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Chapter Two: The Only thing left Perfect

Leon looked over the stack of files at his desk, feeling a sense of dread wash over him. The only time his desk was this cluttered was when an outbreak had happened or was about too. Neither of which were good things. As if on cue, he saw Chris walk through the door, a dissatisfied look settled across his face. It wasn't every day Leon got to see his friend, Chris, and judging by the paperwork and the look on said friend's face, it defiantly wasn't for a happy occasion.

As he approached, fully geared and an assault rifle resting in his hands, he nodded towards Leon before nodding towards the conference center in the back of the office. Taking the hint, the blonde turned on his heel, grabbing the top file from its place before walking into the open doors of the center. Chris was after him in the matter of a second, closing the door behind himself.


"Chris." The blonde looked his friend up and down, "So, I'm guessing something bad is happening."

Nodding, Chris leaned against the wall, arms still holding the rifle carefully, "The BSAA has been called into this location. There's been a breech."

Leon could feel his heart rate increase. A breech: code for a really big fucking problem. "What kind of breech?" He leaned closer to Chris, the brunette shaking his head grimly.

"The documents on your desk contain every contagion you have housed on the lowest floors of this building," Leon took a second to glance back at his desk, seeing several dozen files sitting in their respective brown folders, "From what we understand of the situation, someone's gotten themselves down there, someone who has no business being there."

It reeked of bioterrorism and it made Leon shudder, "What are you doing about it?"

"The building has been locked down, but we're trying to keep panic to a minimum. The last thing we need is for someone to escape with a vial of one of those diseases during a frenzy." Nodding, Leon looked back out the window, watching as everyone went about their business as if nothing were happening. BSAA soldiers stood at every door, but the sight of guns and armed personal wasn't unusual for the DSO headquarters. "They're calling it a practice lockdown but ultimately, we only have a short amount of time to reach this guy before people start getting suspicious."

"Great, is there any good news to go along with all of this?" Chris frowned at the sarcasm before he turned his head towards the conference door.

"I'm here to escort you down. My men, myself and you have been authorized to move in." Giving another nod, Leon stepped away from his friend, letting out a frustrated sigh.

"Why me?" the blonde asked, his eyes examining Chris' imposing body.

"Because I trust you. That, and you know this facility better than I do." It was a simple answer, but Leon would take it. Stepping outside of the conference room, Leon plopped the file off at his desk and readied to follow after Chris when someone stopped him. Turning, he saw the file clerk was there, looking nervously at the stack he'd placed on Leon's desk.

"Is everything okay?" He asked, his eyes trailing to Chris and the other BSAA agents. The man had to have known about the content of the files he'd delivered, it was evident in his face.

Leon smiled at him, "Yes. You can put those away, thanks."

"Alright," the man gave a nervous smile to Leon before gathering up a couple of the files and heading away. Leon reached into his desk and pulled out a pistol. Checking the clip and the safety, he holstered it before following after Chris. They all reached the elevator quickly and, upon entering, Chris clicked the desired floor before swiping his ID badge. Instantly, the floor light lit up and the elevator doors closed. Standing in silence, Leon and the BSAA watched as the digital numbers changed every step of the way, finally reading B10. The doors pulled open, Leon and Chris being greeted by another handful of men.

Chris stepped forward, "I'm sure you all know Agent Kennedy. We're all here to find the perpetrator. If you see him, don't shoot to kill unless necessary. We are considering him armed and dangerous since he may be carrying on his person any vial of the several contagions that are housed down here. Please be careful and, if you see him, inform the rest of us of his location." The men nodded, muttering to themselves as they divided themselves into teams.

Leon gave Chris a smirk, "Nice speech. I'm inspired."

"I'm glad someone is, Leon." A small smile crossed Chris' face as he looked at his friend, then, he turned and motioned for everyone to break away and head towards their predetermined destinations. Leon and Chris would be scouting out the lowest level, the level where the worst diseases were stored. It could only be reached by stairwell, built that way as a precaution for situations just like this one.

"Ready?" Chris asked, leveling is assault rifle.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Leon replied, turning off the safety. Walking slowly down the stairs, the two rounded turn after turn in typical military fashion, one keeping an eye ahead while the other kept an eye behind. It didn't take that long before they reached the 13th floor, dubbed the 10-3 floor, which was painted upon the wall. A bright red door sat locked in front of them, the word 'Biohazard' scribbled across it. Chris readied himself at the door, nodding to Leon who ducked down as he swiped his ID card and pushed it open, readying his pistol right after.

As the steel door swung open, a long hallway with several drawers placed in the walls greeted them. Leon rose, stepping out and turning his gun this way and that. One massive hallway housed the door, rounding off to other drawer-covered hallways.

Chris' voice echoed badly in the halls despite his whispering, "It looks like none of the drawers have been tampered with." Leon looked forward, seeing the bright red piece of tape that covered every drawers opening. If someone opened them, the tape would rip, drawing immediate attention to itself. Only someone with security access to the floor could get into the closet with the tape required to be repair it after samplings had been done.

"I guess that's a good sign," he spoke, nodding towards the right. Chris gave an affirmative nod as well, turning himself to the left. Letting the door shut silently behind them, they headed in their directions.

Leon stepped silently, stopping at the first hall. Pressing his back against the wall, he turned his head to the side to glance into the depth of the narrow pathway, no one there. Silently treading past, he repeated his motion at the next hall and the next, again finding nothing. Increasing his pace, he reached the fourth and final hall. Resting his back against the white walls, he sucked in a deep breath, sparing a glance towards Chris. He was done searching his area, heading back towards the door they'd both entered from. Looking back where he needed to focus, he drew in another breath before turning the corner, pointing his gun down the hall.

