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Chapter One: So Far, So Good

Everything was red before it was black, and when Leon came too it was still black. His head hurt, his neck ached and the pain in his wrists and elbows was almost too much to bear. As he opened his eyes once again, he looked around the darkness, attempting to pick out any details. But other than what his body was telling him, he couldn't figure out anything else.

He was sitting, arms wrenched behind his back and handcuffed securely behind the stiff back of a chair. His back was forced straight. Even the slightest attempt at moving caused pain to shoot through his arms and up to his shoulders. With his ankles strapped securely to the legs of the chair, he was officially stuck where he was and he sure as hell didn't like it.

Impenetrable darkness filled his vision, but upon listening to his surroundings, he could tell he was completely alone. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing, though. Regardless, he spoke, "Hunnigan? Hunnigan, come in?" He could feel the weight of the ear piece but it wasn't working. Figures.

Well, it was worth a shot…

Sitting up a little straighter, he called into the darkness, "Hello? Does someone want to come out here and reveal his evil plan? I'm listening." Another long shot but one he figured he'd try. Letting out a sigh, he turned his head again, "Just where the hell am I?"

A crackle and a pop came, something sounding like a speaker coming to life before him, "Agent Leon S. Kennedy, it's so good you've finally woken up." The agent perked up at his name being used, the tenor male voice lingering in his ears.

Leon spoke, though his words lacked any real concern for his situation, "I'm glad you finally answered. I was starting to feel lonely."

A small chuckle came from the box, along with a metallic click of what sounded like ball bearings banging together. The noise continued in the background as the mystery man spoke again, "I apologize for my lateness. After all, you're not the only one I'm looking after."

"What?" Anger flared through Leon, his body jerking him forward before the pain reminded him of his predicament.

"Now, now," the speaker cooed, "Don't be so hasty. I'd hate for you to hurt yourself before the big show."

Leon growled, eyes glaring forward at what he hoped was the source of the voice, "I'm not interested in attending any 'show' you have to offer." The voice simply laughed at him, the mocking nature of it coming over the speaker very well. It only made the agent scowl. Great, he's toying with me…

After a pause and the catching of his breath, the man spoke, "You slay me, Agent Kennedy. Always have. Sadly, sir, you don't get a choice in the matter. You aren't simply attending the show, after all. You're my main attraction! Now how would everyone feel if the big star didn't make his debut? They'd boo me right off of the stage and that wouldn't be any fun, would it, Agent?" There was another bit of laughter, causing Leon to grit his teeth.

"Whatever you're after, I won't let you get away with it."

"Why Agent Kennedy, you slay me yet again," a grin played through his words as the man continued, "I've already gotten away with it. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here, would you?" He let out another laugh.

Sucking in a deep breath, Leon cleared his mind. This darkness was making him agitated and so was being locked up. He needed to calm down, less he play right into this guy's hands. The metallic clicking ended then, only to start back up again. Leon furrowed his eyebrows. Just what the hell was that sound?

The voice finally spoke, "Anyway, I've got to run. Like I said, there are others who need my attention. For now, I suppose, I'll leave you with a little parting gift. Enjoy."

Blinding lights flicked on and Leon had to slam his eyes shut against the pain. Biting his lip through the sting of the rays upon his eyes, he gradually began to become use to the bright fluorescents above him. Slowly, he opened them again, a small black box propped up on a tri-stand greeting him. Looking just past the box, he could see himself, a reflection in cool colored glass. Turning his head, he watched himself glance around the room, each wall a mirror and looking back at him. He could see the odd shape of the room, a hexagonal shape, a mirror on each of its six walls. Looking within the reflections, he could see the back of himself, the mechanics of the handcuffs coming into view.

I guess when he was planning this little hellhole, he didn't plan on that. Twisting his wrists, causing pain to shoot through his arm, he managed to get his left palm inwards. Fingers lingered upwards, touching the metal gadget attached to his wrist. Groping at the small device, his calloused fingers grazed upon a key hole, one no bigger than the size of a pin. There was no way he'd be able to unlock them. Time for plan B, I suppose. Taking a deep breath and ignoring the agonizing pain, he worked his arm up the back of the chair. No matter the pain, even with the threat of dislocating his shoulder, he needed to free his arms from behind the chair. Forcing his screaming limb to continue their snail pace, Leon's attention was grabbed when a hissing sound came from in front of him. His focus shifted from the mirror he was watching his handiwork in to the one that sat directly in front of him, the speaker box blocking his view.

A small amount of fog worked its way up from under the mirror, the gray matter floating up before dissipating in the air. After that, the mirror slowly began to lift, revealing black bars smothered with a red paint Leon recognized as blood. As the glass ascended, Leon could feel himself pale as he looked into what lie beyond the mirror, beyond the bars.

