Chapter 5


"Heidi that had better not be nail polish I smell."

I knew the answer to my statement before the words even left my mouth. Heidi has never been a girl who could follow rules. That's part of the reason she is answering my phones. Her father called me and asked me to watch her for him. Heidi has had a long history of hanging out with the wrong people and getting involved in situations that have nearly killed her a few times. She has made finding the worst men an art form. Her last venture landed her ninety days in the county jail for possession.

One look at her and you would never guess she has a huge drug and gambling problem. Her poor dad has bailed her out more times than I can think about.

"Oh Eddie…." She cooed as she continued to brush on the blood red polish.

I wasn't having it. When I asked someone to do something, I expected it to get done. I had told her twice already that this is an automotive shop, not a beauty parlor. Not caring if I broke one of her fake fingernails, I snatched the brush and bottle out of her hands and tossed them in the trash.

"What the…?"

I didn't give her time to protest, as I meant business when I told her to keep her crap at home. She was startled at my outburst but recovered quickly. She settled back in her chair, her lower lip pushed out in a pout and her arms crossed over her surgically enhanced chest. If I hadn't been so irritated, I would have laughed at her childish behavior.

"Save it Heidi, I'm not one of your admirers. Your pouting is only pissing me off."

She quickly put her lip back in place and rolled her eyes. "Yeah and who's fault is that? You know my offer is always open to you."

Not giving her time to dig her hole any deeper or bigger, I pulled open the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. Twisting the cap open, I chugged nearly half of the bottle before turning around to finish with Heidi.

"Not going to happen sweetheart. For one, you're not my type at all and two, you are too much work."

Heidi had made it perfectly clear that she wanted something with me, something that involved spending huge amounts of money just to see it disappear up her nose. I wanted nothing to do with drugs of any kind. I liked being in control too much and I wanted to be with someone who enjoyed life without chemical enhancements.

The subject of my love life had come up several times recently during conversations with my Ma. Don't get me wrong, I do want someone in my life. I just don't want to be their entire world.

I want to be the person who adds something to their life, not be their entire existence. I want to be able to continue to jump on the back of my bike and not be chastised for not spending every waking minute with her. My Ma would roll her eyes and tell me that I was going to be surprised when I found the right girl. She said that when I found the one, she would want to either ride her own bike beside me or wrap around me on the back of mine.

My reality was that I was surrounded by the likes of Heidi. Girls like her could be found at every turn. I just didn't want to get involved with all of the work that came with them. They come in pretty little packages, but once you peel off the layers of makeup and high end clothes, your left with nothing but screeching little leeches who want to bleed you dry.

I've had my share of women who swayed their tiny hips and batted their eyelashes when they found out who I was and how much I was really worth. It's sad really what some women are willing to do just to get a little money without working for it. I loved working.

I find joy being buried deep under the hood of a car trying to figure out what was wrong. The sound of an engine roar after being brought back to life was more rewarding for me then the money we charged.

I felt the same when I sat atop my bike and blazed down the open road. My uncle Carlisle was the same. He loved to escape from the stresses of his life and we made it a habit to ride together as often as we could. He was the reason I had that new Ducati parked outside. My aunt surprised him last year with a new custom bike. I contacted the same company in Rome and had one made for me.

"Hey E! It looks like Jimmy didn't listen to you about taking that car to the junk yard."

I looked up and sure enough Jimmy was walking this way with what was clearly Alice in tow.

"Oh look, the troll came along with him."

I tossed the grease rag I had just used to clean my hands at Heidi. "Careful….she is dying to kick your ass."

Heidi rolled her eyes and continued to file her nails grumbling, "Bitch can't reach my ass so how can she kick it."

I was about to tear into her when I noticed the girl who was following behind my cousin. My Ma would be laughing and dancing the jig if she could have seen me right then.

My throat was instantly dry and I had to concentrate to even breathe. She was so beautiful. She didn't have a stitch of makeup on and that made her much better in my book. I quickly checked her left hand and shouted with joy internally as her ring finger was bare.

I wasn't lying when I told Jimmy that I would call his probation officer. Alex was a good friend of mine from high school. I helped him with several of the guys in the neighborhood. Jimmy was constantly pushing the line with his parole. Currently he was messing with the wrong girl, a girl I planned to get to know a whole lot better. While I stood there watching her, I couldn't help but notice how she was avoiding even looking in my direction. I had never had issues with getting any girl to look my way, but this girl was making it a point to avoid me.

When Alice told me Bella would be working just a few blocks over with Uncle Carlisle, my mind began to create plans; but first I would get her into a reliable car. Bella was quick to dismiss my offer of a good used car, but I knew there was more than one way to skin a cat.

"Ma, you will never believe what happened today."

