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Chapter 6

Patrick Jane woke up in a somewhat hangover-like state inside a tangle of sheets, lying somewhere on the floor between bed and door. He felt every single muscle on his body, among them some he had never noticed before. Upon closer inspection, he found that Lisbon clung to his chest like a small kitten afraid of drowning, fast asleep, her hair a wild mess around her head.

Her slender, naked body was plastered to his, and her silky dark curls tickled his nipples, which grew into hard peaks in reaction.

He groaned. Love washed over him like a flash flood, and while he was so scared his whole mind seemed to be aflutter, his heart was all hers, the bridge crossed, their lives entangled.

"I love you." He whispered, and it was his heart's truth, something he would never again be able to lie about.

But unfortunately, he urgently needed to use the bathroom.

Carefully extricating himself from her tight embrace, he rose and picked her up, gently putting her down on the mattress before he covered her with the softest blanket he could find. Still asleep, she blindly groped for him, targeting all the right spots, making him moan.

"Sorry, love. I'll be right back." He whispered.

Five minutes later he stood in front of the mirror, pushing both hands through his disheveled hair, the muscles in his arms groaning in protest. Heavens, what a night.

He had stopped counting how often they had done it around midnight, because she had practically attacked him as soon as they had finished another round, her passion and vigor igniting his own time and again, his love for her making him oblivious to anything but her, them, the sensations they had built together.

He sighed and grinned at his reflection.

Damn, Jane, you're an old man. What were you thinking, getting yourself such a little firecracker?

His grin deepened, a shy happiness filling his heart. He couldn't help it, he was glowing from it.

He sighed and was about to turn when a certain small, warm, naked woman wrapped her arms around him from behind and stopped him. He put his hands on hers, gently caressing her fingers before he reached behind him and pulled her around to his front.

"Good morning," He whispered.

She leaned against the sink with a sassy smile.


Her voice was soft and sleepy, just looking at her made him hard again. He pulled her close, leaning down to fasten his lips over her pulse.

"I'm still angry at you," he murmured, showering her neck with kisses, "for seducing me, you disrespectful little witch."

She chuckled.

"Yes- I'm a mean bad-ass. And I totally forced you, of course."

He grinned.

"Oh yes. You crashed through my defenses like a bulldozer. You ordering me to undress was just too close to my favorite sexual fantasy…"

She pressed warm, wet kisses on his throat and collarbones.

"Just close? What was missing?"

"Weeeelll… in my fantasy, we usually are in your office."

She snorted.

"My office? Forget it."

"Don't you dare to challenge me, woman…"

He claimed her lips in a soul-searing-devouring kiss, letting his tongue play with his until he could feel her whole body burn with lust, squirming against him in her need to crawl into him.

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight.

"How will I protect you, Teresa? My mind is reeling, and I'm so scared."

She looked at him, framing his face with her hands.

"Someone once told me it's better to regret the things you've done than those you haven't. We would have ruined our lives pining for each other, Patrick. Can't you see I'm done playing the victim when I can just as well fight for the most precious moments of happiness? I'm HAPPY now, and I know you are, too. That's all I need to know for now."

She went on tiptoes and kissed his ear.

"We'll get him. We'll be even stronger together. Don't stop believing, Jane."

She pulled back, her eyes moist and soulful.

"I love you."

He groaned and put his forehead against hers.

"I love you, too, Teresa. So, so much. It's just… I can't lose…"

She put her fingers over his lips.

"Shhhh… you won't lose me. Please, love- don't give up hope now."

With a desperate sound he pulled her into his arms, pressing his lips on hers like a starving man. The kiss grew wild and frantic fast, tongues sliding against each other, his hard cock throbbing between them. He got antsy and excited and knew he needed to have her again.

"What do we do now?" she whispered into his mouth.

He broke the kiss and pretended to ponder the question.

"Well… since a certain someone pretty much drained me of all my bodily fluids last night, I'd go with drinking ridiculous amounts of tea… after taking a shower."

"Can I join you?"

"No. I won't have sex again for at least a month, so don't try to tempt me, you impertinent little minx."

He smiled gently at her, his tenderness for her making him so soft and needy he just wanted to sink into her and never leave the tightness of her body again.

She wrapped her hand around his cock, taking care to rub all the right places in the process.

He groaned for all he was worth, the various aches in his muscles forgotten.

"Okay, maybe this once- but don't think you'll get your hands on me again afterwards!"

He knew his eyes told her he would never let her out of his sight again. He fully intended to keep her close, where he could watch and hold her, give her everything he could. The center of his world.

He kissed her roughly, digging his fingers into her cheeks to make her open her mouth wide, covering her hand around his shaft with his own to make her press harder.

