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I smiled one of my rare smiles, which recently were becoming far less rare. "So you wish to hear a story, hmm? You wish to know just how my sister and I came to be as we now are? Of course, you could wait a week, and merely read my mind, but I know already that you won't. ...Dammit, I need to really stop doing that. Sister and I became hated in part for using our power willy-nilly, you know."

And so I gave one of them the chance to reply. The serious one, who rarely did act how her heart truly wanted to, asked, "But why? Why would anyone hate you for such a stupid reason?"

Knowing that she meant well, I replied, "Because humans destroy that which they fear. And that which they are unable to destroy, they merely try and banish. Reading the heart is a fearsome power in the wrong hands. We satori are the right hands, but evil eyes are known to abuse their intrusive mind-reading, which gives us all a bad name. Evil eyes and satori are from the same source, you know. We are like sisters. Sisters who kill each other, but sisters none the less. Or would cousins be a more accurate term? Semantics."

Once more pausing in my words, I waited for a reply, this time from the one who is more joyous, yet also tends to hide her heart from full view. Little to hide of note, too... "I understand the whole being hated thing, I think." She had a wistful smile on her face as she spoke.

I could only nod in reply to this. "That you do, dear... At least youkai have a reason to be hated. We are dangerous. We can easily kill humans at the drop of a hat, and I mean that literally in Koishi's case. I try to warn others not to touch that hat, yet so often do they not listen, and end up losing an arm. Sometimes I wish that we satori were less well equipped when it comes to natural weaponry. We have these claws which can easily be used to rake flesh, and enough strength to pull off arms. Of course, it is useful to be able to do both of these things, but so easily can they both be abused."

The one of the more serious personality once more spoke, asking, "Why is she like that over a hat? I can't imagine that being reasonable..."

I let out a sigh at the question, and replied, "She... has issues. You shall find out the why of this when I speak of this in the story. Trust me, although it's not the best reason, it is a reason none the less. She loves that hat, and trust me when I say there is no replacement for it."

Having no defense for being told to trust me, the more bubbly of the two replied, "Well, if you say so. So, you going to start the story, or what? It feels like a good time as any to start it..."

Chuckling, I said, "Well, if you insist. Let's see, where to begin..." Taking a deep breath, I started with, "A long time ago - ohh, let's say about two centuries ago - Koishi and I used to be human, just as you two are. We were twelve and fourteen, respectively. I was the younger one, of course, as is indicated by our height difference. Unlike the two of you, we didn't have the luxury of meeting the satori that would change us face-to-face, so they... well, they came to us in our sleep. In our dreams, in particular. And let me tell you, that was a particularly interesting experience. The dreamscape is the most fascinating part of the mind - everyone produces a unique one, and all of them are... interesting. Mine was no exception, and is actually quite difficult to describe... There were... well..."

I began to rub my chin in thought of just what my dreamscape was like. Or, to be more exact, how to put it into words. "It was... it was quite pink. Let's go with that. Everything was quite pink within it, save for the blue woman. The woman who would be my mother, who had blue hair. It was a soft blue, and it matched her soft blue eyes so perfectly. That black sunhat of hers looked quite nice against that cotton candy-like hair, which was so very fluffy. Of course, I had no idea what cotton candy was back then, so I merely thought it looked..." I blushed a little, and said, "...Cool."

Raising a brow, the serious one asked, "You thought blue hair looked... cool?"

I nodded, and replied, "I am not proud of it, but yes. And that was the main reason I accepted. Because I wanted cool hair." I blushed quite a bit more at the thoughts racing through their heads, my cheeks now matching the soft pink of my hair a bit, but otherwise ignored them as I added, "And so I found myself being stolen when I woke up. I, along with my sister, was being slung over the shoulder of the youkai as she stalked through the night. It was quite the interesting experience, really... Koishi was sleeping like a baby the whole way" I couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the memory.

Tilting her head, the serious one asked yet again, "The whole way? I never knew that Koishi was such a heavy sleeper..."

Smiling, I replied, "You know, you two really should start referring to the two of us like parents. You've already been impregnated, so it is only a matter of time until we truly are your new parents."

At this, the serious one began to blush as well. "K-Koishima, then..."

Getting back to the story, I said, "And then, when we were back at the cave she called home, she gave us one last chance to reject her offer. Said that she wanted only the willing to help her continue the species. We both were happy to agree. But... Koishi, she would eventually deeply regret this decision. Of course, as she couldn't do the same trick as Koishi now can, she was spotted as she 'kidnapped' us. A mob was formed to destroy the youkai... And by the time they came to kill her, we were already passed the point of no return. Not that they knew. After taking care of mother, they didn't even bother to check the cave. Figured we were eaten, I suppose. All that was left... was her hat. Koishi took it upon herself to wear it, and care for it. She hasn't let that hat down since, even in her loss of consciousness. You could even say that it made her more aggressively look after it. Although, it was some time before she would close her eye. Before she would grow tired of the senseless hatred aimed at us..."

This time, it was the bubbly one to speak up. "Koishi really loves that hat, doesn't she? I never thought it would have such a heavy meaning to it...

I could only nod in reply. She truly does love that hat...