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Chapter two

Isabella's POV:

**Age 14**

I sighed and curled up into a ball on my bed that was made out of straw. It wasn't comfortable, just itchy and bothersome. I would usually sleep on the ground, it was more comfortable, but tomorrow is the annual slave trade and I had to look presentable for the nobels. I didn't want to wake up with dirt stains on my skin and clothes. I didn't want to spend another year in this hell hole. They made me work in harsh conditions, long hours, and if you showed any weakness they would beat you. I was one of the lucky ones, one of the only girls that had remained untouched by the masters-the lords Aro, Caius, and Marcus. If the girls that worked with me were too weak to do so, they would be sent to the masters bed chambers to please them and beg them to spare their lives.

I had only spent four years here, but I knew if I stayed any longer I would be sent to their chambers as well. I didn't know what they did to those poor girls, but if it was their first time in the chambers they would come back bleeding and crying. I didn't want that to happen to me, I already bruise way too easily because of my clumsiness.

When I came here I was ten. Over the past four years I've lost memories of my life before. This place is now all I know, and I hate it. Yet, I have a dream every night, or it could be a memory from my life before this place. It's of a man lying on the ground smothered in his own blood. People are running around and screaming. There's smoke, it's hot, I can't see or breathe. Then, when I feel arms around my mouth, I wake up. It's the same dream over and over again. From the moment I came here, to now. When I leave I hope to leave behind this nightmare for good.

There was a loud crash and a cry from outside the hallway. I went outside and peeked out from my door, seeing a younger girl—around the age of six or seven—on the ground, covering her face. And a large man towering over her, ready to strike her. "Please, please, please, don't hit me." She begged over and over, still hiding from the man.

I watched the scene play out for a few second, just like everyone else, but don't know what came over me. Suddenly I threw myself forward and blocked the way for his hand. Instead, I took the slap. It echoed in the hallways and burned my cheeks. Tears stung my eyes but I looked at him straight in the eyes and did not budge. "Move, stupid girl. Or I will strike you again." He snickered.

I opened my mouth to speak, but was hit again.

And again.

He kicked.

He punched.

I screamed.

Tears were streaming down my face as I lay withering on the ground, waiting for him to hurt me again. I would definetly get bruises from this, and be forced to stay another year. Dammit.

Hands were on me, but I don't know who's. My friends? Or maybe Aro, or Caius, or Marcus. Oh, no..

I shut my eyes tightly and sniffled, refusing to see who it was. "Lady, are you well?" A velvet voice spoke, it was familiar and belonged to a man. Curiosity to the best of me and my eyes opened, meeting a pair of beautiful green. His jaw so defined, his lips so pink, his skin so soft.

"Who are you.." I managed to whisper. He looked so familiar, so beautiful. Like an angel.

There were small gasps and whispers around us, but I didn't pay any attention to them. All I cared about was this man in front of me. His handsom face, his gentle hold on my chin. Him.

"Prince Edward, and you are?" He spoke again. His voice, my god. His beautiful voice sounded so-

Wait. I thought, Prince Edward. As in, the royal family?!

I pushed myself away and stood up. "I am leaving." I said with confidence, blood dripping down from my nose. I turned on my heels, meeting the eyes of the frightened girl I saved from a beating. With a smile to her, I walked back to my room with my head held high.

What. The. Hell.

What just happened.

Did I really just leave the prince standing there?!

I'm going to die for sure. Or worse, be sent to the bed chamber.

I quietly closed the door to my room and slowly sank to my knees. "What just happened?" I asked myself, watching drops of blood slide from my nose and on my clothes. So dark, so red.

There was a knock on my door. Once, twice, thrice. Pause—silence. I waited, and when I knew that whoever it was had left I stood and ripped a part of my white dress to wipe my blood.

"Lady?" A voice said from behind a door. It was muffled but I could still make out who the voice belonged to—Prince Edward.

"My prince, we must leave. Your father will have my head if he finds out we came here." Another voice said from behind the door.

"Just a moment, General Emmett." Another knock "I'm the Prince and I demand that you open the door!"

