Let Me Love You

Warnings: A SasuNaru fan fiction. Contains Yaoi (BoyXboy/homosexual) interactions. Self-edited. AU. OOC-ness.

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A/N: This is my first SasuNaru fiction. I am in love with the possibility that Sasuke and Naruto will end up together in a romantic relationship thus I made this story. Then, please do read and enjoy.

He sighed. He lost track of how many times he did the action in just a couple of minutes. Now he realized how hard it is to have an unrequited love. His case however is not as simple as a guy who fell in love with a girl who in turn is in love with another guy or is simply uninterested in him. What will he not give to escape the situation he's in? But then again, when did he ever regret loving that person? Never. Not for even a damn single second since he realized his feelings towards that someone. Now he has a cherished one and simply thinking of that individual tugged his lips upwards, evaporating the reason why he sighed in the first place.



"Class dismissed! Be sure to hand your reports the day after tomorrow or it'll be zero mark for you." The man called Hatake Kakashi, also the professor daringly pressurize the entire group of students facing him again.

Grunts and groans were echoed on the whole room. Kakashi grinned at the reaction he earned. Nothing beats than stressing the children was what swirled on his perverted mind. He smirked before he left. He's quite sure that they are all silently cursing him, not that it bothered him in the slightest.

The class that was vacated by the teacher was in chaos. Most of the students were chattering at how unfair it was. Their professor didn't even discuss what he wanted for the report. He arrived late and handed that fucking task and had the nerve to pressure them! He just simply gave them the topic and poof, it was all in their hands to do it. No explanations, no specifications at all. How can he expect them to simply create a 10-page tale with nothing but some stupid subject matter? It wasn't the first time that the silver-haired man did that but the students can hardly get used to his methods. One tan guy was faced again with such dilemma. But if he plays his cards well, he knows he can pull it off, just as he did before.

"Teme, should we do the report together?" Uzumaki Naruto asked his classmate and 'friend', as he moved towards the other's seat. He casually draped an arm around the taller man's shoulder.

Sasuke Uchiha, an isolated persona wherever he is narrowed his eyes on the arm that familiarly touched him. He glared at the owner but didn't say anything. He's certain that the blond got his message.

Naruto tactically withdraw the limb when he saw the look in the raven's face. The guy went on fixing his things without uttering a single word. Naruto should have known. He sighed. It's not as if it's the first time he had that. But he's Naruto and Naruto doesn't back down that easily, however annoying he can get.

"Hey Sasuke, let me crash at your place. Come on, I'll even bring ramen." Naruto nudged the raven that earned him another glare matched with killing aura. He grimaced inside.

"That won't make me back off, bastard. Make your good deed for the day by helping me." He grinned while silently praying to heavens that Sasuke will concede to his request. The raven still didn't respond and Naruto was left staring at the sharp profile of the pale guy. He discreetly noted the outlines of his face, the slender neck, the pale skin, the amusing 'duck-tail hair' as what he calls it and the elegance that his friend seems to emanate. He was staring quite intently and would probably do so for hours if not for someone who yelled his name.

"Hey Naruto!" The blond turned his head to look at the most familiar owner of the rowdy voice. It was Kiba, one of his close friends and the most he feels comfortable with. The guy has red upside down triangle tattoos on both his cheek with a mane of brown hair. He was just as loud as the blond that must be the reason why they hit it off.

"Yo dog breath! What do you want?" He tore his gaze off Sasuke which luckily passed Kiba's sharp senses. He casually crossed his arms on his chest.

The brunette approached him without giving any sign that he saw Sasuke. "About this crap Kakashi needs us to do. Want to do it with me? We'll have Shikamaru, Choji, Neji and Shino with us so we can finish it off faster. I know that you can't even pull off the first sentence if you don't have anyone to aid you." Kiba mockingly jokes.

Naruto scowled at him. He weighed his options. Sasuke will likely decline his request. It seems a wise decision to get it over and done with Kiba and the others. But before he can voice out his answer, Sasuke stood from his seat and swung his bag over his shoulder. He frowns at the bright haired guy.

"Dobe, you coming or not?" Without waiting for his response, Sasuke walked out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded blond. Kiba was looking confused but Naruto already jumped to his feet after he found his voice.

"That goes my answer Kiba! Let's see who can get better marks!" He immediately packed his things and ran after his teme.

Shikamaru approached the brown-haired guy, shaking his head. "Troublesome". He saw the happiness radiating from the tan face and knew there and then that Naruto will always put Sasuke first on his list.

