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PROLOGUE: An Introduction of Sorts

As not many are aware, Sakura is a friend of a blonde, blue-eyed woman named Ino Yamanaka. They weren't all that close, but they did go to school together.

Ino Yamanaka was well liked. A leader. A good speaker and smart.

Sakura was pretty ordinary, compared to her. But she was beautiful in her own way.

When Sakura had reached University. It seemed that college had done wonders for her, for she had bloomed upon reaching it. People had started to notice her, and her circle of friends began growing. But Ino as she did in highschool, excelled as well in college. Student council president and a long time public servant.

But make no mistake, Ino was very kind. Always smiling and very approachable aside from her very much obvious beauty. Which was why, when she nabbed herself one the well-sought out boys, not much were surprised.

Sakura and Ino were on an acquaintance level, of sorts. They would occasionally say hi and chat for a bit when bumping into each other in the hallways. And this was how their story started.

Sakura was sitting in front of the school's accounting office, waiting patiently for her friend Naruto as he paid his yearly dues.


Sakura looked up and saw bright blue eyes staring down at her.

"Ino!" Sakura said as she stood up to give a friendly hug.

As they talked for several seconds about school and what not, Ino suddenly gasped. "I'm sorry! How rude of me, let me introduce to you my boyfriend."

Ino grabbed hold of a man standing a few feet away, and pulled him up to stand beside her. "Haruno Sakura, meet Uchiha Sasuke."

Sakura smiled and extended her hand,

"A pleasure to meet you, Uchiha-san."

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