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Chapter 14

The group had been walking for a good hour when the quest members finally stumbled upon a nearby road. It was only a dirt track road but it was the best alternative they could have hoped for.

"We continue west. We just follow Ursa Major and eventually we should get to our destination." Zoe said as she wiped a small bead of sweat from her head.

Behind her only a few nodded to her statement as Silena was continuing to stand beside Naruto and had her hand still clutched onto his. Thalia was on the other side since they needed to people to keep him steady while he rode on Luna's back.

The Black Mercy that was attached on his chest still clung tightly too him though it was barely moving. Only an odd spasm from time to time indicated to them that the plant thing was alive.

"The road heads west so we will follow along it," Zoe told them as they were about to keep moving until a bright light shined from beside them.

Once the light was gone a pickup truck lay on the road for them. Carefully and cautiously they walked towards it and Zoe was the first to spot a note taped to the steering wheel of the car. Hopping inside she read the note.

This will help you continue West. Find the old man at the sea to discover my sister locations. Trust in Naruto, he will get survive the Black Mercy. Stay Strong.


Zoe only nodded her head before she poked her head out of the car. "It's a gift from Apollo. It will help us along the way," she called as everyone nodded and began to pile onto the truck.

Grover got in the front with Zoe so that he could focus on his tracking spells while Thalia, Percy, Silena, Luna and the comatose Naruto got in the open back of the truck. They had to carry Naruto onto the truck and lay him sitting up, resting against the window to the front seats while Luna kept him steady by sitting in front of him.

Thalia knocked on the window, signaling they were ready to go and Zoe quickly took off down the road. Thankfully she was not out of control this time since she recognized she needed to be more careful with Naruto in the state that he was in.

"Do you think he can hear us at all?" Percy asked looking over at Naruto and Silena with said girl trying to look strong but was looking more and more broken as time went on.

"I don't know. I doubt it though since this thing is apparently too powerful with its illusion. It would probably take nothing short of a god to be able to speak to him."

"But this is Naruto. He can get out of this can't he? I mean look at everything he has done so far. He can't let some plant thing be the one to take him down." Percy muttered as Silena shook her head.

"All those times he was prepared. This time it's not the case. We don't know if he has the strength to get out of this." Thalia muttered sadly before she heard a growl come from Silena and Luna.

"He will get out of this. I will not let our future be reunited together by something like this. Not when we got my mother's blessing to be together."

"But who did send it though? If it was on Olympus then only a god or goddess could have been the one to release it and apparently most seem to like Naruto."

"I have an idea," Percy muttered angrily as everyone looked at him.


"No way, there is no way Luke could have snuck onto Olympus and taken something like that without anyone knowing. He is not that stupid."

"He did it with the bolt didn't he?" Percy said quickly shutting Thalia up since she could not think of a comeback for that one since it was true.

"What about the minor gods and goddesses? Lady Hestia did say some of the minor gods and goddesses were getting restless and their allegiance to Olympus was wearing thin due to the treatment of their children and to themselves."

"That would make sense," Thalia muttered as she thought it over and wondered about another enemy of Olympus that could have done the deed.

"What about the General? Could he off done it?" Thalia asked but everyone including Zoe who was listening in shook their heads

"The General is not stupid since him going to Olympus would have had him destroyed. There is no way he could face the might of Lord Zeus and the others Olympians alone. It would have been a death trap and he knows that."

"So our best guess is the minor gods or goddesses then?" Percy asked as everyone now nodded their heads.

"It's beginning to look that way, however there are so many minor gods and goddesses that it would be impossible to figure out whom. That and Naruto has only met a few and they all seem to like him other than Khione."

"Why Khione?" Zoe asked as she tried to keep her eyes on the road.

"She tried to ruin Christmas in New York last Christmas but Naruto fought and defeated her before getting punishment from Lady Hestia. Since then I don't think she has been his biggest fan."

"So is there anything we can do," Thalia asked. "Anything at all? There has to be something?" Unfortunately Zoe shook her head.