He didn't even need to check if she was wet for him- if he had learned one thing about her last night, it was that his by-the-book, reasonable little Lisbon knew exactly what she wanted, and the way she arched her hips against his told him how much she craved him inside of her.

He broke the kiss and looked at her, raising his chin in pretended arrogance, challenging her to tease the lion. Play with fire.

She rubbed his shaft hard, just the way he liked it, and he growled low in his throat, pulling her hair to make her offer her throat to him. Gently pushing his teeth against the side of her neck, he smiled when she shuddered violently in his arms.

"Shower." He whispered and made her shriek in surprise when he picked her up, not setting her down until they were inside the spacious shower stall.

Jane calmly perused the choice of shower gel before he turned his attention back to her.

Again, his smile wasn't reassuring at all.


She was shaking like a leaf, adrenaline and lust coursing through her veins like sweet poison. It was unhealthy how much she still wanted him, after hours of rough sex last night, after he had taken her again and again, until they had fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion.

Jane was surprisingly strong, so strong, and she loved how she could make him lose control, forget all about his gentlemanly manners and just fuck the living daylights out of her. Her toes curled in anticipation when he turned the water on and stepped under the spray, clear water cascading down his body. He ignored her for a few minutes, his hands sliding over his skin, touching areas she regarded as hers, until she finally had enough. She sank to her knees in front of him and started kissing his rock-hard shaft under his stern gaze.

She closed her eyes in bliss. She would never get enough of him, his taste so unique, made for her, hot and wild and fresh, her hands brushing over his wet skin while the warm water ran over her aroused body. When she swallowed him, moaning from the pleasant sensation of his girth sliding down her throat, he softly grabbed her hair and started to thrust, gently, a careful, sliding motion that made her tremble with pleasure.

Her hand wandered over the inside of her thigh, approaching her sex, soaking wet for him, when his harsh voice stopped her.

"Uh-uh, Lisbon. You don't get to do that- I do."

He made her release him and pulled her upright, his hand sliding over her abdomen before he pushed it between her legs. Two fingers entered her immediately, his thumb rubbing over her clit again and again.

Lisbon grabbed his wrist, frantically searching for something to hold on to, but it didn't stop him one bit. She went on tiptoes when the keening sensations mounted, his hot lips kissing and gently biting her neck while his fingers invaded her roughly until she screamed with ecstasy. She came in a major explosion, every muscle in her lower body tensing before she let everything go in a mind-blowing eruption, Jane's kisses getting more and more passionate when his own excitement increased.

He brought her down slowly, making sure she could stand on her own before he pulled his fingers out. She was almost surprised they were still in the shower, warm water pouring down on her, his hands sliding through the wetness before he turned her away from him, making her face the shower wall. He put her hands against the smooth glass, and she splayed her fingers for leverage, arousal humming in every fiber of her body. She was distinctly sore from last night, but it felt good, intoxicating, and the thought that he would shove his cock into her in a second made her shiver with anticipation.

He spread her legs briskly and leaned forward to whisper into her ear.

"Slow and gentle, my love?"

She cried out.

"God, NO!"

He chuckled.

It was all the incentive he needed. Curling his fingers over old bruises, he caused an arousing sting that made her gasp in pleasure even before he took her breath away by slamming into her, his hard cock making her sore walls burn with its ruthless slide. Again she felt owned, possessed, his length reaching so deep he filled her utmost recesses, her mouth falling open on a breathless scream, every muscle once more poised in near-orgasm.

When he started to pound into her, so hard the glass of the shower stall rattled with every merciless thrust, she cried out in bliss, the feelings he gave her so strong her knees wobbled. The sounds he made were utterly erotic, her restrained, controlled consultant shamelessly groaning, shouting his pleasure, picking up speed when his own lust for her demanded more force. She followed the rhythm of the slight pain she felt whenever he rammed his cock against her cervix, the ache hurting so good it just took him a handful of deep thrusts to make her come.

It felt incredible to be taken by him while she convulsed all around him, her body quaking under the frantic staccato of his thrusts until the friction sent her into multiple orgasm, renewing her arousal every time she was close to coming down. Her walls were slick with their combined juices, making it possible for him to keep up his speed despite her tightness, and he pushed in balls deep every time he made impact, his loud moans indicating it felt as good for him as it did for her. She cried out again when he gave a mighty roar and gave into his orgasm with a violent shudder, the force of his ejaculation so massive it felt like a punch.

He held her in place, and the images inside her head made her release that much sweeter. Having him come inside her body, shooting his balmy load into her without restraints felt like a gift, he was finally hers, holding nothing back. The warm liquid he spilled in copious spurts felt wonderful on her flaming walls, and she sighed in relief while delicious aftershocks made her body twitch.