The creature was grotesque in nature, skin peeling and breaking into boils and hives, some of which secreted a thick creamy puss that caked the rest of the creature's body. Its hair was matted to his forehead with the stuff and the smell of it caused Leon to gag. In some places, skin had all but rotted away, exposing muscles that were also decaying, though at a slower rate. Leon could see that its lips were already missing, yellow teeth exposed in a snarl as glazed eyes glared towards him. One of the eye's had hemorrhaged, filling the white space with a gruesome red that threated to take over the iris, which were already losing their shape and color.

"I guess this is what he meant by 'parting gift'," Leon spoke louder as he worked to get his arm up faster, "I should've told him I've never been one for pets." A sickening sound came as the creature hunched forward, one foot lazily catching its rotting body. As it took another step, a disgusting sloshing came, some of its skin falling to the floor. Its broken eyes looked towards Leon, a loan groan coming from its parted teeth.

The bars before it began to slide up, the metal scraping and rattling as it rose. The creature waited patiently, bloodied eye trained on Leon.

"Shit," Leon, adrenaline pumping through his veins now, began to pull faster, his arm no longer hurting under the strain. As the bars reached their height, he heard them click to a stop and the creature began to walk. It wobbled forward, its balance terrible and with each step, something new fell from its body. As it flung its arms to remove the speaker box from its presence, causing it to land close to the mirrors to the left, the hemorrhaging eye fell free, the nerves connecting it exposed and oozing with puss.

"Shit, shit, shit," Leon chanted, making a final jerk on his arm just as the creature reached his chair. In a moment, his arms were free and already twisting over his head to make their way to the front of his body. Shoving himself towards the creature, he rammed into it, knocking it, and himself, forward. With a spiteful wail, it fell, Leon landing over it. He caught himself on his hands, his palms resting against the slimly creature's blistered body. A sting came to his ankles, which had not yet been freed, as they twisted about in the chains that held them.

A flick of pain crossed his face as he pushed himself back up, landing on the chair again just as the creature made to get up. "Just stay down," not like that would work but saying it vented his frustration a little. Looking around, his eyes landed on the disheveled speaker box and its tri-stand. It was exactly what he needed right about now.

Turning his attention back to the creature before him, it had already made its way to its feet, bloody eyes watching him as it advanced again. "Sorry, I'm not really in the mood for a lap dance," Throwing his body weight back, the chair clamored to the floor, knocking the wind out of him. Despite that, he turned his body onto its side, the chair begrudgingly following suit. Dragging himself and the chair towards the speaker and its stand, he heard the creature make a loud protest. Following after its fleeing prey, its bloody feet slapped against the tile ground as it gave chase.

Finally, Leon was within arm's reach of the speaker and its stand and both hands stretched out to take hold. Just as his fingers touched the metal stand, a fleshy foot stamped down hard upon his arms, the pain causing him to shout. Glaring up, Leon could see the creature; he could see the intent in its eyes. "I'm not going down so easily." Putting all of his strength into his legs, he pivoted his legs around, smashing them and the chair right into the creature.

The monster roared as it collapsed into one of the mirrors, shattering it instantly. It fell threw into darkness but Leon didn't waste his time. Grasping the stand firmly, he worked to raise it up and slam it down, driving one of the props through the creature's stomach. It roared in pain, Leon dislodging the stand before slamming it down again and again, each time the creature letting forth a loud roar of agony before finally it writhed and, as Leon dislodged the stand again, it didn't move.

Leon laid there for a minute, breathing hard and watching. Watching to make sure the monster wouldn't get up, wouldn't move. He'd be damned if he was caught off guard. After several more minutes, his breath finally returning to normal, he released the stand from his white-knuckled grip and pushed himself into a sideways seated position. It wasn't comfortable by any stretch of the imagination, but it allowed him access to his ankles, where he needed his attention.

To his dissatisfaction, they were steel chains and it would take a great deal of force to break free of them. Looking around the room again, he saw nothing of real use. Heaving a sigh, his eyes travelled back to the creature, its rotting stench catching Leon now that his senses were returning to normal. "Damn, this guy could afford to take a bath once in a while…" That's when something caught his attention, something silver in the flesh of one of its legs. Reaching over, he grabbed at it, yanking it free of its fleshy prison.

The long silver key, coated in blood, caused Leon's heart to skip a beat. I guess I'm really going to have to play his game. He was never one for puzzles and riddles and yet, they always seemed to find him. Heaving a sigh, he found the bolt that locked his ankles together and undid them, his legs dropping from their previous suspension and landing on top of each other. Once they were free, he stuck the key into the handcuffs lock, but it didn't fit. Giving an annoyed glare to the inanimate object, he heaved a sigh and stood up, pocketing the useless key for now.

Everything still hurt but he did his best to ignore it. Looking towards the direction of the broken mirror, Leon whispered, "Let the games begin." Walking forward, he stepped over the dead creature and entered the darkness.

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