I filled Ma in on the visit from Bella. I told her how she caused my world to turn upside down and how she completely avoided looking at me.

"Ma, I even tried the Masen smile and nothing...she completely ignored me."

I explained to her that if I didn't know better, I would swear she was afraid of me.

"Edward, my best advice to you is to be patient. Maybe she had a bad day? I mean she was dealing with a sleazy used car salesman. Maybe she just broke up with her boyfriend? In any event, you need to take it easy on her and find out why she seemed so fearful of you."

I laid in my bed that night going over the entire conversation with Bella in my head. I couldn't remember one thing I did or said that could be taken badly. Regardless, I would make certain to head over to her office and apologize. My dad told me years ago that sometimes women get their feelings hurt and you have no idea why. Just say you're sorry and buy her something nice and all should be okay.

I called Alice to try and get any information from her that I could. Never in a million years would I ever believe what she told me.

"I'm serious E. He told her that only bad men have tattoos and ride motorcycles. You should have seen Bella's face when she saw daddy's crest. I mean I thought she was going to pass out when she found out that mom bought dad a motorcycle. I have a feeling there is so much more that she has been told and it's going to take solid proof to convince her otherwise."

Alice further informed me that Bella was hell bent on getting her own place. My mind was in overdrive as I began to formulate a plan to show Bella that just because I had a number of tattoos and a few motorcycles, I was a really good guy and wanted to be her guy.

With a new found determination, I called my brother-in- law Emmett. I was going to need all the help I could get if I wanted to pull this off.

My next call was to my Ma. I told her everything I had planned.

"Edward, what happened to the days where you called up a young lady and asked her to coffee? Is all of this really necessary?"

"Ma, Bella isn't just any girl...I can't explain it; I feel like a fourteen year old boy."

I could hear the smile in my Ma's voice, "Oh Lord Edward, it finally happened."

I was confused, "What happened?...What are you talking about?"

I settled back into my desk chair as I listened to my ma. "Edward, for every soul out there is another soul that is its perfect match. Your charms don't work on Bella and that my dear boy is a good thing. My concern is that you do all of these things behind her back and she finds out and is angry with you. I know your intentions are good ones, but Edward if she is as independent as you say she is this could backfire in your face."

I spent most of the night thinking about what my Ma had said. I decided it was worth the risk of Bella being angry with me. I had nothing to lose at this point as she avoided me to begin with.

Standing in my Uncle's clinic the following Monday, I could feel the sweat as it ran down my back. Never in my entire life had I experienced this kind of nervousness when it came to getting a girl to like me. Hell, I can't even remember the last time I had to do more then look in a girl's general direction. But as I watched her help with the little boy, I knew she would be worth the effort. I loved kids and I knew I wanted a houseful of them. I just needed to work on getting the perfect mother for them.

I was pleasantly surprised when she looked at me as I apologized for whatever I had done to her. Her fear seemed to shift and I was quite turned on by the new look on her face. I laid it out for her and asked her to have a cup of coffee with me. When I left my uncle's office that day, I wasn't certain if I had done the right thing or not. All I could do now was sit back and wait.

When I got back to the shop, Heidi was talking a mile a minute to one of her friends. Rounding the corner, I noticed it was Jessica Newton. Jessica was a local girl who had been in trouble as a teen. I had helped her out several times when she had gotten involved with the wrong guy. I didn't know much about the guy she had married, but the rumors were good.

"Heidi, he swore to me that he quit drinking."

"Jess, how do you know this chick is even telling the truth?"

"Because she showed me this."

I had every intention of going to work on the Jeep I had gotten for Bella, until I heard Bella's voice. I stepped around the desk as I caught the last few images on Jessica's cell phone. She told me the entire story and it took everything I had in me to stay calm in front of Jessica and Heidi.

"Heidi, I just remembered something I need to take care of."

Seattle in general is a huge city. However, in the section of town we were in, everyone knew everyone. I took my time as I drove over to Jessica's home. I needed to calm down before I confronted Mike. I turned on to the very quaint and quiet street. Manicured lawns with professional landscaped yards, it was the Norman Rockwell picture of the American dream. I removed my cell phone and crucifix as I got ready to confront Mike. I rang the doorbell and waited for the door to open, I wondered what Bella thought as she waited on these very steps. Was she fooled by the perfect exterior? Did she fall for the illusion created by a hired hand?

"Can I help you?" A dark haired man questioned. He looked like a good honest man who worked hard and took care of himself. Who would suspect that the man that stood before me had a violent temper that was fueled by alcohol.

"You my friend tried to hurt someone who is special to me."

Once Mike and I….talked, I made my point clear. Mike won't be bothering Bella or anyone for that matter as chewing may be an issue for a while. I drove back to the shop and made certain everything was perfect with the Jeep. Even if Bella didn't give me a chance to show her how good I could be for her, I wanted her to drive a safe car.

