Seven years later

"Daddy, tell me the surprise story."

I smiled at the face of my seven year old. Green eyes like mine, but the rest was all Bella.

"Haven't you heard that enough? How about we read one of your books?"

"No, I want the surprise story."

"Alright, snuggle under the covers and close those eyes."

"I was sitting in the living room watching a ball game when I heard your mother yell. I ran into the kitchen and found her with her cell phone in one hand and water on the floor."

That night had changed my entire world. Bella and I had decided to not find out what we were having until the birth. We had each picked a name, a girl from her and a boy from me. She had begged me not to make our son a junior. I had agreed, but we decided to keep it a secret from each other.

"I got your mother into the car and we headed to the hospital."

"Where Grandpa Carlisle works?" My baby reminded me. This story has been told so many times that it was legend around our house.

"Yes, baby. Your mother was being very brave and she didn't want to have any medicine, but after several hours and no sign of you, the doctors decided they needed to help you come out."

"So, that I could have a birthday?"

Bella had added that in her version of this story.

"Shh, you're supposed to be trying to sleep."

"Sorry, daddy."

"Anyway, they gave her special medicine and I stayed with her the entire night. Just before the sun came up again, Mommy woke me up crying. The doctors and nurses came running in to find that your heart beat was dropping. They moved mommy in her bed and started getting her ready to get you out of her tummy."

I looked down to make sure eyes were still closed and sleep was creeping in.

"When you finally came out, I was so happy. Mommy was crying happy tears and told you over and over how much she loved you."

The first time I saw my daughter's face, I knew there would be nothing I wouldn't do for her, no one I wouldn't fight her for. This tiny little creature took my heart and ripped it from my chest.

"But then mommy started…."

"Hey…I told you to try and fall asleep."

Looking at my Maggie's eyes and the slight grin she inherited from me, I knew I had met my match. Bella told me over and over that she was a mini me and she was right. I waited until those eyes closed again before I continued.

"Yes, mommy started to panic and the doctor told her it was just the afterbirth. She began shaking her head and begged him to have a look."

Bella entered the room and noticed that Maggie was peaking from under her eyelids. She smiled that same smile that won me over all those years ago.

"And imagine our surprise when this little monster was trying to get out."

From behind her, our son ran around her jumping into Maggie's bed. Peter had been a complete surprise. He hadn't shown up in any of the scans or any of the exams the doctor had done. When I began thinking about what I would name my son, if I ever had one, I remembered a guy I went to school with. Peter Santana, he was an easy going guy who stayed out of trouble and helped to raise his two younger brothers. One night after a football game, he came across me while three of the opponent team had jumped me. Peter didn't hesitate to help get them off me. He worked all through high school and right after graduation he was picking up a gallon of milk when he was shot and killed in an armed robbery gone wrong. He was a hero in my eyes. When I told Bella what my choice in name was, she completely agreed that our son should have the name of a person such as my friend.

Looking back on my life, I know that everything happens for a reason. Bella always said that I saved her from the lies that people told her, but the truth is, she saved me. Saved me from a life I had decided I didn't deserve. A life I would live alone. Now even with late night feedings and not owning a shirt that didn't have a stain on it for years after the twins were born, I wouldn't change a thing…well that was a lie. I would have wanted to meet Bella sooner, fall in love with her, and been able to show her the world she deserved.

"Alright you two, bed time…for real this time."

Kissing Bella as we turned off the lights, I know that everything will be okay. Sure we will have our fights and disagreements, but at the end of the day we will have each other ….and that is the truth…without the lies.