"All you can do is pray that he is strong enough to fight the Black Mercy. If not then he will be gone forever…"she said as Silena chocked back a sob and caressed Naruto face with her hand while the others looked on sadly.

"We should contact Chiron and Annabeth. Maybe they could help us." Thalia said as she took out a spray gun from her back pack along with a few drachmas. If there was someone that might be able to give them answer it was those two.

Naruto's Dreamscape

Walking down the streets of Konoha was like nothing he had ever felt or expected from his old village. He was used to being hated, glared and pointed at but instead everyone smiled at him, said hello or just gave him a friendly wave.

During the whole day what he thought were memories were flooding through is head as he remembered his childhood with his mother and father, the birth of his little sister, his graduation and all the mission he went on.

'This is so….peaceful,' he thought to himself. 'Was it really all a dream?'

"Naruto there you are." a voice called as he turned around to see Kakashi walking towards him with his usual Icha Icha book in his hand. "Come on everyone's waiting down at the training ground."

"What?" Naruto asked as Kakashi grabbed his shoulders and shunshined away and reappeared at the old training field he and team 7 use to train on. He was about to speak to Kakashi since for him it felt like two years since he saw him.

"Naruto, sensei what took you so long?" a familiar voice said as Sakura Haruno walked towards them with Sasuke Uchiha walking beside her with his arm around her.

"You long enough dope," Sasuke said but said it in an oddly cheerful voice that sounded so foreign to Naruto. "You're becoming as bad as sensei."

"Urmm I guess so," he said not sure how to answer to a cheerful Sasuke before he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind. He turned around this time and saw to his surprise Annabeth wearing Konoha shinobi training gear and the Konoha headband wrapped around her head.

"Annabeth?" he said as said blonde smiled up at him.

"Of course and now that I'm here you promised me training and that's just what we are going to do," she said grabbing his hand as she led them over towards the post. Behind her he saw Percy and Thalia who were both dressed in similar clothes each with a Konoha headband around their heads.

"Look I got the rotation part right but I just can't seem to get the power." Annabeth said as Naruto turned his attention back to her and saw she had a rubber ball in her hands and was making the air inside it spin at a fast rate though never popped.

"Rasengan? You're trying to master the Rasengan?"

"Of course, I have been for the last two weeks but I have been stuck on this part for three days. You said you would help me when we were at dinner last night remember?" she said as another sudden flood of memories returned to him which showed he was sitting round a table at the Akimichi barbeque restaurant and was with Annabeth, Percy, Thalia, Sakura and Sasuke.

Naruto was confused like hell but he saw the pleading look from Annabeth which made him cave in like many times before.

"Okay let me see if I can help," he said as he watched her focus on the rubber ball.

They stayed like that for the next few hours as Annabeth tried to make it pop but was still unsuccessful. She had been close on two occasions but each time the power just was not enough to stretch the rubber enough to make the hole.

"So are you excited for this afternoon?" Annabeth asked as she wiped some sweat away from her head as Naruto watched Sasuke and Percy spar with Kakashi while Thalia and Sakura happily chatted away.

"Excited for what?" he asked as saw the surprise appear on her face.

"For what? you know what. Silena's back today from her mission today," she said as if trying to remind him. "You know been gone for two weeks to Snow Country, your girlfriend of a year. Ring any bells."

"Oh," was all he said. 'Silena is here too? Oh gods I hope she has some answers. I am so confused he though.'

"Man you really are out of it today. That's what you get for not getting much sleep. Honestly you need to look after yourself better otherwise Aunt Artemis is going to give you the beating of a lifetime."

"Right…" was all he said before he began walking away.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"I…I need to go see my dad," he told her before he took off at a quick speed and headed for the Hokage Tower.

Hokage Tower

Naruto traveled through the tower until he arrived at his father's office. The secretary who had been there for as long as he could remember gave him a pleasant smile and motioned for him to go inside.

Pushing the door open Naruto looked inside to see his father sitting at his desk doing the dreaded paper work that all Kages seemed to hate more than anything in the world.

Looking up from his desk Minato smiled at his son and motioned for him to come forward. It was still just weird to see his father. He was dead and yet here he was in front of him; was this real because it sure felt like it.

