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The fresh breeze contrasted with the hot radiation coming from the flaming, orange sun. Inside the blue van, Foxface sang along with the pop singer, whose song was annoying as hell to Clove. But she stood quiet, staring at the view from the window of the van and trying to ignore her cousin's off of tune voice by watching the flashes of lights passing by them as the van moved faster on the road. Every second passed reminded her that they were leaving their town, school, houses and families behind for a few months.

"Why are you so quiet?" Foxface asked her and lowered the music's noise a little bit.

"I'm always quiet, why is it weird for you?" Clove answered her question and turned the music off. "I'm just… I don't like leaving this town, it has been our home since we're young and now…We're leaving" she said and sighed.

Foxface raised her eyebrows and looked at the road. "You knew this was going to happen Clove…" Clove nodded and chewed her lower lip.

They were designated to move out from that town since they were young. Either of them knew why but it sure affected them in some way.

Miles away from that desert road, in a luxurious apartment next to the beach, a tall, blonde boy rested on his towel, with the sun light caressing his skin. Protecting his blue eyes with dark sun glasses, Cato watched his brother, Peeta, and his girlfriend having fun in the poll, making ridiculous figures and acting like children. He rolled his eyes and sighed. It would be so much better if his parents understood that he needed to be with his friends and having fun like any teenager his age should. But no, his parents, who he barely saw him during that whole year, decided that he should find new friends and structure his priorities. Because, in their view, studying was more important than having fun. Not that they know much about fun and friends, Cato thought. His thoughts were interrupted by Katniss's voice calling him to join them in the pool. Cato refused with a scowl and closed his eyes. Sleeping was definitely better than spending time with anyone in that house.

On the other hand, Foxface and Clove finally arrived to the place they were supposed to arrive. "Let's meet with her" Foxface said and tried to cheer Clove up.

"Ugh. Fine…" Clove rolled her eyes and opened the door of the van. She narrowed her eyes when the sunlight hit her skin. "Damn" She groaned and putted his sunglasses on.

"We got a beach!" Foxface screamed happily and ran to the sand jumping on it and rolling over but screaming when a crab pinched her thigh. Clove laughed and ran to her, helping her to get the little animal from her skin.

"That's what happens if you love the beach so much, the animals from the sea love you back and want to give you little kisses" She smiled and put the crab on the ground. "Go away, buddy" She kicked it softly along with some sand.

"This the house where Katniss said she was going to be" Foxface pointed to a mansion that was near the beach and knocked on the door. "Clove! Foxface!" Katniss screamed and jumped out of the pool, helped by Peeta. She ran to the door from the backyard and opened it. "You're here, girls" She hugged them tightly.

Cato looked at Peeta and sighed. "More girls? I bet they are as childish as your girlfriend" He rolled his eyes.

Peeta rested his chin on the edge of the pool and smirked. "Knowing you…you will get advantage of one of them or maybe both." Cato smirked and nodded.

Clove's eyes widened as she walked in the garden where the pool was. Foxface was as surprised as her cousin, and both looked like two people coming from a whole life in the desert and finding a beach for the first time.

"This is huge!" the brunette said under her breath. It was obvious that the owners of that house were really, really rich, or else it would be impossible to keep the garden so beautiful and the flowers so fresh and alive during one of the hottest days of summer. A small smile spread on Clove´s lip and she took her sandals off, putting next to a chair. "Hey, lover boy!" she waved at Peeta, who waved back with a grin.

"Girls," Peeta started, after leaving the poll and walking towards them. He pulled an arm around his girlfriend and pointed at Cato, still laying down and pretending he was alone "this is my brother." The girls said a "Hi," and Cato pulled his sun glasses over his head, narrowing his eyes to look quickly at the girls. "Cato, this is Foxface," his brother's hand pointed to the smiling ginger "and Clove." Peeta knew, in the moment his brother´s eyes run over Clove's body, that he wasn't so bored anymore.

Cato stood up from his seat and stretched his arms above his head, just as a show-off for them to see his muscles.

"Ladies" Cato said and smirked at them. He walked to Foxface and pecked her cheek. "Nice to meet you" he then turned to Clove and placed his hand on her waist, kissing the corner of her lips. "Nice to meet you more" He smirked and pulled away from her.

Clove didn't really pay attention to him, she just frowned and nodded. "Yes, nice to meet you" She wasn't going to deny the fact that this guy was hot but he was a player for sure. "Want to join the pool?" Cato asked them and Foxface nodded. "I'm going to use the bathroom first" She looked at Katniss and she walked in the house. Clove followed them close behind. Cato's eyes fell right on Clove's backside and he smirked. Damn.