"Or what?" I screamed back.

"Or-.. Or-.. Or I will imprison your family and have them beheaded because of you!"

I stood, angry and frustrated that he thought he could just get whatever he wanted with the snap of his fingers. I opened the door and glared at the prince "That's too bad, my lord. I'm afraid you can't do that anymore considering the fact that my parents are dead. Good luck beheading two lost corpse's, your highness." I sneered and slammed the door on his bewildered face.

Silence followed after my outburst and I sat down on my bed, sniffing and trying not to cry; to show any weakness. Damn that prince. He was rich and had a family. He didn't understand my pain, my sacrifice.

**Age seventeen**

I sighed and blew away a strand of hair that had fallen free from my braid and on my face. My elbows hurt, and my hands were blistered from a long days work at the Volterra castle. I had been sold to this castle a year ago and was told that when I was eighteen summers I would be the kings new mistress, just like every other lady at this castle.

I would spend my nights in his chambers, pleasing him, doing whatever he asked me to do. I could not fight him, because I would be dead if I tried. King James was not a kind man, and his Queen was a royal pain in the ass as well. Queen Victoria had secret lovers of her own, her big red head holding many secrets that endanger everyone. King James and Queen Victoria were not in love, of course. They were forced into marriage to unite their to kingdoms. Rumours always fly around that their son, Prince Laurent, was not even from Jame's bloodline. James has white hair—it was so blonde that it turned white after a while—and these blue eyes that watch your every move. Victoria had curly red hair that went just below her waist and she always let it run wild; her eyes were pitch black, evil and never missing anything.

Their son was different, though. It was obvious why people talked that he wasn't the real son of James. He had dark skin, almost black, and his mothers onyx eyes. He was tall and well built, always ready for battle. He grew his thick black hair down to the ends of his ribs and had it tied back most of the time. He wasn't like his parents. He wasn't rude, or obnoxious, or snobby. He was kind when he was away from his parents eyes and ears. All the maids loved to watch him train—needless to say, he trained without a shirt and had a strong stomach. He wouldn't ever make a maid feel dirty by touching her, he would make them feel safe. Although those are just things I've heard people whispering about in the dinning halls. I've never actually spoken to him before. I had watched him train once, and I admit, he is strong.

"Isabella!" I heard the devil yell from behind and flinched. What did she want now? I groaned. "Where is that horrid girl? Isabella!"

"Yes, your highness?" I stood and bowed my head when I saw her approach. She was wearing one of her finest gowns today, perhaps another handsome knight was coming today.

"You stupid girl, are you deaf? I was yelling for you for ten minutes! You know what the healer said about using my voice too much!" She screamed and spat at my face. My eyebrow twitched as I tried to control my anger and resist spitting back.

"No, your high-"

"Never mind, I need you to wash my hair. There is a tournament today and it has to be clean and scream for attention." She smirked. Yep, I thought, a handsome knight is coming. Maybe one of her previous lovers, maybe a new one. It's always entertaining to watch her seduce the young ones, they don't know what they're getting themselves into. "Isabella!" She screamed at me again, causing me to blink and bow my head down in shame. "Honestly, no wonder your parents gave you up." She mumbled and walked off.

I sighed and followed behind her as quietly and gracefully as I could, my head still bowed and my work half done. She just didn't understand that some of us worked our asses off each and every day, did she? Ugh! Maybe I should hide a dead bug in her hair. Oh yeah, I'm so doing that.

The tournament had started, the bug was hidden, my work was done and I was sitting next to Queen Victoria, working on my sewing as the knights were announced. I noticed the Queen getting more nervous and anxious as the tournament played out.

Was her knight winning? Was he losing?

Did I care?

"Please, welcome to the stage, the one, the only, crowned Prince Edward from Seattle!" I heard someone yell and then the people jumped up, cheering for young Prince Edward. I rolled my eyes, but my curiosity made me look up and my breath caught in my throat.

