This is my town
This is my city
Through my eyes, looks so pretty
This is my town, this is my city now

Dirty streets where I belong

This is my town, this is my city now
This is my city now
Burning these pages
Our broken story
Words are just strangers to me
Thought we could work this out
I was wrong
You put the desperate doubt into me
If you see me now
You won't see me alone

It was not later than ten of the morning, and the mansion was strangely quiet. The maids occupied the corridors, picking the empty bottles of vodka, the broken glasses and some underwear. Besides the maids, no one else was moving. All the drunken teenagers were in the bedrooms of the mansion, sleeping while their bodies tried to absorve all the alchool in their blood - which, in some cases, was kind of impossible.

Cato fell asleep counting with a light headache in the morninng; due to his body size and familiarity with alchool, he was already resistent to those drinks. Plus, he only had two beers, which was praticaly nothing to what that party boy who had already been in every single club of that city was used to. He knew he would wake up with pain, but Cato wasn´t expecting it to be caused by a pillow repeatedly beating his skull.

"Where are we?!" the girl with the pillow screamed and waited for Cato to wake up, beating him again. Clove had no memory of being in that room before and that was a bad sign. She had a pretty good memory. Even though she had stared at the details of that stunning mansion for minutes after minutes, the alchool had aliminated all the memories she had from it.

Cato groaned and rolled over on the bed. "Stop"Stop!" He sat up and grabbed the pillow, taking it from her hands and throwing it to the floor. "We're fine. You're fine, I'm fine. Calm down!"

Clove scowled and wailed. She had the overwelming sensation of having someone hiting her head with a hammer over and over again, with the pain echoing in the walls of her mind. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

"Why… What happened?" her voice was not stronger than a whisper, but Cato still heard her and proceeded to explain what had happened the previous night. No detail was ommited, even though he feared he could get in trouble with her because of that. But Clove looked so weak at the moment, so fragile and small, that he doubt she could talk louder than a mutter even if she tried.

"I-I'm sorry… " That was all Clove could said about the previous events. Did she really dance to someone she didn't knew? Did she drink that much of alcohol? And the most questionable think…Did she take her clothes in front of Cato and worse, she bounced! It was too much for her mind to imagine herlsef doing all those things, acting like a reckless girl and offering herlsef to a boy she met three days ago.

"It's fine, princess. No problem at all," Cato shook his head ad looked at her, placing his hand on hers. She was thankful that he didn' try anything with her and at the same time confused. Why did he respect her? Cato was the kind of guy she could picture taking advantage of a drunk girl, throwing herlsef all over him. He could have locked the door of that room, thrown her to the bed and used her body as much as he wanted.

She gulped and quickly pulled her hand away from his. Clove claread her throat and stood up, to fix her blouse and skirt in next. "I want to go home."

He nodded and sighed. There were two options for how Foxface´s cousin would act with him thereafter: she would put all the awkward things behind her back and be normal, or act all weird towards him. Cato just hoped she would choose the first option, because, after seeing her body like that, he couldn´t wait to actually have her.

After some minutes of driving in silent, they finally arrived home. She had stared to the view the whole time and Cato purposely didn´t take his eyes off of the road even once. He pulled in the garage and opened the door for Clove. He knew she was having an headache - after all, it was her first time getting drunk, he thought - and it would be hard for her to walk straight. Once Clove was out of the car, she didn't thank him or anything, she just walked straight away to the house. His eyebrows frowned almost immediately. Why was she mad? He did nothing for her to be upset at him; actually, it was the opposite!

The girl flopped down on the couch with a whimper, letting her body fall to the side. "My head is killing me!" she pouted and covered her eyes, as if covering them would help the pain to decrease.

"I know, Clover," he said softly, sitting on the free spot that her small body didn´t occupied in the couch "Stay here and I will bring you a glass of water and some pills. I have some pretty good stuff for headaches," because, she thought, you have a very long historic of experiences with alchool and headaches, I bet. All Clove did was to nod in agreedment and keep on whimpering as the pain continued. In that moment, a quote from one of her favourite books came into her mind.

