Ryan looked at his wrist watch as he waited for the hotel room keys at the reception desk. It was already 10 at night, which meant they've spent time on dinner and hang out for four hours. And it was the longest four hours he had experienced. Why wouldn't it be? Watching his brother and that midget he called a girlfriend spidermonkey-ing each other as they like to call it and how he was like an invisible object around them.

Seemed like you're here to have your pre-honeymoon instead of checking on me. What an ass!

"Here you go, sir. Please sign here", the woman behind the desk handed him two keys and slid a paper in his direction.

Scribbling his signature down and been given the green light, Ryan proceeded to take the keys with him. He grinned at them before keeping one of the keys in his trouser's pocket carefully. Then, he turned to walk to his brother, who was sitting at the lounge, having a questioning look when his eyes travelled around the environment in the hotel.

"Sorry this isn't some five-star hotel you would love", Ryan said in sarcastic tone as he handed the room key to Nick.

Hearing that from his younger brother, Nick stood up, instantly shaking his head while taking the key at the same time. "No. This place is good enough. At least it's not a motel! Thanks anyway"

Liar! What a bad actor. Gee, wonder how come the people were really convinced with the Dolph Ziggler character! Ungrateful bastard! You're lucky enough I'm willing to pay for your accommodation, given that I'm unemployed now. Hah, who am I kidding? Even if I have a job, I won't bother to make you stay at a five-star hotel!

"Welcome! So, where's that...", Ryan scanned around the place before looking at his older brother, swirling his pointing finger around the side of his head, "you know?"

Nick in return sighed at made a look at Ryan, "To your car. She said she forgot some of her things in the trunk. And could you please stop doing that? She's not really crazy, okay! Three years, Ryan! How much longer are you going to treat her like an outsider? You guys were just fine before I started to date her. Ryan, she'll be your sister-in-law in the coming future"

Well, it's just about time before she's going to be like one, just a bit though. As to you, Nick, don't worry. I won't treat her like an outsider tonight. In fact, I'll treat her like she's my own. Yep! You can count on that!

"Yeah yeah, whatever! You should go to your room now. The number's on the keychain", he replied lazily.

Nick nodded, "Alright. I'm already tired anyway. Thanks again. And could you please tell AJ I'm heading to the room first?"

"I will and I'll help to bring her things"

"And no making fun of her", he warned.

Ryan put his hands on his heart, "Trust me, Nick. I won't". "Now just go to your room. Go!", he pushed him to the elevator's direction.

Once Ryan sent his brother off into the elevator, he looked around cautiously just to make sure AJ didn't see Nick. Convinced that she wasn't there yet, he went back to where his brother sat earlier. AJ's handbag was still there and to ensure that his plan tonight was going to run smooth, he sneaked in her bag, searching for her phone. Luck sided with him as he found her iPhone and immediately, he took it and switched it off before slipping it in his pocket. He laid back at the couch with eyes closed, a victorious grin on his lips.

So far so good, Ryan. You're a complete genius!

Before he could continue to silently celebrate his successful first-half of his plan, a sound of a woman clearing her throat alarmed him. He opened up his eyes and stood in front of him was none other than AJ Mendez herself.

"Where's Nick?", she forced herself to ask the man sitting in front of her.

Ryan bit on his lower lips mischievously as he rose from his seat, his lying mode was about to run it's course.

"Umm... He just went outside. Gonna call our mom he said"

AJ frowned upon it, contemplating what Nick was going to tell his mom.

Maybe he was just going to say something about Ryan.

"Really? Funny I didn't bump into him earlier"

He popped his head out towards her, "Duh! He went to the other direction. Course you won't see him"

"Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious", she replied with a mocking smile.

"Then next time think before you speak"

"Whatever, Ryan. Suit yourself", she rolled her eyes at him.

Ryan stopped whatever he was about to do when he heard her called her by his name. He didn't quite remember when was the last time she did so. During their time in FCW many years ago, that voice calling up his name was like a routine.

Yeah, years ago. Before I even introduced you to my brother.

"Here", he pulled out the other key from his pocket, giving it to AJ, in which she accepted without question, "Nick said you should go first. He'll be up shortly, he said just don't lock the door. He won't take that long"

"Uhh, okay. Thanks, I guess", she awkwardly nodded.

"Right! I'm going now. Toddles!", he boringly waved before turning his heels and pretended to walk out from the hotel.

He turned to a hidden corner and watched AJ from far. He could see her muttering under her breath when she picked up all her things. Nobody was there to help her, making him to chuckle just by thinking of it. When she started to walk to the elevator, Ryan was doing victory lap inside.

Yes! Sad that I didn't tell you the room you're going is on the second floor while your boyfriend is on the fifth floor. Oh well, there's nothing that we can do about it!

Seeing her swallowed by the elevator's door, he walked out from his hiding spot, now heading to the stairs and climbed it in no hurry. He just did it with no worry in the world at all. In fact, he actually enjoyed this walk because this is the last night he would feel his brother being superior over him. When the next day came, Nick would fall to his lowest once he found out his own brother did something to the most important woman in his life.

Oh come on, Nick! What's gonna hurt just to lose your girl compared to losing my job? You had many other girls begging for you to take them while I only had one chance, one fucking chance to make a name in the WWE.

After he reached the second floor, Ryan even took a stroll along the hallway several times before he settled on AJ's room, and he didn't even enter it yet. Since there was no peephole to look at, Ryan could only bring his ear closer to the door to have a bit of idea what she was doing.

Thankful for his greatly functioned ears in terms of hearing, he heard the water sprinkled, making sound against the tiles of the floor. Acknowledging that AJ must be having her shower, he quietly and carefully turned the doorknob. Just like how he had expected, it was unlocked. Entering the room, he switched off every bit of any light sources, except the bathroom of course. Wouldn't want that woman to scream in sheer terror due to the darkness. One last thing he remembered was to lock the door before he went to the bed, stripping himself until he was only in his short before he climbed the bed.

Fifteen minutes later, after the sound of water, clothes unfolded and hairdryer stopped, AJ stepped out of the bathroom, clad with an oversized t-shirt and shorts. She suddenly stopped her tracks, wondering why it was dark in here.

"Babe, was this your doing? Are you there?", she squinted her eyes with hands stretched out like a blind person, searching for a figure.

"Yeah, I'm on the bed", Ryan answered mimicking his brother's voice. What can he say? He was just that good at impersonation.

He could see her identified his spot, as she now walked towards him and climbed on the bed with him, "Why did you put the lights off?"

Again with his brother's voice, he spoke, "Enough with the lights we had today, babe! Under this darkness, I know you could still light me up"

Okay! That turned out weirdly cheesy. Yuck!

She giggled once she heard that. Even if it was really dark that the only thing she saw at him was his silhouette, she could already imagine the face he made. She knew what he meant about it. "Babe! If you're horny and up for some love-making actions, just said it already. Keep the cheesiness to the Show Off, not my Nicky!"

"Well, if you said so", Ryan stopped his sentence before grabbing her waist near to his bare body, immediately kissing her full on the lips, in which she didn't take even a split second to reply the lust he gave her.

In the mean time, he yanked her shirts off. By this time, he pulled her closer that they could feel each other's warm bodies; chest to chest, thighs to thighs, mouth to mouth until every inch left between their bodies was closed just like that.

While enjoying this, Ryan didn't forget why he did it in the first place. To hurt his brother Nick; showing him how he felt everytime his older brother achieved another success after success. Nick already got everything he want that he ever dreamed of so taking this precious little thing from him wouldn't kill. It never felt that good doing this; carrying out his plan while he could have an enjoyable time tonight. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

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