There, standing less than twenty feet from me, was the Prince Edward. I think I had met him once when I was in the slave trades.. Yes, I remember now. I had be so rude! Hell, he's going to recognize me and order to have my head chopped off! I don't want to die.. But.. I guess I'd die happy staring into his gorgeous, trapping green eyes. Touching his soft ski-

What am I saying? No I don't want to die! Especially not because of him, the man that just stood by and watched a little girl almost get beaten. The man that watched me get beaten..

I shook my head and closed my eyes, trying to get rid of my thoughts. Once I opened them again, I looked straight at him, trying to show no fear. He was staring right back at me..

Wait, what? The Prince, the son of the king, was staring right at me with his head cocked to the side. Had he recognized me?

Oh, God.. He had!

He must have!

My breathing picked up and my palms became sweaty. I looked towards my Queen for help, but she was staring straight at the Prince with a dreamy look on her face. My eyes spotted the dead cockroach I had hidden in her hair and my lips twitched. I covered my mouth with my hands as my body shook with silent giggles.

Why was I laughing when I was so close to death? I'm such a strange person. I looked back up and saw that the prince was still staring at me with amusement and.. What else? He was hard to read. His lips started to twitch into this weird, crooked grin that literally stopped my heart. My eyes widened as my heartbeat stopped and then sped up. He gave me a satisfied smirk and carried on ridding his horse around, showing off his beautiful stallion and well made armor.

When I looked back at my Queen I saw that she had a devious look in her eyes, the same look she got when she thought she had won over a mans heart. So the Prince was who the Queen was after? That's interesting..

I bit my lips and shook my head, realizing that all this was just a game. The prince wasn't interested in me, just interested in getting in my bed. Well, tough luck my lord, I'm staying pure and untouched until my eighteen summers. Then, and only then, must I become impure for my king..

Throughout the event, I switched from sewing to watching the Prince fight and win his battles. I was constantly biting my lip, worrying for his safety even though I knew that his armor and horse were both very strong and capable of protecting him from major injuries.

As expected, he won the tournament, earning himself yet another title. I rolled my eyes at his arrogance as he stood on his horse and yelled to the crowd, sending most of the ladies winks and crooked grins. I giggled when I saw that even my Queen was acting differently with him. This was all a game to him. He didn't care who's bed he got into, he just wanted someone during his stay here.

"Your highness, over here!" I heard King James call Prince Edward over, no doubt ready to hand over any prize the spoiled prince wanted. The King cleared his throat and got the attention of the audience quickly. "For your bravery and victory, my wife and I would be most honored to hand you a prize. Any woman in the audience is yours to pick!"

I knew it. King James always gave women as prizes.

Prince Edward scanned the crowd, hearing the ladies yell for him. He sent each one a smile, but he seemed dissatisfied with them all. His eyes brushed off every single lady and I could practically hear all of the maids groaning since they'd never be picked. I just couldn't help the small giggle that left my lips.

It was as if the Prince had heard me, because as soon as I started to giggle in the middle of all this noise and distraction his eyes snapped to mine. We held each others gaze for what seemed like forever before he finally spoke.

"This young, beautiful lady.. May I have her as my prize?" He asked, turning to a very shocked King James. The Prince gave the King a smile and then looked at me once again. Every pair of eyes were on me, watching my reaction to his highness's choice.

I tried to swallow, tried to stay standing and keep my eyes on the Prince. I felt nauseated and weak. I also felt very exposed and dirty, just like how I would feel in bed once the Prince would be done with me..

"I'm afraid that cannot be done, your highness." I heard the distant sound of King James's voice and felt his eyes burn my skin as he stared at my body. I flinched, but tried to hide it. "You see, she is untouched and meant to be mine in a few months. I'm afraid I can't have you soil her." He said with a look in his eyes—a look of triumph, a cocky and arrogant look.

The Prince seemed disappointed with his answer and thought for a moment before speaking, "Well, my lord. Would you agree to marriage?" The Prince suggested.

Silence fell throughout the stadium and I'm sure I became as pale as a sheet. The world started spinning and I felt my throat swell up as my head came in contact with the ground.

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