It was 7.15am and she was going to be late…but she was always late. Plus sooner or later Miriam's 'I'm such a morning person now I've kicked my habit' sing-song-voice would creep its way up the stairs reminding her she couldn't stay in her protective warm bed forever.


'Helga darling, you're going to be late for school, I've made you some coffee to go'.

She had to get up now; the last thing she wanted was Miriam prancing into her room with said coffee, skipping around like a happy-go-lucky cartoon character or something…again.

Helga peeled herself away from the warmth of her bed, stripped off her bed shorts and shirt and grabbed a towel. She couldn't be bothered washing her hair…she would miss the bus if she did anyway. So after her shower she pulled on her baby pink skinny jeans and black vest top, pulling her hair into a messy bun before begrudgingly making her way down the stairs to slip on her trainers. Where predictably Miriam greeted her with a coffee and a smile.

Miriam had worked very hard over the last two years to wean herself, and stay off, her old pain medication. After hurting her back in a car accident when Helga was 6, Miriam had to take them…then soon discovered that taking double doses a couple of times a day she would slip into a blissful dream like state where nothing mattered. She was bored, she was lonely, she had turned out to be anything but the person she set out to be in her early 20s. As the years went on her behaviour was an accepted problem, no one did anything about it for years until Helga turned 14. Olga coming home to become an 'actress', (aka she had no money to support herself while she went for her 'big break'), meant that Olga witnessed her mothers dependency first hand. Usually when Olga was home that last thing Miriam wanted was to be out of it, but after about 3 weeks the novelty of Olga being home had worn off and Miriam was bored…again.

Helga had to admit that her sister's determination to get Miriam on the right track was impressive, it took about 4 months before Miriam realised that Olga wasn't going to give up on her before she really took the getting clean thing seriously, and since then Miriam had been what Helga had always wanted, a doting mother who wanted to be there for you as much as she could. But going 14 years without this made Helga uncomfortable, Miriam was annoying…not drugged up annoying, more like the show 'Glee' annoying, Helga wasn't a 'Glee' girl, she was a 'leave me the hell alone your invading my life' kind of girl.

After Miriam gave Helga a quick hug and a peck on the cheek the slim blond teen practically dove out the house before anymore unneeded affection could be displayed. One thing was certain, Miriam could make the best coffee. Helga made her way to the bus stop and waited, closing her eyes and slowly sipping on the dark black liquid waiting for it to spring her to life.

The she felt a massive slap on her ass.


She turned to see the biggest grin slapped across Jake Thompson's face.

Now Jake was he most annoying of Helga's admirers. Having admirers still both shocked and irritated Helga, as she preferred to just go about her day unnoticed. But When Helga was just about to turn 15 she experienced what Miriam and Olga likes to call the 'Patterson effect'. Patterson was Miriam's maiden name, and all the Patterson women would go through most of their life being either plain or flat out ugly looking, until they became teenagers. Now since Helga took after her dad more than her mother in both the personality and looks department, it was thought she wouldn't experience the 'Patterson effect'. Well she did, just a bit later than thought. One of the most uncomfortable times in Helga's young life was the summer this happened. She had gone away with Bob, Miriam and Olga for a 6 week 'lets bond and we travel across America' tour, and during this time the Patterson effect kicked in. She literally left for her family break a 5'1, flat chested, no shape-skinny teen, and returned 5'6, curvy yet slender, big-busted woman.

Nothing fit her; she had to borrow most of Olga's clothes as the weeks went on. And when she got home she tried her best to hide both her figure and her face from anyone. Miriam and Olga were having none of this and went out one day only to return with what Helga now describes as her 'The younger Olga' wardrobe. Bob wasn't happy. Suddenly seeing his 15 year old daughter in tight skirts (be it a decent length) and V-neck tops made him nervous. When Olga had become a woman he wasn't worried, she was a good girl and would never think of doing anything stupid. But Helga was different, aggressive; he thought she would use her new image and body to her advantage.

But his worries were unfounded. Helga was commonly known as the 'Virgin we would love to bang'. She had no interest in flouting about, she wouldn't deny that she had had a massive ego boost over the last year with her class mates once previously heckling her about her 'dyke style look' to literally doing all they could to either be her friend or flat out fuck her. But she was only interested in one person, and he had left a long time ago.

'You. Look. So. Hot'

He was practically drooling. Jake was the only guy she knew who wouldn't back off when she threatened to castrate him for eyeing her up. They hadn't grown up together, he joined Hillwood High only 2 years ago, so Helga put it down to the fact he hadn't experienced her pre-teen school yard threats, and of course fights.

'Don't start its too early'

She couldn't be bothered with witty retorts, it really was too early.

Even so, Jake took this as a weakness and firmly grabbed her ass, slipping his hand into her back pocket. Mistake. At that very moment the bus pulled up at the stop allowing the entire passenger collective to witness Helga throwing luke warm coffee into Jakes face, resulting in him tripping back flat on his ass as Helga calmly walked up the steps of the bus, all eyes on her, as she took her seat next to Gerald.

'Morning Pataki', Gerald muttered with his eyes glued to his cell phone.

'Where's Pheebs?'

'Dentist', his eyes not leaving the glow of his cell phone screen.

