Hey so if you read the latest chapter of "Will you Dance with me Tonight", you probably saw the update note about me not posting new chapters because of my exam week. However, I had this really good idea and just wanted to get the first chapter written down so I wouldn't forget.

I'm so sorry if you guys were expecting another chapter of "W.Y.D.W.M.T".

"Sir, Agent Barton requests that you, and I quote: 'Get your lazy ass out of bed.' "JARVIS announced.

Tony blearily opened his eyes and glanced at the clock. It read 10:17. "Shit," he swore before leaping out of bed. "JARVIS, ask Clint if he has all the supplies ready." Tony called out quietly, trying not to wake his sleeping slipped on a fresh t-shirt and sweatpants and exited his huge bedroom, closing the door quietly.

"Agent Barton is waiting in the common room with all the supplies, sir," JARVIS responded.

"Perfect, tell him I'm heading down right now." Grabbing his leather jacket, he ran into the elevator and jabbed the button 74. He tapped his foot impatiently while he waited until it stopped. As soon as the doors opened, he bolted out and ran into the common room, where Clint was waiting.

"What took you so long?!" Clint demanded while jumping to his feet. He was sitting on the comfy brown couch with three buckets next to him. He was also holding a brown bag."I have been waiting for a hour for you to get the supplies, until I finally got them myself! And I was nice enough to not come up to you're room and haul you out of bed."

"Sorry," Tony panted, out of breath from running. I was sleeping!" He protested. Walking over to his partner in crime, he peered into the brown bag. When he saw what was in there, he smiled mischievously.

He took a deep breath.


Clint facepalmed. "C'mon, lets go now," he exclaimed, tugging on Tony's arm. "He'll be back soon from his jogg, so we don't have a lot of time."

"Alright alright, relax bird-brain."

They scurried back into the elevator, each grinning with glee.

It was the beginning of...