Mrs. Coop was a god send. She was ever so excited to help me with my plans for Bella. She even came up with the idea of telling Bella that the Jeep was her grandson's. Mrs. Coop assured me she would keep an eye on Bella and tell me if she seemed in trouble. Once Bella was in the house, I contacted a roofing company and had them head over there to give us an estimate. I had driven by several times and couldn't wait to see what Bella would do with the house.

I was happy to hear that my sister was expecting; she was going to be a great mom. I also learned that Bella isn't one to start a fight and cause drama which I was so grateful for. She had assumed I had moved on and simply turned her car around and left. She was also quick to jump to conclusions and I hope we would get an opportunity to work on that. I got my answer when my phone rang as I was watching television. I was so tired from the amount of work we had and the extra work I had placed on myself by keeping my own eye on Bella. I didn't recognize the number but took a chance and answered it anyway. Was I ever glad I did as Bella's voice sounded on the other side.

I will proudly admit that I did several fists thrust in the air when I got off the phone with Bella. We had a date, granted it was for a cup of coffee, but it was a start. This was going to be the best cup of coffee Bella ever had.

I changed clothes three times before I gave up and went with the first outfit. Bella was very adamant that she would meet me at the coffee house. I arrived ten minutes early so that I could watch her come in. I wanted to impress her and show her the man behind the tattoos.

I watched Bella walk down the side walk, her hair pulled back into a high pony tail. She had come from Uncle Carlisle's office in downtown Seattle because she was still in her uniform. The office was in a high end part of Seattle and the patients expected certain kinds of treatments when they came in. Aunt Esme contracted with a uniform company supplied pressed uniforms for all of the staff. A catering company supplied fresh coffee and on certain days pastries.

I stood carefully when she pulled the door open and smiled as she walked around a young man, who in my opinion, looked at her a little too long. Her shoulder bag began to slide down her arm and I wanted to take it from her as my Ma had taught me. I watched as she scanned the room until finally finding me and the smile that formed on her face was enough for me. Even if she told me to pound sand today, that smile would be in my memory forever.

"I'm sorry I'm late." She said as she reached to pull out her chair. I was quicker, so I took the bag off her arm and then helped her to sit.

"You're right on time." I smiled as I sat across from her. She was even more beautiful than I remembered.

"Do you come here a lot?" She questioned as she looked around the room again.

"Couple times a week, they have really great tea."

The waiter came by and took our drink orders winking at Bella as he thanked her. He was lucky that he was probably still in high school, because he would have gotten an ear full from me.

"Thank you for agreeing to meet me E. I didn't really think you would."

Looking across the small table at her, I could only smile. Her nerves seemed to be gone and I loved the calm, warm woman who sat across from me.

"I should be thanking you. I really owe you an apology."

After I got off the phone with Bella, I called my Ma and told her about my date. She insisted that I admit to Bella all of the things I have done for her behind her back.

"Why do you need to apologize?"

I cleared my throat and confessed everything I had done. She smiled and told me she already knew. It seems that my sister had already told her my attempted good deeds.

"E, I know why you did it and I have to say thank you. Thank you for helping me to be something I have wanted to be for a long time."

Smiling the cheesiest smile, I told her she was welcome. Conversation with Bella was easy, like talking to a friend I have had for years. She didn't pretend to be interested in the conversation only to shift it to her advantage. She was polite to the wait staff as they refilled our drinks several times.

"E, can I ask you something personal?"

I sat back in my chair, "Sure."

"Do you really prefer being called E? I mean…it is a little odd to me."

I crossed my arms across my chest and watched as Bella's eyes grew slightly bigger. Seems Bella has a thing for tattoos after all.

"It's not that I prefer it, it's just that I have become used to being called E. The only person who calls me Edward is my Ma. She refused from the beginning stating that she named me Edward for a reason."

Bella's reply was one that shocked me and yet thrilled me.

"Well, I prefer Edward. It sounds very classic and old world. Some of the most famous characters in the books I've read have been named Edward. They are always romantic and get the girl in the end."

I smiled, hearing her say my name did things to me.

"Bella?...Do you want to call me Edward?"

She took a sip from her coffee cup. Her fingers wrapped gently around it and I wanted so badly for that cup to be certain parts of my anatomy.

"I would like to yes, but only if you are okay with it."

I smiled as I knew what I was about to do was sneaky, but if I wanted to show Bella who I was I had to use everything I had.

"On one condition." Looking her square in the eyes I gave her my demands.

"Name it." she responded with her confidence radiating off her.

"Have dinner with me….go out with me again."

She calmly placed her cup back in its saucer.

"I would love that, Edward."

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