Clove followed Foxface and Katniss to the bathroom. Katniss said she would go get a drink in the kitchen and would be right back. The redhead had already been there last summer, although it was only for a week and Cato was and his parents were out. After passing by a couple of doors with double the size of Clove, the girls reached the bathroom. Foxface put her beach bag on their counter and picked her blue bikini.

"I didn't know Peeta had a brother," Clove commented, pulling her t-shirt over her head and putting it inside her own bag. She had her green bikini on already, so she just had to take the t-shirt and black shorts.

"I had only heard about him," her cousin said, turning around to put her bikini on. Clove looked at her own reflection on the mirror. She looked pale and tired, much because of the trip "Peeta says he barely sleeps at home during the Holidays. And his reputation is not the best. Although," the smirk on Fox face's lips, when she turned to meet Clove's eyes, told the brunette what her cousin would say even before she could pronounce the words "he is pretty hot."

Clove adjusted her bikini and then turned to look at Fox and answer her question. "Well…" She smirked and shook her head. "I'm not going to deny it, but about the reputation…He is a player, isn't he?" Clove asked Katniss, who had entered the bathroom seconds before, and she nodded.

"He is. I'm not going to say anything about him because I'm dating his brother, but… "Katniss smirked and slapped Clove's butt "I can tell that he saw something in you…Be careful, Clover, because if you're not, you will end up on his bed, I'm sure" Clove rolled her eyes and sighed. Foxface hugged Clove and looked at her. "Look. You have to forget about him. We're in a new town. A new beginning, you better be forgetting about Ethan, Clove" She threated her cousin and Clove just nodded.

"Will try to…"

They headed to the door and opened it to walk back outdoors. When they reached the backyard Cato's eyes widened and his jaw dropped slightly. "Fuck" He mumbled under his breath and looked down at his crotch, just to make sure it wasn't that noticeable.

"Peeta, I'm back!" Katniss shouted and ran to the garden, jumping to her boyfriend's arm.

Peeta chuckled and hugged Katniss before jumping with her into the poll. The water splashed all over Clove and Foxface, who quickly decided to join their friend´s and jumped in. Clove twirled her body under the water, opening her eyes and smiling widely as the hot seemed to leave her body. That was what a good summer day should be spending on, swimming and getting some relief from all that haunting hot. She came to the surface and gasped for air, rubbing her eyes in the next movement.

"Your house is amazing, lover boy," she complimented, swimming next to the blonde and Katniss. Foxface was still under water, trying to break her record of minutes without breathing. It wasn´t a reason for Clove to get worried, she was already used to watch her cousin do that and she knew the redhead would emerge as soon as her lungs started aching.

"Thanks, Clover," Peeta smirked "You should come here more often. I mean, it´s not like there is not space enough here for you and Fox."

"There is a lot of space for you here, beautiful" Cato added and smirked at her.

Peeta laughed and swam to Clove. "He is always like that, don't feel weirder out" Clove nodded, already knowing that Cato wanted to mess with her and he just wanted something. Sex. He wasn't going to get it with her though. She swam out of the pool and walked toward him, raising her eyebrows.

"There's space for me here, handsome? Where" She wrapped one of her arms around Cato's neck and smirked. Foxface's eyes widened and her jaw dropped slightly. What was exactly happening?

"In my bedroom" Cato smirked and Clove placed her hand on his chest. He got her. She was his, he knew it.

To Cato's surprise, the girl pushed him away as hard she could. The boy fell on the chair behind him with a grunt and Clove shot him a disgusted glare. "I would rather sleep in the street than ever going to your bedroom," with that, the girl turned around and walked back to the house. She had no idea where the corridors would lead her to, but she couldn´t look at Cato for now. He reminded her of her e-boyfriend and she had sworn to never fall in love again. Love had blinded her in a way that she didn't notice she was in trouble until it was too late. Clove wouldn´t risk getting through the same again, so she would use drastic methods. And one of them was running away from guys like Cato.

Peeta, Foxface and Katniss laughed when the boy fell from on chair. Cato groaned and rubbed his head.

"That bitch," he grumbled and stood up. He ran into the house, following her as quickly as he could "Are you lost, beautiful?" He asked her, catching Clove's attention that was looking for somewhere to hide.

"No, I'm not."