They had spent that breakfast talking to one another though Naruto spent most of it just slack jawed because he just could not believe his father was sitting across him and eating pancakes while Artemis had to help feed Leto since she got syrup all over her face.

"Hey Naruto, something I can do for you?" he asked as put the pen he was using down to the side.

"Urm yeah I think so," Naruto asked since he didn't know where to start so he just started with something simple. "So…where is Pervy Sage and Grandma Tsunade. I haven't seen them around."

In response his father gave him a funny look as if Naruto just asked him a stupid question. "They took a vacation remember. Since it's their twenty-fifth anniversary they left for Hot Spring Country for a few weeks. They are back in a week."

'Holy shit their married?' he though since the Tsunade he remembered would not ever have gone out with the white haired pervert even if he was the last man of earth.

"Anything else?" he asked as he raised an eyebrow at his son.

"Yeah actually…is there anything on the Akatsuki? Like where they are or has anyone seen them lately?" Naruto asked wanting to get information of the rogue group since he wanted to be prepared if they showed while he was in this confused state. However his answer from his father was the confused look on his father's face.

"Akatsuki? I'm sorry Naruto but I have never even heard of any person or a group by the name of the Akatsuki? Are they some kind of team I forgot about?" he said as he picked up a chart that had lists of teams that Konoha currently had and whether they were out on missions or currently in the village.

"No, no they are a rogue group. You know after the tailed beasts and want to rule the world. You know like the big Nine tailed fox that you sealed into my gut?" he told him but Minato looked at him oddly and then with a worried look.

He stood up and walked over to Naruto and placed a hand on his forehead. "You don't feel warm. Are you okay Naruto. You're saying stuff that does not make any sense."

"What are you talking about?" Naruto said as he took a step back. "The tailed beasts, that's what they are after. How can you not know any of this?"

"Naruto?" Minato started. "The tailed beasts have been missing for years. The Nine Tailed Fox vanished nearly twenty years ago. No one has seen it since and most just assume that it somehow died. After all nothing lasts forever."

"Gone?" Naruto asked as Minato nodded his head.

"Man that dream you had must have really done a number on you. You seem a little out of it today and I think I am beginning to agree with your mother that you need more rest. You know you could use that imagination of yours to write books like Jiraiya."

Minato chuckled while Naruto's confusion was really getting to him and he felt like he was going insane.

"Come on it's about lunch time and I told your mother we would go get some Ichiraku's. You know what your mother is like when it comes to ramen and it about time she got her ramen fix," Minato said laughing which made Naruto chuckle weakly as well since it was kind of true.

Grabbing his sons shoulder, Minato flashed them out of the office and before Naruto could even say anything he found himself standing beside Ichiraku's.

"Your mother had me put a Hirashin seal on it since we go hear at least twice a week. It's just easier this way."

"Your darn right its easier like this," Artemis voice called out as the two Namikaze's found her already sitting on one of the stools with none other than Athena who was sitting on her left and Aphrodite who was on her right.

Leto meanwhile jumped of her seat and leapt into her brother's arms, giggling as Naruto smiled at her and ticked her stomach.

The two settled on a stool with Leto sitting on his lap as Minato struck up a conversation with his wife, sister in law and friend.

"Usual as always Naruto?" Ayame asked him as she appeared behind the counter and began making his usual pork ramen dish.

"Ayame!" Naruto called out happy to see the ramen waitress as said brown haired girl gave him a bright smile and stroked Leto's hair making the little girl smile up at her.

As Naruto and Leto played with one another as they waited for their ramen, Artemis broke away from the conversation with her husband and sister and hugged her son and daughter from behind and kissed the top of their heads.

"Love you both," she whispered as she settled her head on top of Naruto's. Leto stood up on her brother's lap and gave her mother a big kiss on the cheek, making Artemis laugh as the mother and daughter nuzzled their cheeks beside one another.

In his chest Naruto felt himself get warmer and when his mother looked at him with her smile and told him she loved him it made him feel this huge surge of happiness inside him. Minato was watching the scene with Athena and Aphrodite and were and were all smiling at the exchange.

