A/N: Sorry for the delay posting. As some of you know my wife and I have a rescue farm. It was a sad week here as a dog we took in a year ago, who had been badly beaten, attacked another of our dogs. We have tried to help Sox heal but the damage done was too great and he was just getting too aggressive culminating in the attack on Spud. Spud is covered in cuts, has about 100 stitches and has a long road ahead of him. Sadly, we had to put Sox down all because someone got their jollies beating a puppy. Please: spay and neuter your pets and please, please if you know someone abusing animals report them to the authorities. Some people just shouldn't have animals.

So, without further ado, here's #54, a nice, fluffy happy piece that picks up right at the end of #53. Enjoy!

As JJ and Emily get into the Hummer they look at each other.

"You first," Emily says.

"Do you think it's permanent this time? I mean they've been on and off since July," JJ points out.

"Based on her actions just now, I'd say, yeah, it's over for real. Now is she going to suddenly jump to the rainbow side of the street? Who knows?"

JJ blows out a breath. "I have to say, I really hope it's over. I mean, I like Kevin and respect him for the job he does. But he is such an immature jerk when it comes to Penelope and the job she does."

JJ and Emily jump as someone taps on JJ's window. They turn to see half the topic of the conversation standing at her window. JJ turns the key enough to lower the window.

"Hi, Kevin."

"Uh, I was, um, wondering if…if you talked to Penny."

JJ nods. "Yeah, we did. We're sorry, Kevin."

He shrugs. "No you're not but it's nice of you to say so. Look, can you…do you think…what can I do to win her back?"

"Well, you could- -" JJ starts.

"Nothing," Emily interrupts. Kevin and JJ look at her in shock. "Kevin, what has changed? Are you still going to get pissed when she works odd hours? Still going to get mad when she wants to hang out with just the girls? Are you going to act like a petulant teenager when she gets lauded or promoted or is at all recognized for her work? What inside you has changed when it comes to the professional jealousy you have for Penelope Garcia?"

Kevin stares at Emily, trying to make her words not hit home. JJ sits silently, fighting the urge to offer words of comfort to the man who looks like he is destroyed. Emily's eyes remain resolutely hard as she stares at him.

"If you can't get past all the petty bullshit, just leave her alone. You both need time to get over the pain of breaking up. That same time can be used for self-reflection for both of you. Figure out what you want in a life partner, Kevin. Maybe you'll realize it's Pen or maybe you'll realize it's someone else you need to complete your life." Emily takes a deep breath. Her voice is a bit softer when she speaks this time. "Kevin, she's damn good at what she does. Even if she leaves the BAU she'll still be doing the amazing things she does; the things that first attracted you to her. And if you can't accept that it's best to just cut ties now so you can both find the right person for you."

Kevin opens his mouth as if to say something then closes it. He looks down at the ground a second then back at JJ.

"Tell…tell Penny I…I'll see about getting my stuff…later."

JJ just nods as he turns and walks away, his shoulders slumped dejectedly. JJ rolls up her window and turns to her wife.

"That was harsh."

Emily shrugs. "He needed to hear it."

"Damn right he did. I love it when you go all 'protective friend' on people's ass. I could fuck you right here."

Emily chuckles. "Uh, let's not give the guys in the security office anything to talk about. Drive us home, Mrs. Prentiss."

JJ leans across the armrest to kiss her wife. She gets the Hummer started and begins the drive home. She casually drapes her arm over the armrest, her hand on Emily's thigh.

"So, do you think…Jen…what are you doing?"

JJ had slowly slid her hand higher on Emily's leg. She turns it and cups her wife through the slacks she wears. Emily's hips thrust forward as she sucks in a breath.

"J- -Jen…seriously…what are you doing?"

JJ raises an eyebrow. "Fulfilling a little fantasy," she replies as she starts to rub her wife through the material.

Emily shivers. "We…we…shouldn't. We could be….stopped…or…fuck, Jen…"

JJ grins evilly. "That's the idea. We have a thirty minute commute, Prentiss. Undo your pants and let's see if I can make you scream during the drive."

Emily moans…and complies.

"Recline your seat so you can play with your breasts," JJ orders.

"God, you're such a kinky little slut sometimes," Emily says as she complies.

"Says she who's half naked and getting whacked off," JJ says crudely, knowing Emily likes a little dirty talk when they push the envelope of their love.

Emily just moans as JJ's hand slides into damp curls. Her legs spread as much as they can.

"Your breasts seem lonely, Emily," JJ encourages.

Emily slides her hands up under her shirt. She flips the bottom of her bra up over her breasts so she can play with her sensitive nipples.

"Oh, yeah," she groans as her own hands mirror the actions of JJ's slowly stroking hand. "Please, Jen…in me? Can you? Please?"

"Patience, Emily. Patience," JJ replies.

She uses her pointer and ring fingers to spread her wife open. Her middle finger starts to slowly, softly caress the hard nub hidden in the curls.

"Oh! Oh, Jen…." Emily sighs, her hips trying to force a harder, faster touch.

But JJ is in control. Barely. She takes the same kind of calming breath she takes on the range. She carefully eases her finger farther forward. Emily holds her hips still, begging for JJ to enter her. JJ swirls the tip of her finger around the opening. Emily practically cries, needing more.

"What do you want, Emily?"

"I…I want…oh, fuck, Jen…I want you to take me. Please, baby, take me PLEASE!" Emily begs.

JJ grins…and does just that. From this angle she can hook her finger just right to reach the G-spot. Emily's hips arch off the seat.


She pulls and twists her nipples as her wife starts to work her harder and faster. JJ feels her wife ready to explode.

"Come for me, Emily. Come for me now."

Emily squeezes her breasts one last time…and does just what her wife asks.


When Emily's hips stop bouncing, JJ slowly slides her hand out of her wife's pants. She chances a glance to the side and sees her wife is completely spent but smiling and staring at her. JJ lifts her hand…and licks her fingers, moaning at the taste.

Emily comes again.

JJ just grins smugly. "We'll be home in 10 minutes. Will you be able to walk?"

"I…I don't think so."

JJ laughs. "Okay. You better at least straighten up your clothes so when Francesca helps me carry you in you won't give the neighbors a show."

Emily chuckles. "Right." She starts to dress herself a bit. She gives her wife a look. "You, Jennifer Prentiss, can be a naughty little minx, you know that?"

JJ grins proudly. "I only act sweet and innocent to fool the masses. You get to see the true me in all my many forms."

Emily smiles. "Mmm, lucky me. But tell me: how the hell did you keep us on the road? I'd have wrecked if I was trying to this to you while I drove."

"Emily, I am a woman of many talents. You've only scratched the surface of them so far."

She takes JJ's hand and kisses it. "I look forward to spending years diving below your surface to find them all."

JJ gives her a wink at the double entendre. Emily puts her seat back in its regular position, holding her wife's hand the rest of the trip home.