Chapter Four
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Dave was more careful with the bandages, tenderly peeling each strip away one by one until they lay all across John's lap like limp spaghetti. He'd felt his ironic heart twinge when trying to maneuver the sweater over John's sore head had hurt him, and Dave cursed his diminutive height again as he dexterously unwrapped John's battered torso. John's chest was a battlefield of scrapes and bruises, his shoulders and neck not spared any more than his stringy arms. Dave could even see the tail of a wicked bruise peeking up out of the hip of John's pants, hinting at further damage.

"Dave..." John whispered questioningly, ducking his head and squeezing his eyes shut tightly.

"It's cool," Dave replied stiffly, transfixed by the numerous injuries on his best friends pale skin. "don't worry, John."

"But Dave-" "John-" "-you're crying!" "What?!" Quyickly, Dave pulled back, pressing his palms to his cheeks to wipe away tears he discovered were never there. He froze, feeling the faintest blush dust across his face and darken his ears, and scowled at the other teen.

"Got you." John said lamely, pulling a small smile out for the blond to see.


"What?" John protested, "You looked like someone had blown up Lil' Cal. I needed to cheer you up somehow..." John smiled again, a little slyer, and continued. "and I got you good, didn't I?"
Dave frowned and John waggled his eyebrows at him. "I knew it."

"Will you be telling Karkat or shall I?"

"YOU CAN'T!" John shrieked, catching hold of Dave's shirt and pleading with the blond. "HE'LL FREAK AND THEN EVERYONE AT SCHOOL WILL KNOW! AND THEN KANKRI WILL HEAR AND THE WORLD WILL KNOW!" He rose to his feet, tryign to make Dave understand how bad his idea had been, and looked down at Dave anxiously.

"Exactly." Dave muttered, looking up with a frsutrated tick in his cheek. "People should know what's happening, John. As your cool friend, I'm gonna tell you that you look like an abuse victim, and that's not cool at all." Dave took John by both shoulders, careful not to grip too tightly, and looked him in the eye as intensely as he could from three inches down. "Me and my friends don't take shit like this from people like them. We're getting the others involved," He dared John to protest, taking full advantage of his bare retinas to eye-lecture the black-haired teen into submission, and hufed in satisfaction when John said nothing. "Let's head to my house. Vantas and the others will fit better there."

"But this is a whole house, Dave," John mumbled reluctantly, "and Gamzee's really tall! How could-" John froze when a finger silenced him and watched Dave put on his shades like Horatio Caine before he looked back up at him and his questioning blue eyes.

Dave only said one thing. "Bro."

~Homestuck is not mine!~