"How about after this me and you go and spar with one another. It's been so long since we last sparred against one another and I want to make sure my baby isn't become a girly man like his father…" she said making a dark cloud form above her husband's head.

"Really?" he asked as Artemis nodded her head. He had wanted to spar against her for so long and he was happy that he finally had the chance, even if he was confused about what was going on.

"Sure I would love to," he said making Artemis beam at him before kissing his nose and taking the seat beside them as she began drawing with Leto on a piece of paper Ayame had given them.

Seeing his mother and apparent sister together and his father talking with his aunt and girlfriends mother made Naruto feel a sense of perfection. A real little family and since his first time waking up he could feel himself getting used to it.

After five minutes of just watching his mother and sister draw funny pictures with one another their ramen was up. All four Namikaze's sat in a row each with chopsticks in their hands.

"Let's dig in," they all said together and began devouring their ramen. Ayame and Teuchi quickly began to prepare the next batch.

"She knew what this family was like when it came to Ramen."

Real World

The group of demi gods, huntress and satyr came to halt as their truck ran out of gas on the edge or a river that had Zoe cursing as she kicked the truck tire.

"No good Sun God. Give us more fuel!" she growled, but nothing happened which just made her growl.

"What do we do now?" Thalia asked as everyone got out of the truck since it was useless to continue onwards in it. Beside her Grover and Percy were scanning the area, looking for a way for them to travel.

The area they had stopped in was just Desert in all directions with occasional clumps of barren mountains plopped here and there. The canyon was the only thing that stood out and the river itself wasn't very big, maybe fifty yards across, green water with a few rapids, but it carved a huge scar out of the desert; though from the side the canyon dropped completely.

"It might be best if we follow the stream," Percy suggested as Grover pointed out a small goat path.

"We won't be able to get Naruto and Luna along that goat path. It would be safer to go upstream," Silena suggested as Thalia and Zoe agreed though Thalia mainly because the height of the canyon was enough to make her stomach do flops.

They followed the path upstream for a good hour as one walked beside Luna with Naruto on her back as she helped to keep him steady. While she might not like him all that much, it was odd to her to see him in such a state since he was always so strong. Looking weak was not a look that suited him.

On the other side she noticed Silena wipe a few tears away as her left hand was gripping his hand tightly again. Though Zoe had no love for the daughter of Aphrodite she could see that she was struggling to keep it together with the idea that Naruto may not wake from this state.

It was heart break like that which pushed her to become an eternal maiden for a reason. She didn't want to experience heartbreak again.

"He will be fine." she muttered as Silena turned to look in her direction. "I'm sure she he will be out of it soon enough."

"Since when do you care?" Silena said bitterly.

"Since he is my ladies son I have to care."

"Tsk, that's just some bullshit reason. You never cared when you told him you would be happy when he died of old age or when he put you in your place for insulting Chiron and the other campers. Don't make some excuse because it won't work on me. I can see right through you huntresses."

"Really?" Zoe said not believing her. "Then by all means tell me what we are exactly?"

"Easy, a bunch of bullies who prey on insecure and heartbroken girls to join them and hurt people that don't see your way."

"We do it to benefit women everywhere. We put men in their place because we need to show them that we are strong and that we can put them in their place my any means necessary."

Silena chuckled. "You just say that because you and those other girls were all left heart broken by one guy and use them to base your opinion on other men. If you could just look past that cloud of hate you have put up you will see that a lot of men in the world are good people."

"All they do it look at you as if they're a piece of meat."

"And women do the same to men. It's human nature to lust over someone that catches your attention."

"You will never understand. And a daughter of that woman it's not surprising."

"Your right I won't even understand you hunters and hopefully I never will. The thought of killing innocent people simply because of their gender is just horrid. It's make you no better than the monsters that you hunt. It's a surprise anyone can tell the difference."

"Take that back," Zoe growled as she glared at Silena who sized the hunter up.