'Some one was recoding you as you flung that coffee on Jake. Uploaded to the 'Helga's tits and ass' page already'.

Helga hated Facebook. She joined it a couple of years ago out of a mixture of curiosity and peer-pressure. Straight away she realised this was something she did NOT want to be part of. Nothing but self-indulgent photo albums, duck face profile pictures and attention seeking statuses. Plus, she had searched him.

Since Arnold had moved to San Lorenzo with his parents 4 years ago he had written to her. She wrote to him. She never posted them though, preferring to neatly organise the letters in her room. She thought, well she knew, she needed to distance herself from him. Her entire being had been Arnold for so long and she was exhausted. She was both terrified and relieved when he announced he'd be moving. This would be good for them, some distance would be good. She never intended on flat out ignoring him though. As time went on the letters got harder and harder to post, and his letters became fewer and fewer until they just stopped.

After three months and no word from Arnold she asked Phoebe and Gerald not to mention him to her. They obliged without asking why, they didn't need to.

When she searched him he had a very restricted profile. But not so restricted that she could scroll though his collection of profile pictures. He looked happy, he looked like a man. And she still loved him. Damn.

'I thought you had reported that page, it's disgusting'

Gerald finally tore his eyes away from his phone to look at her.

'I did, I mean I do! But when one of your pages get taken down another one pops up'.

She sighed. Another reason why she hated Facebook. It seemed certain members of Hillwood High's male population had created a couple of pages dedicated to documenting days her ass or tits looked good. As well as plots to see who could pop her cherry. Delightful.

'Yeah I know, sorry, I'm just not in the mood for cat calls or date proposals today'

'You should grant yourself lucky blondie'

Rhonda was sat behind them, fingering her long dark locks all the while shooting longing glances at some of the High school football team sat on the back row.

'Not all the girls on this bus, or even in our school, get to wake looking as hot as us', she snickered.

'Please. Don't ever say 'us'. There is no 'us' Rhonda. I'm not interested in your little social life where you enjoy a good game of grab-ass'

Gerald snorted a laugh, Rhonda looked pissed.

'Oh shut up Pataki, you think your so special because you're hot and still have your cherry. All it will take is one shot too many at another house party and you will have popped it'.

Now Helga was pissed.

About 6 months ago Rhonda had organised a little gathering at her house. Of course it wasn't little. Anyone who was either considered 'cool' or old enough came. Helga came parley for nostalgic reasons. All the PS 1.18 crew were going and she hadn't hung out with them all at the same time in so long. Plus she had come across her old Arnold locked when she was cleaning out her room earlier that day, so she needed a reason to smile again.

After about 2 hours of catching up with the old gang Helga was feeling slightly tipsy. Stinky had made some of his world famous moonshine and she wasn't keen on drinking anything else. Everything else Rhonda had up for grabs was either vile tasting or most likely spiked with some illegal substance. Stinky made good moonshine and kept it to himself, unless you were on his good side.

While stumbling out of the bathroom on the second floor of Rhonda's stupidly big house she was approached by Dylan Ryler, the typical high school heartthrob. Helga wasn't interested.

'Hey Cherry, want some punch?'

He had a cheeky smirk on his face as he produced a pint glass of red punch up to her face.

'Hell no, you probably laced it with cat aids or something'

'You're such a pussy Pataki, why do you even come to these parties if your not going to get to know other people except your stupid little group of kid friends?'

He was closer to her now, his face was almost in hers and all Helga could smell was vodka, cigarettes and fruit, from the punch she imagined. He then took a large gulp out of the pint glass and then handed it to her, a look of daring in his eyes.

Feeling reckless, she took the glass out of his hand and tipped it to her lips. She hadn't meant to, or maybe she did, she wasn't sure, but she drank everything in the glass then preceded to stare at him is she licked the rim of the glass. She had no idea why.

'Good girl', he grinned.

It all got fuzzy after that. From what she was told by Gerald the next day he had become worried when she hadn't come down fro the bathroom in over an hour. And after not finding her in there, him and Harold began checking all the rooms they could.

It was only when they got to the top floor and the final unchecked room did they find her. Dylan was on top of her; she had barely any clothes on except for a bra, her tank top was pooled around her waist. She was out cold. Dylan had nothing but his shirt on and they entered and saw Dylan spread Helga's as he was about it penetrate her. They pounced on him.

The next day Helga woke up in Phoebe's bed and had Gerald and Harold recount what they had seen. She was so stupid.

Luckily Dylan had just graduated from High school so she wouldn't have to see him again. Even so word had spread that Dylan almost popped her cherry. Of course they weren't interested in the fact he had probably drugged her with something, just the fact that he had gotten so close.

'You're full of shit Rhonda, fuck off'.

Rhonda grinned and sat back in her seat, satisfied that she had would Helga up nice and early today.

She was so happy to get off the bus and head to class. She had English first and would be able to switch off from all the crap and annoyance around her on a daily basis.

She saw phoebe immediately as she got off, smiled and quickly linked arms with the pretty Asian girl and headed up the stone steps of her prison that was high school, completely unaware that a man, a dark eyed man with a soul as black as the night sky was watching her as she walked. He was watching her and he was smiling.