Basically this is my first fan fiction I just had to rewrite it for some reasons I hope that you guys can still find a time to read and write a review on it as I welcome all of the positive and negative opinion you could muster to make this story much more enjoyable. This is a story of a lot of what ifs and crossover between my two favorite shows Ghost Hunt and Supernatural so they may have a lot of inaccuracies on their timelines, characters and situations. I hope nobody will be offended by it as it was only written just for the joy of writing something.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost hunt and Supernatural I have only borrowed them all rights reserved to their creators….

SPR Files 1: The One Who Died





It's the same dream again, she wonder why she kept on dreaming the same thing over and over again. From the end of the poorly lit corridor she saw the familiar figure walking towards her. It was a body built of a 10 year old girl with a loosely tied blond hair. The girl was dragging her feet and leaning heavily on her right side as if she is carrying something heavy and from her body water drips from her wet clothes as if she just had gone from a night swimming. The girl starts to speak again that she has been saying on her previous dreams; she kept on repeating them to no one in particular just like a mantra.

"Why? Why? … It isn't fair of you… You cheated on me….."

"Why? Why? … It isn't fair of you… You cheated on me….." the little girl said as she is almost near her. This was her dreaded part, she wants to look away. She wants to close her eyes and block the image that was about to come. But how can she close her eyes if this is only her dream. She tried to look away; she fixed her gaze on the window beside her. It shows a typical Japanese garden with its bamboo fountain that makes a sound every now and then as the moon shone brightly.

The girl had stop talking, all that she can hear is the ragged deep breathe that she is emitting in front of her. She shuddered as the air becomes colder than it has ever been. This is the first time that she had tried not to look at the girl and maybe the girl will just go away if I tried not to acknowledge its presence. She didn't even bother to move from her spot or twitched for seems like an eternity, if there is one thing she most pride of is her ability to be stubborn, as in really stubborn. She doesn't know why her dream seems longer than usual but she can hold on until he notice something is up and woke her from her nightmare.

Then the breathing had stopped, she can practically hear everything even her nervous heartbeat as she strains for all the sounds that might indicate that the girl had already left. She slowly inch her head towards the same poorly lit corridor to check if the girl is gone and was about to sigh in relief when it got caught on her throat as something cold had touch her arm. She then looked down and gasps as she saw the same image that has been haunting her for almost two weeks. A girl about 10 years old with her loosely tied blond pigtailed hair was staring at her with blood shot eyes. From her hair dangled a lot of water plants and her summer dress were already on verge of decay as it seems to melt with her skin that was already peeling off. The girl tried to give her a wide smile that has turned into a malicious grin.

"I'll get you for it…. You cheater" the girl said as I let out a high pitched scream that echoed throughout the darkness that had started to enveloped me.

I jerked up and tried to catches my breath as I woke up in a car. A familiar face greeted me with a worried face. He got a bottle of mineral water from the car compartment and gave it to me.

"Nightmare?" he asked gently. I nodded in agreement as he clenched his jaw and looked at the road again. He reached out my hand and holds it tightly.

"I'm here, I'll protect you" he said determinedly as if he was trying to convince me that I have nothing to worry and at the same time he was trying to convince his self that he can do it. He can protect me. I look out at the window and tried to calm myself. I need to be strong; I cannot rely on Ben forever. My memory loss is already a hindrance and to top that my inability to recollect my own memories of my fiancé is already hurting him. I cannot hurt him anymore than this. I need to be on the same page with him soon or else it might endanger both of us and that is one thing she cannot permit to happen again.