Jane gave a last, soft, thoroughly satisfied sigh and pulled her upright so that her back came to lie against his front. He wrapped his arms around her, his cock still firmly embedded inside of her, lips nuzzling her neck while the shower spray continued to wet their skin.

Still refusing to leave the heat of her body, Jane took one of the bottles from the little metal shelf and opened it, pouring some of the fragrant shower gel into his hand. He started washing her gently, taking special care of her sensitive, aching breasts, giving her soft, shallow thrusts from time to time. His soapy hand found her straining clit and gave her another thorough, bone-melting climax, greedily swallowing her groans with his passionate, open-mouthed kiss.

He pulled out of her then, releasing a gush of hot seed onto her thighs, taking care to wash off all traces afterwards. She turned in his arms, and they continued to play with each other, gently washing their bodies, never stopping to kiss, taste, caress each other, until both of them were clean and sated.


When she came out of the bathroom wearing the dress-like shirt from last night, looking like the sunshine itself, he was just rolling the sleeves of his shirt up. Straightening his vest, he approached her slowly, pulling her into a close hug, chuckling cruelly when she winced.

"Guess who'll be thinking about me every time she moves for a week, huh?"

She slapped his chest playfully, and he caught her hand, guiding it to his lips for a sweet kiss.

They looked at each other, and the strength of his feelings made him shake inwardly. He had known what he felt for her was substantial. But nothing had prepared him for the depth of this love.

"What do we do now?" he said softly. "Do we keep it low?"

Her eyes were so huge, and he could read her thoughts as if she were whispering them into his ear.

"Do you really think he doesn't know?"

"Don't make me more frightened than I already am, please."

She kissed his throat, and her lips on his skin gave him enormous comfort. He gently leaned into her embrace.

"I want us to be realistic about this," she said, "I think everything we can do is watch out, like we always did. He does know, Jane. Maybe he knew before we did."

"Of course he did." He nodded bitterly.

"We are together now, Jane. He won't get us as long as we act as a team."

"You underestimate him, Teresa, he can take everything…"

"He won't. Patrick, if we lose hope, we have nothing. I love you."

His eyes softened.

"I love you, too. You know that, my sweet. What about Bertram?"

She shrugged.

"You're a consultant, not an agent. He'll find a loop hole to keep you with the team."

He pulled her closer.

"He could be Red John, Lisbon."

He felt her mood change, her lips forming a soft pout.

"In that case, he'd definitely know what I feel for you."

He frowned.


"When he wanted to talk to me during the Lorelei Martins affair? He asked me if I had ever thought about what had happened between you and her when she… well, abducted you. And I… couldn't guard my expression fast enough."

"Oh, Teresa."

He held her tight, close to his heartbeat, thundering rapidly just because of her.

"Shhh," he whispered, "I'm here now. I'm sorry I hurt you. I never meant to. I love you. We'll deal with it… all of it, I swear."

He pulled back a little and kissed her, her taste so sweet, a purity and innocence he had never really owned. And his, finally his. He gently pushed his tongue into her mouth, not forcing anything, following her lead. He loved to feel her hands in his hair, the softly moving fingers on his scalp, pulling him into the kiss. He moaned with delight before he ended the contact with a slight smacking sound.

"We'll be inseparable from now on," he said, "and I'm hell to live with."

She chuckled.

"I can't imagine that it can get worse. Just be careful, Jane. Very careful. And don't scram in the middle of the night, NEVER again."

"Dito. I need you close, Lisbon. I'll be hysterically over-protective. Please, humor me."

She nodded and kissed him again.

He would never get enough of her kiss, so soft and warm, reminding him of everything that held meaning.

Her voice was sweet and whispery.

"So- we don't hide?"

He pondered the question for a moment. She was right, of course- he knew. Red John would know immediately, and it sent a hot shudder of fear through his veins. But Lisbon already WAS a target, had been so for years, and nothing he did could change that- only getting rid of Red John once and for all could save them. And that's what he would do- he needed to. Now more than ever.

"We don't hide. There are still a lot of things left I want you to see, and since we don't know when we'll get a holiday again- let's go for it."

She smiled and took his hand. Hers was so much smaller than his, and he couldn't help thinking how vulnerable she was after all- she was his to protect now, and there wasn't a responsibility he would take more seriously.

She pressed another warm kiss on his lips.

"But first- I need to dress at my hotel room, then breakfast and ridiculous amounts of tea."

He groaned.

"You don't really think we'll leave your hotel room without having sex again, do you?"

She gave him a blinding smile.

"We'll see about that. We're on holidays, after all."

She opened the door and led the way, granting him an enticing view of her backside. Jane looked around the room for a last time, sighing in bliss.

And left an extra generous tip for the chambermaid.

The End

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