia engage the monster in front of them as she charged at it with her spear and shield activated.

The monster in front of them look like a lion's body and had a long, scorpion-like tail with small scales on its back which acted like armored plating. Its face meanwhile looked aged like a man in his early forties with a bit of grey hair on his head.

Thalia jabbed at his head, but he snarled and swatted the spear aside. Its claws raked against the side of her shield Aegis and sparks shot off from the claws meeting metal.

Grover was off to the side trying not to panic and was using his wild magic to create weeds to tangle the Manticores feet but it was doing little success as the Manticore easily ripped them away.

"You will have to better then that little demi god." The Manticore Dr. Thorne said as he pushed Thalia way and into the snow covered grass.

Percy and Annabeth looked ready to get involved and were about to go forward but from behind them the sound of a helicopter appeared making them both turn around and go a little wide eyed.

The helicopter was fully decked out with machine guns on the side and from beneath the helicopter a large search light was attached. The search lights turned on and shot towards the small fight between Thalia and Dr. Thorne.

The searchlights blinded Thalia, and the Manticore swatted her away with its tail. Her shield flew off into the snow. Her spear flew in the other direction.

"No!" Percy said as he ran out to help her. He parried away a spike just before it would've hit her chest.

Dr. Thorn laughed. "Now do you see how hopeless it is? Yield, little heroes and perhaps I will spare you if I feel merciful."

The group were trapped between a monster and a fully armed helicopter and they realized that they had no chance. Two Cyclops also appeared behind Dr. Thorn makings things even worse than before.

Then when the group thought things were over and Bianca and Nico hugged each other tightly, they heard a clear, piercing sound: the call of a hunting horn blowing in the woods.

Percy looks around to see where it came from but noticed that Dr. Thorn had a panicked look on his face before it contorted into a look of annoyance. His head then turned and faced the forest to their side.

When he did so did the others while Annabeth scowled a little, obviously knowing who was coming. From out of the forest multiple figured dressed in silver parka jackets all equipped with bow and quivers came out.

When Percy got a good look he noticed all of the figures coming out of the woods were girls, all varying from the age of ten and sixteen all wearing the same clothes and all with the same hateful and steeled looks on their faces.

"Great, just what we needed." Annabeth muttered as Percy look at her.

"You know them?"

She nodded. "The Hunters of Artemis, the ones led by Artemis, Naruto's mother."

As she spoke a silver arrow flew through the air and hit Dr. Thorn right in the shoulder making him take a few steps back and let out a curse of pain. He then grabbed the arrow and yanked it out.

One of the older archers stepped forward with her bow drawn. She was tall and graceful with coppery colored skin. Unlike the other girls, Percy noticed she had a silver circlet braided into the top of her long dark hair, so she looked like some kind of Persian princess.

"Permission to kill, my lady?" She asked as Artemis strolled out very relaxed in her twelve year old form. She looked towards the Manticore and tsked in disdain.

"My, my to what do I owe the pleasure of meeting with Olympus's girls scouts. Here to sell me cookies are you?" Dr. Thorn asked as all the girls glared at the hunters and when some of them shouted curse words at him, he just laughed.

"I am here to hunt monsters, something you clearly are Manticore." She said coolly before she looked at Helicopter and waved her hand in front of it. It disappeared into a flock of birds and all flew away.

She then nodded to Zoe who stood next to her. "Permission granted, Zoe."

"I would not be too sure just yet." He said tauntingly before his long tail suddenly wrapped around Thalia and held her in the air in front of him.

"THALIA!" Annabeth called out as Percy grabbed her from getting to close.

Percy was trying to calm Annabeth down so they could come up with a way to save Thalia but to the half bloods surprise the hunters did not lower their bows and instead pulled back on the strings.

'They're still going to fire?' They all thought before to their shock the hunters still fired their silver arrows towards the Manticore.

Dr. Thorn too looked surprised at the action thinking they would not dare hurt him while he had a girl hostage since it was common knowledge the hunters thoughts women were the greatest thing in the world. He guessed the Hunters had become a lot colder during their many years in service to Olympus.

The silver arrows all neared their target but just before they could hit and as Annabeth, Grover and Percy shouted out for them to stop, a new wave of black arrows suddenly appeared from the side and imbedded themselves in the silver arrows, halting them in their tracks.

An eerie silence rang out through the giant field as the demi gods all looked surprised at what just happened while the hunters all looked murderous.

"Who dares stop our arrows? Who dares interrupt our hunt?" Zoe called out angrily as she and the other girls all grabbed another arrow and looked ready to fire another one off.

Dr. Thorne chuckled before he motioned for the two Cyclops from behind him to move forward and protect him while he attempted to try and escape with his new hostage. However before he could a sound rang out through the field.

Everyone listened in and heard what sounded like twirling. Like something was twirling through the wind and it was only serving the get louder and louder every second.

"What is that?" Bianca asked as they all looked to see where it was coming from.

But before anyone else could answer, tree's from the forest suddenly burst open and as quick as lighting a large spinning object sped out of the forest and struck the two Cyclops and beheaded both of the two giant monsters causing them to drop to the earth and fade away into gold dust.

When they dropped everyone looked gob smacked at what just happened and Dr. Thorn looked panicked. When the object stopped it embedded itself on a large tree trunk, now showing everyone that the object was a large sword that looked like a butcher's knife.

