Sometime around chapter 574, a psycho-Sasuke was still at the deep end, burning shit with a rampaging dark Susano'o.

Two chapters, later...

"What do you mean you don't like evil!"

Itachi gave a nonchalant shrug, as he continued onto Kabuto's base. "I'm actually not into the badboy image. It was entertaining to play the villain and tease the fangirls, but I'm relieved I may go back to normal duty again."

Sasuke was sputtering. "But- but... these are your eyes, nii-san! I've already committed to a suicidal crusade to redeem the family name for you! Isn't that what you wanted?"

"No, little brother, you interpreted me... very wrongly." After some afterthought, Itachi said, "Did you know I bumped into Naruto-kun? I'm very impressed by how much he's matured. He has truly inherited Shisui's will, and become admirable hero who places the people first, fighting towards the long needed revolution to save humanity." Chuckling, Itachi closed his eyes. "Of course, he's still needs much more refinement, but I would be proud to serve under him when he becomes the new Hokage."

When the footsteps behind him came to a halt, Itachi stopped and turned around to see Sasuke hunched over, his forehead against a tree. Blue lines of depression sunk in. "Naruto... you... proud..."

Itachi lowered an eyebrow, and with a sigh, lifted his brother up. A hand on Sasuke's shoulder, Itachi said gently, "It's just ideology, Sasuke. Naruto and I, ours resonate. But you have your own choices in life, and if you prefer to be a self-destructive, batshit insane criminal, well... I'll love you regardless."

Sasuke hung his head.

Itachi patted his head. "There there."


Present day...


"Do you even know what Hokage means?" Kiba demands, pointing a finger.

"Nope, but I'm going to be one." Without a blink, Sasuke throws away the revenge seeking psycho persona and grabs a cellphone. "Hello, campaign manager?"

"Hello Sasuke, yes, the amount of your inheritance is more than enough to jumpstart your political career, but you will still need a strategy for securing majority vote..."

"What if I take off my shirt?"

"I'll vote for you!" Karin, and many fangirls, squeaks.

"Okay, the female population itself is not enough to-"

"I'll vote for him," Orochimaru says, holding up a finger.

"The gay population might tip the scale, but-"

"Eh, I'll vote for him."

Everyone turns to look at the man on top of the Ten Tails, but Madara merely shrugs. "What?"

"Aaand you have the crazies on your side. Alright then, I'll start your promotional ad."

Naruto face palms. "Why do I feel so trolled."

Hinata sends him the deadpan. "Welcome to our world," she says, along with the rest of the shinobi population and audience.

Meanwhile, the Ten Tails is still stomping and roaring useless background noise.