"This UnSub has killed three people in 3 months. All found dead floating in stainless steel wine tanks, all with corks stuffed down their throats," Hotch began.

Reid looked up from his paper file, "So did they die from asphyxiation, or did they drown in the wine?"

"What a way to go," said Rossi, grimly.

"Unclear. We'll know more once we get conclusive reports from the coroner's office. Reid, I want you and Blake to head over there as soon as we land," Hotch said.

"Looks like three completely different wineries…" JJ said thoughtfully.

"Reid, start a preliminary geographic profile, it shouldn't take too long, this isn't a huge area we're talking about," Hotch said.

"Actually it's larger than most people think. There's approximately 43,000 acres of vineyards alone, and the industry just within Napa employs about 40,000 people. That's nearly one person per acre planted," Reid said.

Hotch's eyebrows raised. "You'd better get started then."

"Victimology?" asked Blake.

"Garcia?" said Hotch.

Penelope's face appeared on the wall monitor, her satin sleep mask pushed on top of her head, her eyes bleary behind her hot pink glasses. "Good morning, my babies – or is it still night? Apologies for my pre-caffeinated appearance, aside from being a horrible murderer this UnSub is also inconsiderate, which is..."


"Right, okay we have one female and two males, one male and the female are the same age, early thirties, the other male is older by about two decades. Their names…"

As Penelope continued with the victimology, one part of Spencer's brain detached and he looked over at JJ. He loved that crease she got between her brows when she was concentrating, and her delicate features looked set in marble as she focused on Garcia's information. His eyes moved to her soft, golden hair cascading over her shoulders, semi-glowing in the dim light of the – "

"Hey Reid, you with us?" Morgan asked, noticing his distraction.

Spencer jerked his head a little and looked at Derek. "What? Yes! Why wouldn't I be?" he said, a little too defensively.

JJ looked down into her lap and tried to keep from smiling just as Rossi came out of the galley with coffee for all. He handed a cup to Spencer and said "I feel you, kid. Here, this should help." Spencer took it gratefully and thanked him, risking another look over at JJ. She met his eyes and winked, smiling again as she reached for her own cup.

Penelope continued, "So no, I can't find anything linking them yet, other than they all worked in the wine industry, and who doesn't in Napa? But they weren't friends or anything, as much as I can tell so far."

"Baby Girl, find out if there's anything special going on this time of year. Any major competitions, award ceremonies, anything that might have put pressure on anyone involved. Start earlier in the year, about four to six months ago." Morgan said.

"Mmm that voice is warm chocolaty velvet like a fine vintage merlot. On it, I'll hit you back," she said, disconnecting with a click.

The team went over again all the facts available to them, hypothesizing and eliminating several scenarios and theories. They ended the meeting tired, but felt they had a good start on this case, and would be able to hit the ground running once they landed, which was still around two hours away. Hotch again told everyone to get some rest, and they moved around to a semblance of their usual spots to do just that.

Spencer went into the galley to refill his coffee, no sleep for him, he knew. Sometimes it was just that way. JJ came in and covered his hand with her own and he looked at her.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah. You?"

"Yes. This one is weird, I can feel it already."

"We'll get him." She assured.

"I know."

"You not sleepy?" she asked.

"Just drained, not really tired. Big day." He smiled warmly at her, catching her gaze.

"She glanced behind her and lowered her voice, "I'd like to be elsewhere with you right now."

"That makes two of us, JJ."

He reached up to brush his finger along her cheek but just then Morgan came into the small galley.

"Hey pretty boy you making that coffee or growing it?"

Spencer quickly dropped his hand as JJ turned to go out. "Patience, Morgan, is a virtue. Did you know that?" he smirked.

"I never claimed to be virtuous, now did I?" Morgan shot back, smiling. "Hurry up!"

"Just hold your horses. Anything worth having is worth waiting for." Spencer said, as he continued making the coffee. He glanced at JJ and saw her small smile telling him she had heard him. Loud and clear.