Juvia lockser a blue haired beauty watched a handsome boy named Gray she thought. ''Gray will be Juvia's now that her love rival is out of the way.'' She

put her palms on her rosy cheeks just the thought made comical pink smoke emerge from her ears. She felt someone's hand on her shoulder she turned

around with a fierce look on her face her face softened when she saw it was just Mira-Jane. ''Juvia do you want to be Gray's wife in the near future?'' ''Yes

Juvia does want to.'' ''Okay let's do Operation l.o.v.e Erza will help you.'' Juvia sat near Gray's table Erza joined her suddenly Juvia heard Mira-Jane's

whisper in her 'earpiece' yes earpiece. ''just testing it.'' Mira said from the bar. Juvia smiled at Mira and mouthed 'thank you' ''No Problem.'' Mira replied.

Erza said. ''You like that boy?'' just loud enough for dragon slayers and Gray to hear, Gray looked at Juvia and laid his head on the table Juvia replied with

a blush. Gray's POV so she likes Lyon well I never had a chance. Normal Pov. Juvia said. ''Yes Juvia likes that boy.'' Now everyone in the guild was

eavesdropping. Erza said. ''Well why don't you confess Juvia.'' Juvia replied. ''Because Juvia doesn't have the courage to confess her love to Gray-sama

Oops.'' Mira smiled her eyes said YES. Gray lifted his head in surprise and a coat of blush covered his cheeks. Erza had a wild blush like she was the one

who was confessed to. Gray rose from his seat took a few steps and kissed they heard catcalls and Natsu saying ''Way to go.'' She nearly passed out but

no Juvia grabbed Gray by the hand and they raced out of the guild as they ran they heard Mira say ''Gray and Juvia = Gruvia.'' They would get teased

tomorrow but it was worth it. Mira was already thinking of the next couple she looked at Gajeel and Levy and smiled ''Gale.''

Thank you for reading GRUVIA's Stop the Rain and Melt the Ice