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Should I be working on my Doctor Who story Magnetic Attract? Probably. But I fell victim to the almighty plot bunnies... Oh well! I swear I'll try and update real soon but I may have caught a case of writer's block for that idea currently xD Anyway, I'm taking the 30 Day OTP Challenge and I've chosen one of my favorite couples for it, Sherlock and Molly! :3 So I'll be updating a sweet and short little one shot everyday for each of the prompts. Here's day 1: holding hands!


I do not own Sherlock or any of the characters, if I did Molly and Sherlock would already be a couple. x3

Day One: Holding Hands

This was new to Sherlock, after all he'd only just realized his... feelings for a certain mousey pathologist, and his formerly logical brain was racing to categorize everything, label every second and sort it into his mind palace. (It certainly didn't help that these days Molly Hooper took up the majority of it. Directly after she comforted him during his darkest days, the days after his "death", she had practically conquered it. Now it seemed every nook and cranny of what used to be his own mental sanctuary was filled with his favorite pathologist, her alluring scent of vanilla and cinnamon, the way her eyes sparkled when she smiled, and the light blush that spread over her cheeks whenever he complimented her.)

It was a Tuesday afternoon that day, and consulting detective Sherlock Holmes was walking alongside Molly Hooper, he hadn't had a case today so to push away the boredom he had visited her during her lunch break. After a while, when Molly tired of his restless pacing and fidgeting she suggested that they go out for a walk and he could tell her what he deduced about the people they passed. Sherlock had objecting at first, practically whining about how boring the pedestrians of London were, but eventually she'd convinced him. (Though she did have to drag him outside) As they walked along, Sherlock was silent and first, he was trying to memorize the way the bright sunlight hit her face and that aforementioned scent of vanilla and cinnamon he loved so much. Wondering if it was natural or some sort of perfume, Sherlock decided to ask her if he could run some experiments to figure out what caused it...

He was startled out of his thoughts by Molly's warm hand tangling with his, smiling fondly down at her he decided he could always ask her later, right now he just wanted to spend time with her. Leaning down so his mouth was close to Molly's ear he pointed to the woman walking a Yorkie on the other side of the street, whispering his thoughts on her. His smiled widened when Molly giggled and smiled up at him with that adorable almost dreamy look she sometimes had. Sherlock leaned down again, smirking a little as she turned to look at him, he whispered,

"And as for my deductions for you, Molly Hooper, you are a very pretty young women who happens to have a dinner date with a very impressive consulting detective." He straightened up as Molly rolled her eyes and smacked him fondly on the arm with the hand that wasn't intertwined with his own. "And I think that the famous Sherlock Holmes needs to rein in his ego!" Molly giggled and Sherlock only smirked smugly, deciding that there was no one he'd rather be with right now, and no where he'd rather be. Molly Hooper and Sherlock Holmes were together at last, just as it should be.

Author's Note:

What do you think? Personally, I think Sherlock was a bit OOC but it works, at least in my mind. Be sure to review! :) Thanks for reading I'll be posting the next one tomorrow.