After her in-laws and parents leave on Sunday, Emily climbs on her motorcycle to take it for a spin. She smiles as she feels it thrum between her legs. She pulls out of the driveway and rides out of the community. She drives it down Route 1, just getting a feel for the machine. When she gets to Fredericksburg, she takes the ramp to 95 North, glad there's no traffic so she can get it up to 55.

"Damn…had forgotten how good these things can make you feel," she thinks to herself.

She gets all the way up to Springfield before getting off the highway, circling around and going back south. She gets home about 2 hours after she left. JJ meets her in the garage. Emily lifts the visor on her helmet, her smile telling JJ all she needs to know.

"You had fun."

Emily dismounts, takes off her helmet and pulls her wife close. "More than fun. Only thing missing was a beautiful woman on the seat behind me."

"Taking applications?"

Emily shakes her head. "Nope, sorry. The position is already filled. The employee just can't start for several months."

"You poor thing," she teases.

Emily shrugs. "I'll survive. She's worth waiting for."


"Always," Emily agrees.

Holding hands, the two go inside to spend the rest of the afternoon with their kids. In Emily's ever so humble opinion, it is the best birthday weekend anyone has ever had.

Monday morning the team gathers in the conference room to go over the open files on their desks and get anything new that had come across on the weekend. As they near the end, Hotch hands another folder to Emily.

"Prentiss, Katie Cole would like you to go up to her unit tomorrow. They have information on a man that might be linked to the Long Island case. She wants your opinion on some of the documents and video they have collected."

Emily groans. "Hello nightmares." She takes the folder. "Tell her I'll be there but she owes me a bottle of Scotch for this."

Hotch grins. "I'll let her know. If we get called away on a case, plan to meet up with us when she's done with you. It may be a couple days to go through all she has."

Emily nods. "Understood."

Hotch then looks at JJ. "I've filed the paperwork on your pregnancy. From this point forward you will relegated to interviewing family members of victims, precinct work, and being the media liaison for the unit." He smiles. "And you don't know how happy that last part makes me."

JJ grins. "I have an inkling. I think we all have an inkling."

"Sad, really. He was getting so good at it," Rossi teases.

Hotch just rolls his eyes and hands one more folder off to Reid. "Reid, cryptology asked if you could give this a look. They think it's a code but can't break it. If you can't they hope you can at least confirm if it is or isn't code, and if it is but you can't break it maybe you can point them in the right direction."

Reid takes it. "I'll give it a look this morning. Unless something jumps out at me right away I may need to think on it a couple of days."

"That's fine. Take your time." Pause. "But they need an answer by this time tomorrow."

Reid grins. "Gee…no pressure."

Hotch nods in amusement. "So, unless anyone has anything else let's get to work."

Emily raises a hand to stop everyone's retreat. "I just wanted to thank you all again for Saturday. Especially you, Morgan, for keeping me distracted. Garcia, Reid, thanks for helping Jen at the house. Hotch, Rossi, thanks for picking up my motorcycle and delivering it. It means a lot to me how much you all put into the day."

"We were happy to help, kid," Rossi tells her.

As they stand to leave, Reid looks at Emily. "You know, if you ride your motorcycle tomorrow you'll be able to take the HOV lanes all the way to Maryland."

"Hey! Good point!"

JJ laughs. "But keep in mind you can't drink coffee on the motorcycle."

Emily frowns. "Ooo…good point, too. Will have to think about that one."

The team gets back to their desks to start another week as part of the best team in the BAU.

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