"It's no wonder Artemis keeps you around. It's because she pities you." Silena said as Zoe lunged at her and tackled her to the ground, making Luna try to steady herself and step away from the two girls.

Pinning Silena to the ground she landed a punch square in the jaw making Silena see stars for moment before her hands wrapped around Silena's neck.

"Take that back you bitch," Zoe said as Silena gasped for air as Zoe's grip tightened on her neck. Silena tried to wriggle out but Zoë's body was pinning her lower half to the ground. Her arms went up to get Zoe of her but found Zoe leaning away when she tried.

She actually felt a little fearful as she looked at the enraged eyes of Zoe Nightshade and noticed the others had finally noticed what was going on and went to intervene. However they were stopped when a light shined in front of them.

Neither girls noticed since Zoe was too angry and Silena's vision was beginning to blacken. Getting desperate Silena picked up rock that was next to hand and hit Zoe in the head with it, making her go down like a sack of potatoes while Silena could finally breathe again.

"She tried to kill me," Silena muttered as both she and Zoe steadily got back up with Zoe now sporting a jagged cut on the side of her head which was beginning to bleed.

As the two were about to go to blows both suddenly found themselves in a world of pain when a hand appeared on their ears and tugged them painfully.

"Ow, ow, ow," both said as they both sank to their knees and looked towards two figured who was pulling their ears. Both however gulped and felt feat build up inside of them when they saw Hestia and Rhea looking down at them with furious looks.

"That is enough," Hestia said in a deadly whisper and left neither of them with any room to answer back. The demi gods behind them gulped at the enraged face of the Hearth goddess before it softened when she looked towards her grandson.

"My boy," she said sadly as she let them go as she and Rhea stood in front of the glazed eyed Naruto.

"Is there anything you can do Mother?" She asked while the demi gods and satyr all went wide eyed and gulped, realizing who it was standing in front of them.

"I don't know. My blessing helps him fend of mental attack from those like your father but I don't think it will help him with this problem." she said as she tapped the Black Mercy before placing her hands on his head and closed her eyes.

"I will try and reach him. Hopefully I can give him a message that what he is seeing is not real." she said as Hestia nodded her thanks before turning back to the two girls who whimpered a bit on fear, even Zoe.

"My grandson is in such a weakened state and you two are acting like CHILDREN!" she said shouting out the last word to them. "Now is not the time for you to be fighting. How do you hope to rescue Artemis when you two are constantly bickering with one another?"

"I…I'm sorry Lady Hestia," both whispered, but Hestia took no notice of it.

"You," she said looking at Silena, "I know this is hard but you need to be strong for him and fighting with someone is not the way to help him. You two have you differences, but you do need to goad her." Silena looked down but nodded none the less.

"And you," she said now looking at Zoe. "I expected better from you Zoe. Artemis and I thought you and Naruto really could be good friends but you are proving to be extremely difficult about it."


"But nothing; you are two thousand years old yet you remain to act like a spoilt child who dislikes the child being around. It's time for you to grow up and get past your hatred. He is not Heracles nor will he ever be like Heracles. I will not allow your hatred affect this quest for my daughter in law and niece."

"Kinda need some quiet time here," Rhea said making the Hestia go silent for a moment before she spoke again in a hushed tone.

"Go and get yourself cleaned up and have your injuries looked at," she said as she motioned for Thalia, Percy and Grover to come and heal them.

"Anything?" Hestia asked as she stood next to her mother who was breathing deep and slow breaths.

"He is in there and he not fully given himself. He heard me at least and hopefully it will give him what he needs to fight back against the Black Mercy."

Hestia nodded and before Rhea could start again thunder rumbled in the sky.

"Be quiet boy, I'm saving my great grandson." Rhea said in a serious tone, making the thunder rumble even more as a bolt of lightning struck a few meters from the side.

"Brother stop being so dramatic. He needs help," Hestia said but the thunder just got louder making mother and daughter growl angrily.

"Stupid baka," Hestia said wanting to scream at her little brother for being such a pompous and dramatic fool. Rhea just shook her head and tsked at her son.

"We should go before he torches the entire place." Rhea said with Hestia agreeing but walked over to the group.