"´That's the thing about pain´, Augustus said, and then glanced back at me. ´It demands to be felt´" she whispered.

Cato, who was still there, furrowed his eyebrows and asked: "What? Who´s Augustus?"

Clove sighed dreamly. "The kind of boy every girl dreams of" Cato rubbed his bare beard.

"If I was a girl, I certainly wouldn't dream of a guy with that name. I'd name him Cato or something like that," he winked, even though she couldn´t see him.

"But you are not a girl," Clove retorted tiredly and yawned.

"Yeah, I know. Thank God I´m not. Now, let´s take care of that pain," he stretched his body a little to peck the girl´s cheek. She shrank a bit, causing Cato to almost sigh "You can sleep when I give you the pills."

"Hurry, please."

After giving Clove two round, white pills, Cato picked up her already sleepy body and took her to her bedroom. It was a luck that she hadn´t thrown up on his car or all over him, but he knew that if that had happened he could only blame himself for letting Clove get to that state.

In the moment he put her down on the soft mattress, he heard an unfortunatly familiar voice from behind them.

"What did you do to her!?" Foxface screamed and jumped on his back, pulling his hair and squelaing.

"Ah! Stop!" Cato groaned and tried to get her off of him. Foxface almost fell on the floor when his arms pushed her away, out of his back. She wanted to hurt him for what the scenarios in her mind were accusing him of, but if there was something obvious about Cato it was his massive body size and his strenght.

"Why are all the girls from that family crazy?!" he, panting, ran his hands through his hair "Let her sleep," he adviced with an exhausted expression. It was the second time in a day that he was beaten up by a girl he did nothing to "She´s tired and just took some pills to help with the headache," in the moment the readhead prepared her furious self to ask him why was her cousin having such strong headaches that she needed pills, Cato abandoned the room with long, quick steps.

The next four days were ordinary and relatively calm. Katniss acted kind of shy in the morning, ashamed for exposing her activities with Peeta just like that to Cato. Little did she know that her boyfriend´s brother was prefectly aware of the details of her sexual life with his brother. It´s not that Peeta was the gossip type of boy, but there are somethings that proud leads people to say and sounds that not even thick walls could contain. Peeta, on the other hand, was very relaxed, making his silly jokes as always and pushing the girls to the pool. Foxface and Clove were not that easy going, but still acted normally in front of Cato, one of them after kissing him and the other after almost forcing him to have sex with her. Cato, the boy known as the player of the house, did nothing more than being nice and gentle with all the girls, obviously putting his brother aside. He was glad that Clove had decided to pretend that party didn´t exist, but he still noticed that she was a even more reserved when it came to him, even though she had been reserved since from the first day.

"Now," Foxface started. They were all in the living room watching an old movie of Batman and discussing weather it was better or worse than the modern remakes. "can you tell me what happened the other day? You," her round, blue eyes fixed on Clove "had to take pills for your pains and this guys over here was putting your unconscious ass on the bed."

Clove shrugged and answered, eyes focused on the screen. "Nothing to worry about. We went to a guy´s house, had some fun and maybe I got a bit too excited about it. It won´t happen again, you have my word" those words caught Cato's attention. It was official: he screwed up with that party thing.

"Good. But you guys could have waited for me you know," the readhead added, arching her eyebrows in a reprimand.

"And have you to throw up in my car? Hell no!" Cato shook his head, receiving a deadly glare from Foxface.

"I wouldn´t have gotten in that state if Katniss had told me to stop drinking!"

It was Katniss´s time to raise her eyebrows "And since when do you listen to me, Fox? Even if I threw the glass away, you would have went back to the bar and gotten another!" Peeta chuckled, agreeing with his girlfriend.

"Yeah, Foxie, you´re kind of a stubborn person, you know," in the moment the readhead opened her mouth to reply sharply to her friend´s comment, Clove spoke, using a calm and persuasive tone.

"You guys stop that now. Past is past and I don´t want to waste my afternoon reminding how much you threw up and my horrible headache. So, move on, shall we?"