While the hunters looked at it in a little fear, Annabeth, Percy, Grover and the bound Thalia looked at it in surprise before they recognized it.

"Is that the Kubikiribōchō? Annabeth said though she and the others noticed that the sword had changed a little. The handle had a bronze handle and one side was now made and coated in celestial bronze, looking similar and like a larger version of Luke's sword.

"Does that mean…" Grover started before everyone locked onto Dr. Thorn who was now sprinting away as fast as he could. The hunters and demi gods look ready to chase after him but instead as he neared the cliff, two figures appeared in front of him.

When they dropped, the demi gods and satyr all had the brightest, happiest look on their faces while the hunters looked a little stunned by the sudden arrival. While Artemis looked in-between the motions of shocked and happiness.

Naruto and Silena stood their proudly blocking the way both with serious looks on their face and both looking in better shape than they had ever seen them and wore clothes to match.

Naruto wore a simple navy blue t-shirt that showed off his muscular body and the few seals on his wrists. He wore black bottoms and combat boots and on his hands were black fingerless gloves. However the most noticeable clothing was the black headband on his forehead that looked exactly like a shinobi forehead protector but engraved on the metal was now the symbol for Camp Half Blood. Plus draped over him was a long red cloak that opened at the front and stopped at his hips and was dark red with black flames flickering the bottom.

With Silena she had a padded grey top that was sleeveless with a black skirt that stopped a little above the knees and combat heeled boots that went up to her knees. On her skirt she had a bandana just like Naruto tied around her waist. On her thighs she had various knives strapped to them while on her back she had her bow and quiver strapped on. Like Naruto she wore a cloak jacket but the colors were instead a grayish silver with hot pink flames at the bottom.

All the demi gods looked at them and thought they were completely badass and Percy and Grover wanted to know where to get one.

Dr Thorn looked surprised and went to turn the other way but from behind him Gamakichi suddenly dropped in, smirking at the monster.

"You are not going anywhere buddy." He said as he crossed his arms while ignoring the hunter's surprised look at the large talking toad.

Dr. Thorn suddenly looked conflicted so he chose what he thought would be the easier option and charged forward towards Naruto and Silena.

However before he could get past them which he thought he would do with his great speed, he was surprised to see Naruto take a step forward and with a single swing, brought his glove covered fist into the stomach of the Manticore.

When he did everyone other then the two demi gods looked stunned when Dr. Thorn shook for a moment before he dropped to his knees clutching his stomach and vomited the contents of his stomach.

"You're him." He said loud enough for everyone to hear. "You're her brat. The one that monsters are all beginning to fear. The one that took down the Kraken."

"So you've heard of me?" Naruto said in a polite tone. "That's good I guess. Though I am not really sure about the title. I mean Legend Slayer sounds a little much to be honest."

"Maybe she is the one you should worry about. I mean she is the one that going to sent you to the Underworld."

"What?" Dr. Thorn asked before sharp pain entered his mouth and caused black blood to pour out of it. He looked up to see Silena looking at him coldly with a dagger in her hands with said dagger impaled through his mouth.

"The moment you harmed my friends, your life was forfeit." She said before she took the dagger out and to everyone's surprised grabbed his human shaped head and with great strength that surprised everyone snapped it with an audible crunching sound ringing out.

Dr. Thorn dropped to the ground immediately and began to disappear into gold dust.

Thalia who was still wrapped in his tail yelped when since she was still in the air and with the tail gone, she fell to the ground but found herself caught in the arms of an amused looking Naruto.

"Hey Thals, been a while." He said making her roll her eyes but smile up at him none the less.

"Nice of you to finally join us Uzumaki, we were wondering when you two were going to get back." She said as Naruto put her back on her feet.

"NARUTOOO!" He heard as he looked forward to see Annabeth sprinting towards him before she jumped into him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He smiled as he spun her around a little making her laugh and squeal a little before he placed her back down on the ground.

"I have missed you Bethy." He said as Annabeth gave him a family kiss on the cheek.

"Missed you too Fishcake." She said quietly making him roll his eyes before he greeted Percy who was now beside him and gave his friend a manly one armed hug.

He spotted Grover a little distance away with a boy and a girl who looked liked siblings and who he thought he recognized. Before he could get a closer look he finally noticed the hunter's standings there as they headed towards them, some looking at Naruto with emotionless looks and others looking at Silena in slight awe.

Naruto had not payed much attention to them before hand but now as he looked at them and he saw what they were wearing his eyes went a little wide.

"Are they the…..?"

"The Hunters of Artemis." Annabeth said knowing the moment Naruto had waited for was close to finally happening and she saw him shake a little.

So did Silena as she went next to him and took his hand into hers, wanting to be there for support.

As she said that they all saw an auburn haired girl step forward who looked about twelve and saw her look towards Naruto. They all covered their eyes a little when she was engulfed in a bright light and changed into a woman in her early twenties.

She looked towards Naruto and after a moment of silence a warm, loving smile appeared on her face.

"Hello Naruto." She whispered to him as she walked and stood in front of Naruto.

Naruto throat tightened a little as he looked towards the woman he had waited so long to finally meet.

"Hi Mom."

Chapter One Completed

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