"Take this," she said as she handed them a jar of Greek fire. "Once that thing is off him, you burn it until there's nothing left. Understood?" She told them with everyone nodding quickly.

Rhea then waved her hands as a couple of canoes appeared. "Use these to go up the steam. Son of Poseidon use your water abilities to move them up the river." she said to Percy who quickly nodded. He could do that.

"Good, good luck," Hestia said to them before she and Rhea disappeared.

"Wow," was all they could say a meeting the mother of the gods and experiencing the maternal, scary side of Hestia.

Getting in the canoes, Silena, Naruto and Thalia went in one while Zoe, Percy and Grover went in the other. Luna would run beside them on land. Both Silena and Zoe had healed some though Zoe now sported a pink scar on the side of head which you could see from a certain angle while Silena had bruises around her neck.

Both girls never looked at one another and were staying away for one another, much to the relief of everyone else.

Meanwhile in Dreamscape

Naruto landed flat on his back as he groaned from getting his ass kicked for the fifth time in an hour. Above him a he could hear his mother laughing as she stood over him.

"Aww does my baby boy want me to take it easy on him?" she asked teasingly which made him pout at her.

"I'm not a baby and you just got lucky." he said as he stood up and quickly delivered a swift kick towards her, only for the kick to get blocked and for Naruto to get thrown on the ground again.

"This would be fairer if I could use weapons, jutsu or my sage mode…" he grumbled as Artemis sat beside him and stroked his hair.

"Stop growing up so quickly. It feels like only yesterday you were being pulled into the world and now here you are a young handsome man."

In response he just nuzzled into her hair as she tapped his nose, letting the silence from the field be the only sound they could hear.

From the side Leto was sitting under a tree and looked like she had dozed off while watching them. She was about to fall to the ground when Artemis appeared beside her and caught her, laughing as she picked her daughter up.

"I think I should take this one home," she said to Naruto who nodded and kissed Leto's head, making the little girl smile in her sleep.

"I should go, remember to be home by six for dinner." she said to him as Naruto nodded and watched as Artemis walked off with Leto, leaning her head on her shoulders.

When they disappeared from sight Naruto turned around only for him to fall on his butt when he saw the image of Rhea standing there with a worried look on her face. Her form was flickering and Naruto could see the scenery through her.

"Not…real," he heard her say but her voice was low and he could to hear it so well.

"What? I can't hear you," he said as he leaned in.

"It's…not…real," she said again though this time Naruto hear her. "Dream…you are…stuck…in…dream. Fight…it."

"It's a dream? Are you sure?" he asked since maybe this was just his mind playing tricks on him. This all felt so real, he wanted it to be real.

Before he could ask another question or Rhea could answer she disappeared, leaving a worried and very confused Naruto, standing in the middle of the training field.

He just stared at the spot where Rhea had been standing in both confusion and annoyance.

"Gahhhh," he said rubbing his head as he looked up at the sky. "I am so fucking confused. Is this real or not?" He asked the sky despite nothing happening. Anyone walking by would have thought he was having some kind of mental breakdown.

"I need to go and think. This just isn't making any sense to me anymore," he said before once again he jumped into the trees and ran away.

He raced along the tops of the building as he headed towards the Hokage Mountain. He could always feel a peace up on top of the Shodaime's head and he could have some quiet time to think. It was something right now he really needed.

"It feels so real. I want it to be real but I really don't think any of this is real anymore," he thought as he neared the Hokage monument.

As he ran he collided with someone who pounced on top of him and to his surprise slammed their lips into his.

"What the hell?" He thought at first before seeing familiar dark hair and blue eyes looking at him.

"I have missed you lover," Silena said as Naruto got a good look at her and had to admit shinobi clothing really suited her and showed off her figure. He was smiling coyly at him and he felt her hands go underneath his shirt.

"How about we go back to my place and we break in the bed again? I got a new one just before I left for the mission." She said whispering in his ear making shivers run up his spine.