Kiba who was left speechless can only nod in agreement.


"Bastard, can you slow down a bit? Are we such in a hurry? Where's the fire anyway?" Naruto exclaimed as he walked faster to catch up with the raven. He doesn't get as much as a 'hn' for a reply. The blond rolled his eyes.

Sasuke's apartment was a good 15 to 20 minute walk from the University. It's not practical to use a car even if Sasuke does own one. He's the type that one can call practical and he's definitely not a show-off. Just as they were passing the park, Sasuke stopped at a halt. Naruto whose mind was drifting collided with the broad back, catching the smell of a musk mixed with mint. He sniffed absentmindedly before rubbing his nose. Opting for another cheeky remark, he stopped abruptly when he saw the look in Sasuke's face.

The raven's eyes were burning with disgust, anger, repulsion, despise and who knows what more hate words those dark eyes encompasses. His fists were clenched tightly. He was gritting his teeth, hard, that blond can hear them screeching. Naruto frowned as to what reduced Sasuke to such menacing attitude when he saw what the pale guy was looking at. His gaze fell to a couple who was cosily hugging each other in a bench. It's not a rare sight but not so familiar with every eyes. What was there was a gay couple. Man holding a man. Guy hugging a guy. Naruto can feel the hatred in Sasuke that it was close to burning him. The heat of fury was radiating from the Uchiha and he knew very well the reason for that.

Sasuke Uchiha detests gay. It was never an unknown fact yet Naruto has never seen Sasuke openly say his dislike for it. But it was enough for a truth that he didn't mourn for his father's death. Fugaku Uchiha died with his gay lover in a car accident. His wife who knows of his wayward ways long left the household leaving her two children behind. It was both selfish and coward of the mother. She never considered the feelings that the young guys would undergo upon the disturbing situation. The father was nowhere near sensitive. Upon her wife's departure from the family, only he became bolder, upfront and not in the slightest discreet. He takes his lover home, changing every week or so right in the eyes of his children and it deeply scarred the youngest one.

The fact that the Uchiha was a respectable name in the society establishing such successful reputation in the business, Fugaku only take caution when he's outside. He strategically passes off his lovers as colleagues or business partners covering the truth that they were his fuck buddies. There were rumours circling around but no one dared to voice it out. They fear the Uchiha who can crush anyone. And so Fugaku never troubled himself with anything other than finding the most suitable partners to warm his bed and who can satisfy his needs. The children of the household looks like they weren't affected but no one really has the concern for them. The older one, Itachi never inconvenient himself with the mess their family was in. He was fourteen when things happened. He was very much aware of his father's wrongdoings but who is he to reprimand him? Putting things aside he was still his father, the head of the family and the one who has the control over their lives. As much as he wants to rebel he prefers to let things the way they are, waiting for the proper time when he can escape the man's grasp, hopefully overtaking him and the entire family, having the power in his hands.

It was a whole new story when it comes to the youngest Uchiha though. Being a mere 8 year-old kid he has a tough time coping with the flow of things and made a huge impact on his way of living, on his character, on his perception, on his judgement and discretion. The result was disturbing but as no one acted like a guardian to him, he grew up with the wrong perception on things. All the negative emotions pestering inside of his soul.

Naruto prodded the Uchiha's shoulder. He's uncertain on how to snap his companion back to his senses.

He decided to go for the obscure way. He jumped in front of the raven and yelled, "TEME!"

The raven blinked at the loud sound. He furrowed his brows and glared menacingly at the person in front of him. Naruto was smiling sheepishly but didn't move out of the way. Sasuke clenched his hands before turning away; his strides fast and agitated. He doesn't know how deep his father's action imprinted on him. The one thing he knows for sure is that homosexual relationship is a plague that one has to eradicate. He would never ever be involved in such humiliating and destructive connection.

The walk home was silent. No one, specifically Naruto didn't dare break it. He's not too insensitive not to take of the atmosphere that such simple scene brought. He sighed. It was worrisome. He's in a crisis. There seems no way that he'll have a happy ever after at how things are going. There isn't any chance that his love will be reciprocated. Will it ever be enough for him to stand beside the man he loves yet he can never show it? Is it enough that he can be with him but not in the romantic way? How long can he hold the feelings? How long before he burst and reveals to the world that he loves this man? Can it happen in this lifetime? He sighed once more.

To be continued...

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