King's Landing

244 AL

King Aegon paced up and down the hallway outside his son Jahaerys and his wife's chambers, his good-daughter had gone into labour two hours ago and the sounds of her labour had echoed throughout the hallways and Aegon was sure that the rest of the Red Keep had heard them as well.

Aegon stopped pacing when he felt a hand on his arm, turning he found himself face to face with his wife Rhae, she looked as haggard as he felt, but then again she had spent the majority of the past two hours in their son's chambers helping with the labour.

"How is she?" Aegon asked

"She's fine, the babies were delivered with no problems whatsoever my love."


"Yes babies, you're a grandfather to a boy and a girl. Come with me."

Aegon followed his wife to their son's chambers, and found Jahaerys cradling one of the twins, in his arms whilst his wife Shiera Crakehall cradled the other twin in her hands. Jahaerys noting his father and mother's presence looked up with a very wide grin on his face, and said "Mother, Father it is my honour to present to you your grandchildren, Rhaella and Vaelarr."

Aegon noted that Rhaella was in Jahaerys' arms whilst Vaelarr was in Shiera's arms, which was a complete contrast to when Aerys was born. But Aegon didn't dwell on that thought too much as he looked into his two new grandchildren's eyes and found himself looking into deep pools of violet and purple, and Aegon found himself smiling. These two will be a handful when they are older, I can feel it.