Cato folded his arms and nodded. "Then tell me where you are going," He closed the door behind him and walked up to her "Why did you do that out there, huh?" He smirked at her. Clove stepped back from him just to find her body against the wall "I'm not going to hurt you" He murmured and came closer to her, placing his finger on her chin and making her look at him. "Why are you so mad…I was just playing" He asked her with a gentle tone.

"That is the problem," she crossed her arms over her chest, to where she had noticed Cato was staring at "My eyes are up here," his hand was slapped away from the girls chin "You didn't hurt me and I won't let you do so. Let go of me, now," Cato stepped back at her snarl, frowning slightly as the Clove passed by him and ran to the bathroom, where her bags and Foxface's had been left.

"What the hell just happened?" he questioned himself, rubbing his bare beard softly. Meanwhile, Clove closed the door shut behind her and leaned against it. Seconds later, she leaned down over the basin and cleaned her face with fresh water.

"Girls," He followed her with his sight and thought to himself There is something about this girl…She's someone interesting. Mine He smirked and walked out from that room.

After cleaning her face, Clove looked up at the mirror and rubbed her eyes. "Why…" She sighed and shook her head. The girl looked down at the water that was disappearing in the sink and stayed there, trying to calm down. There was no reason to be nervous, but she couldn´t help to get like that.

He was now in the kitchen, rubbing his temples and watching some TV. "Clove…" He repeated and nodded. "Clove" He pointed his crotch and smirked. "Is going to be ours" He stood up and threw the apple away.

"I will check on Clove, you guys stay here," Foxface swam to the small steps of the pool and walked out of it.

Peeta and Katniss didn't even heard what she said, they were already sucking each other's mouths. Rolling her eyes at the couple, the girl entered the house, looking for her friend. "Clove?" she called, looking around. Noticing the closed door of the bathroom, she knocked on it, suspecting Clove would be there. The door opened and Clove appeared, with a serene expression.

"I'm fine," she said, knowing what she would be asked about "And no, I don´t need to rest. I'm fine," she repeated and Foxface nodded, hugging the girl in front of her "I can ask Peeta to talk with Cato, if you want." Clove shook her head and pulled away from the hug "It's his house, Foxie. I will simply ignore him and hopefully he will do the same."

Foxface agreed with a slight movement of her head and pushed the girl back to the garden "Now, now, let's do what we came here for. Swim!" Clove took a deep breath and nodded.

"Okay fine. Let's swim!" She laughed and jumped to the pool along with Foxface.

"Guys, I brought something for us that might give us a little bit of fun" Katniss, after leaving the pool, winked and reached for her purse. She pulled out a bottle of vodka and smirked. "Alcohol" Foxface turned to look at Clove and raised her eyebrows. It was going to be the first time Clove would taste alcohol. Foxface swam to get a glass of pure alcohol and gave one to Clove. "Just take it, it will sore your throat, but you'll like it after all" the readhead smirked and winked at Clove.

Clove looked down at the glass and then up at Katniss's face, who was persuading her to take it. Clove smiled widely and nodded. "Yes, alcohol..Yummy" She said awkwardly and drank the whole glass, coughing softly.

Cato walked out of the house and found the girl drinking and almost choking. He laughed and asked for a glass of it, taking it just like water.

"Ugh!" Clove shivered and gasped, shaking her head violently "How the fuck do you guys drink this for fun?" she sticked her tongue out and rubbed it, trying to take the taste group laughed at Clove, who looked like she had just eaten dog's poop, like Katniss said.

"I want some more," Cato stole the bottle from Katniss's hand with a wink and took a deep sip. His body was already used to alcohool, it was an old friend for his mouth.

"Hey, bro, don't drink it all," Peeta warned, arching an eyebrow. He didn't want Cato to get drunk when his friends were there, especially Clove.

"Chill out, it's just a bit of vodka."

When the taste of vodka had already left her mouth, Clove got out of the pool and laid down on the grass, staring at the pale blue sky. There were no clouds in there and, apart from her friends and Cato's voices, she felt in peace. She just hoped the following days and weeks would be like that.

Later in that afternoon, after a lunch which looked more like a feast to Clove's and Foxface's eyes, they went to the living room to watch a movie. Peeta was sitting beside Foxface, with Katniss on lap. Clove had the ´luck´ to sit between Cato and her cousin. But for half of the film, there was no problem at all. Everyone seemed very focused on the screen until she felt an arm slowly sliding around her neck, over her shoulders.

She looked up at Cato, who was much taller than her, with an eyebrow raised. "Hey, my shoulders are too support my neck, not your fat arm," she provoked, trying both to be funny and to ease the tension she had caused between them and also to actually get him to pull his arm away from her. In response, the boy squeezed her against him.