But it was empty.

Lowering his gun, he glanced towards Chris, whom raised an eyebrow at him. The blonde gave a soft shrug, "Nothing's here. He must not have come to this floor." Right as he said that, Chris' body jerked to the side, something tearing it down one of the hallways.

"Chris!" Running towards his friend, he turned where the man had disappeared only to find a disturbing creature with several sprouted arms, its multiple hands constricting Chris. Leveling his gun, Leon shot two rounds into the monster's head, causing it to rear and release the brunette. Running in and grabbing his comrade, he dragged him back as the creature tossed itself about, trying to recover from the injury. It let out a low moan before looking towards Leon, its blacked skin glossy in the limited light of the area. "What the hell is that thing?"

Chris spat, "Hell if I know." Getting to his feet, he held his gun steady, spitting some of the blood from his mouth. "All I know is it wasn't there before."

"Then where…?" There was no time for questions, the creature rushing the two agents while its arms swung madly. Chris and Leon jumped out of the way, effectively placing the creature between them. "What now?"

"What else, Leon," Chris said, his gun cocking, "Shoot the damn thing!" A hail of bullets left the assault rifle, slamming into the blackened flesh of the monster before them. Leon steadied his gun, shooting at the creature's head. But with each passing minute, the bullets seemed to be less and less effective.

The monster threw one of its arms out, the thing stretching beyond normal length straight towards Leon. He dodged, rolling to the side as the fingers slammed against the tiled floor. The small ceramic pieces fractured under the weight, pieces of broken tile flying and landing on Leon. "Shit, what is this thing made out of?" Leon heard Chris say as he loaded in another clip.

Clicking the button on his headset, Leon spoke, "B.O.W on the 10-3 floor. I repeat, B.O.W on the 10-3 floor." Standing up, Leon dashed away, creating distance. He looked to Chris, who'd already emptied another round into the creature, "This isn't working!"

"No shit, Leon! Do you want to tell me something else I already know?"

Looking desperately around the area, he suddenly remembered where he was.

Hundreds of vials of deadly virus and diseases sat in this room. If one of them ruptured and broke, the entire city would become another Raccoon, only this time it wouldn't be some city in the middle of nowhere, it would be the capital of the United States of America. This country had already recently lost its President, it couldn't stand losing it again, let alone both of the houses and the supreme court.

"Careful Chris!" Leon's words came just as the creature threw another arm at him, leaping out of the way; he disappeared into one of the halls, red tape littering his vision. One strip caught his eyes. It wasn't straight; it was slightly crooked, even bubbled at one point. Shit.

The creature rounded the corner, its hardened skin catching on the light. Leon looked it over as he backed up, catching sight of Chris standing behind it, shooting at it some more. The monster didn't so much as flinch as the bullets came in contact with its hardened shell. As it stumbled towards the agent, he searched desperately. His gun was useless and kicking the beast sure as hell wasn't a good idea. It reached back one of its many arms, readying a strike.

Leon was staring straight at it, eyes locked on its.


They weren't covered by the black shell.

lifting his gun, he got its eyes in his sights. Its arm came rushing forward, headed straight for Leon, ready to send him straight throw the reinforced wall and several vials of deadly viruses. "Eat this," Leon pulled the trigger, the pistol discharging a bullet that zoomed threw the air, lodging itself right in the creature's eye. It wailed and bellowed, stumbling back and nearly landing on Chris. The B.S.A.A agent rushed towards Leon, keeping his gun trained on the wailing monster.

"You okay?"

"Aim for its eyes," was all Leon said as the creature stammered to pick itself up, Chris let out a roar as he shot out several bullets, many of which landed upon the monster's face and eyes. It hissed, body jerking as Chris continued to fire. It thrashed around, limbs sprawling everywhere as it attempted to claw and grab at whatever was causing it pain. But finally, the blacked crust across its face broke open, a mix of flesh and blood oozing its way throw the opening. It stopped moving, body slumping to the ground as the hardened shell began to fracture apart, more of the messy liquid slushing forth.

Just then, men appeared on the stairs, rushing inside with their guns pointed. "Captain! What happened here?"

Chris didn't even look at him, his eyes and gun still trained on the creature. "I think it's dead…" His men slowly lowered their weapons, several of them getting to work securing the rest of the area as well as pulling out scanners to check for any viral abnormalities in the air. The rest approached Chris and Leon, looking over the fleshy, bloody mess that was on the ground.

Leon heaved a sigh, walking towards the tape he'd noticed earlier. He was hoping against all hope he'd only been seeing things, desperation taking over his senses but, sure enough, that wasn't the case. It sat a little below eye level so the blonde knelt down, Chris looking over at him curiously. "What is it, Leon?"

"This tape isn't uniform with the rest. Whoever did this was in a rush." He looked at his friend, opening his palm towards him, "Hand me your knife, would you?" Doing so, Chris watched as Leon leveled the knife with the tape, cutting it open cleanly. Putting the knife down carefully, he placed his fingers gently on the handle. Tension hung in the air, fear leaping between their hearts. In one solid yank, the drawer was open, the nesting place for four vials greeting them.

Three of the four were there, unharmed and nuzzled away in their cushioned holds. Looking up at Chris, he watched as his comrade drug a gloved hand down his face, "God help us now." Leon's eyes looked towards the label for the shelf, the one that sat on the inside of the drawer. Typed by a type writer and printed with bold black ink, Leon saw the words he dreaded seeing:

C-Virus (Enhanced Strain)