For a moment he wanted to say yes, badly. But he remembered that he and Silena were going to wait. Silena would not rush into something like this, especially not in such a public place. Not the Silena he knew anyway.

"Get off," he said as he managed to push her off him, making the girl look at him in confusion and annoyance.

"What are you doing? Don't you want to claim what's your again," he said as she acted in a way that Naruto just did not recognize her in. He took a step back and he felt his resolve get stronger and stronger.

"This isn't real," he said firmly. As soon as he said it he was surprised to find his parents, Leto, Hestia, Apollo, all the demi gods from camp and the old shinobi gang all around him looking at him with happy smiles on their faces and were motioning for him to come with them.

"Come on Naruto lets go train together. Are flames of Youth will burn like a thousand suns."

"Hey dope let me kick your ass again."

"Looking good handsome. Come over and let have some fun."

"You want to go get some ramen sweetheart? We can talk if you want."

"Come on little nephew lighten up and join the party."

"Big Brother come and play with me."

"Naruto come and give your grandmother a hug."

"Naruto, want me to teach you more about seals."

"Stop it," Naruto whispered as he held his head as the voice got louder and found the sky above him was getting darker and redder.

"This isn't real. None of this is real," he kept saying over and over to himself and to his surprise he began to feel the ground shake and a large burst of smoke appear in front of the village. After a few moments a large furred arm shot out of the smoke and destroyed the south gate.

Standing in all its glory the Nine Tailed fox leered over the village as it let out a loud boom roar as loud screaming and shouting began to erupt from the entire village. His focus went towards the fox as he watched it begin to destroy the lead village and noticed everyone around him was now gone.

Turning back to the fox he watched as it completely destroyed the village with its nine tails crushing everything it touched.

He was about to rush forward but instead found himself knocked to the ground. Try to get up he then felt a foot plant itself on his chest and found Sasuke standing above him along with Itachi, Kisame, Luke, the General and a man hidden in shadows with purple ripple like eyes.

"You really are pathetic. You are nothing more then dirt beneath my feet." Sasuke said but he noticed it was not Sasuke's voice that was talking to him. It was deeper, colder and more evil. Looking Sasuke in the eye instead of seeing his black eyes or the Sharingan, he saw gold eyes look back at him.

"I will crush you and I will crush everything you hold dear. I don't go back on my word," he said as Naruto grinded his teeth together.

"Fuck you Titan bastard," he said before a dark chuckle came from his mouth and pointed over to the side as there fox unleashed a huge torrent of fire from its mouth.

Turning his head his eyes went wide as he felt a stab of pain in his heart and felt a sob building up. He saw the lifeless body of his mother lying a few meters away from him with a large hole in her chest with her eyes wide open and looking towards him. His father was dangling off a building with his head missing while Hestia and Apollo lay on opposite sides of the street each with burns covering them from head to toe.

Silena was lying there with her throat ripped out and scattered all around the street was Percy, Thalia, Annabeth, Lee, Shikamaru, Choji, even Athena and Aphrodite were lying there completely lifeless.

The only one who was not dead was Little Leto who was standing in the middle of the street with lost and heartbroken look on her face, screaming out for her mother, father and brother.

Attempting to get up he found Sasuke/Kronos and the others had all gone and the weight on his chest was gone. Staggering up he ran over to Leto and wrapped his arms around her.

"Big brother…what's….happening. Why won't mommy….wake up?" She cried as tear ran down her face.

Looking at her cry made his entire body shake and Naruto was letting his tear roll down his face, reminding himself that this was not real. That this was just his imagination.

"I'm sorry…..I'm so sorry. But this isn't real Leto. I'm sorry but this is not real."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm sorry. I wish you were real but you're not. I wish I could to take you to the real world but that is just not possible. Just close your eyes and everything will be better," he told her as she shook, cried and shut her eyes as she leaned her head on his chest.

"This isn't real," he whispered once again and this time a light came from his chest that brightened the entire area. He watched as the Kyuubi suddenly disappeared, all the dead bodies vanished and felt Leto vanish from his arms.

He watched as the entire leaf village vanished from view and his vision went completely black.

Chapter 14 Completed

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