"My arm is not fat, beautiful" He pecked her forehead, making Clove scowl, and turned at the screen.

A few minutes later his arm was back on his knee. He leaned down on the couch and watched the movie. It was a horror movie so if he got the chance he was going to take it and 'protect' Clove, but she was too busy getting protected by her cousin, whom had traded places with him.

Clove looked up at Foxface and hid her face on her shoulder. "I'm actually scared" She murmured and the redhead laughed, but held Clove against her since she was shaking too. Cato watched them snuggled against each other and he smirked. He nudged Peeta on his rib and pointed them.

"Look" He murmured and smirked, without dragging Katniss's attention on him.

"They're cute," Peeta chuckled and rubbed Katniss´s back, kissing the top of the head of his scared girlfriend.

Cato shrugged and chuckled "Girls."

Foxface glanced at the boys "Are you guys talking about us?" Cato nodded with a smirk "That's rude!" she poked Cato on his cheast and sticked her tongue out at her friend "Shut up and watch the movie. Unless you're too scared to do so."

Cato rolled his eyes and threw his attention back to the screen, being imitated by Peeta and the read head.

Minutes later, the screams coming from the screen weren´t giving him anything anymore. He closed his eyes in the dark of the room and rolled his head back. At the end of the film, overpowering the low music of the credits, Cato's loud snore - caused by the position of his head - caught everyone's attention.

"Hey, Cat!" giggling, Clove watched as Katniss poked Cato's sides, making him grumbled under his sleep.

Clove sighed and, deciding to not let him annoy her, stood up.

"Peeta, can you show us where we will sleep? If you don't mind, I mean…" she bit her bottom lip, looking at Katniss on Peeta's lap. She liked to watch the way her friend held his girlfriend like he would protect her of anything, even if he had to give his life for it. And the way their eyes meet, like they were born for that shock of grey and blue. That was what Clove wanted in a relationship, though she was determined to not be in one for years.

"Of course, Clover," he gave her a smile and Katniss stood up along with Foxface.

"I'm tired!" Peeta's girlfriend yawned and wrinkled her nose "But I have to eat something first. Baby," she pouted at Peeta "do you still have those lemon muffins?" The boy nodded and kissed her cheek before walking upstairs.

"Follow me," he commanded at Foxface and her cousin "The house has three floors, Fox already knows that, but you should be careful, Clove. There are empty rooms and my mother decorated the corridors all the same way, so it's kind of easy for you to get lost in the first days. I did, a lot, so I'm talking for experience."

"Okay. Thanks, lover boy," she smiled and tried to memorize the details of the corridor they walking in, so she wouldn't get lost.

"This is my corridor too," Cato smirked at her and walked right to his room "If you need something, anything you want, princess, count on me" he winked and closed the door of his room.

Clove rolled her eyes and looked at Foxface. "He is so flirty. Ugh!" she sighed and shook her head.

Peeta showed Clove her new room. A huge room and all of it only for her. The bed was more than comfortable, she was starting to fall in love for this house. Maybe changing to that place, even though she would stay there just during vacations, wouldn´t be that bad.

At the middle of the night the nightmares from the movie roamed her mind, making her to stood up and opened the door. The lights of the corridors were off but there was a slight light coming from behind a door. She walked to it, thinking that it was Foxface's room. When she entered it she found a tall blonde guy. Naked. Pleasing himself and groaning 'Fuck' She thought to herself. Cato turned to looked at her and took his hands away from his hard. His eyes widened and his face turned completely red.

"No, please… Look, it's not what you think, princess!"

"Ew ew ew ew !" she covered her eyes and moaned like she was in pain, while Cato hurried to pick a pillow and cover the between of his legs with it "I swear that if I get blind I will cut it off of you!" she shouted before running back to her room. Clove felt her cheeks burning and she couldn't take the image of Cato's… thing between his hands, as he tilted is head to the back and moaned in the pleasure he was giving himself. Disgusting prick, she thought and hushed to her bed, covering her body with the sheets like little kids do when they are afraid of the monsters under their bed.

In his room, Cato walked to the door and closed it, making sure to lock it. "You're so stupid!" he cursed himself and shook his head. He was doing what that girl had refused to do to him and what, due to having to stay at home all day, no other chick could do. And then she caught him in the act. You need to stop fucking up with the girl, he told himself before falling asleep, she ain't leaving this house by the end of the summer before she's mine.

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