Foxface looked at Clove and rolled her eyes. "What has gotten into you? You're acting like a grumpy grandma," Clove narrowed her eyes and stormed out of the living room. From there it was possible to hear her steps as the girl headed to her bedroom.

All the eyes moved to Foxface, demanding an explanation to her rude comment. "What? She knows it´s true and she will probably don´t remember what I said tomorrow," they all just nodded and sighed. There was not much to do when it came to the two cousins. Their relationship was complicated, although the bound created between them was hard to break.

Katniss stood up as well, her fingers still playing with her braid. "I will talk with Freckles, I think I know why she is like this," and she knew. From all the times Clove and Katniss talked about her town, it was obvious that Clove loved the place where she lived all her life. She used to play in the street at afternoon, singing with Foxface and another girls who lived near them. There was a small pool shared by the community and she loved going there in the hot days of summer, especially during the weeks where her parents were stuck in work and couldn´t take her to the beach. She grew up in that little town and leaving it all behind wasn´t being easy. Katniss knew all that and she was sure that was the reason her friend had woken up so moody that day. She was missing her home.

Pushing the door open without making any sound, Katniss stepped into the room, which was as large as her boyfriend´s. Clove was laying on the bed, her face buried on a yellow pillow and her feet in the air. She was sighing and possibly having negative thoughts and Katniss hated to see her friend like that. She closed the door and walked towards the bed, without Clove even looking at her.

"Sweetie," she called softly and sat beside her friend "can you tell me what´s wrong?" the brunette shoo her head, rubbing her face against the pillow´s material.

"Nothing," she muttered.

"Oh, come on. I know something is wrong," Katniss insisted with a friendly smile "I´m your Katpiss, you know you can talk with me about whatever is bothering you, Clover."

"I know…" she rolled over her stomach to face Katniss. Clove sighed once more and wrinkled her nose "I miss my dad, and my mom and the cats and…" her voice was cut off by a sniffle.

"Aw, Clover," Katniss laid down beside her friend, stroking her hair "I think you just miss your home."

Clove nodded and looked at her. "I know. For some reason unknown to me I miss dad, mom and the animals. Even the freaking animals! They used to pee in my bed all the time…" Clove sighed heavly and buried her head on the matress. "I just don't feel good being here. Sometimes it's awkward, you know? Being around Cato and everything."

Katniss frowned, trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. "Cato?"

She nodded slowly, feeling hesitant in telling Karniss how she was feeling. But they knew each other and there was no secret between them. It was almost like the friendship between Clove and Foxface, with the difference that Katniss was a more sensitive person and thought before speaking.

"Yes, Cato," Clove crawled over the mattress, only to rest her head on Katniss´s lap "He reminds me of Ethan," she whispered with suhk pained voice that the brunette gently stroking her hair felt a knob in the back of her throat. Besides Foxface, if there was someone who had presenced Clove´s suffering after her break up with Ethan better than anyone else, that person had to be Katniss Everdeen.

"Oh, Clover…"

Clove knew that the best for her was to forget about Ethan, but something was keeping him in her mind. It was almost impossible to forget about him. He made a change in her life, he was her first boyfriend, her first love. And he broke her heart into tiny pieces, only to come back and step over them. What exactly reminded Clove of Ethan in Cato she was not sure. At first she had thought it was the way he acted towards girl, seducing them only to get what he wanted. But after spending some days with Peeta´s brother, she began to notice that he could be nice and friendly without second intentions. But still, everytime he touched her hand or looked at for more time than he should, her ex-boyfriend´s image came into her mind, causing her heart to race. She would get sweaty and the air run away from her lungs. There was physical, paralyzing pain that came everytime she heard or thought of Ethan. That was the price to pay for falling in love for the wrong guy, and she wanted to make sure that would never again; but Cato wasn´t helping with her plans.

Katniss continued stroking her friend´s hair, as softly as it was baby´s hair, playing with the strands. "Cato is not like Ethan, I can guarantee you that. He is a good guy, I´m sure you feel a bit awkward with him because he praticaly jumped onto you when you came here with Fox. But you´ll see, Clover, he is different than that prick."

Clove nodded, letting a yawn get out from her lips. "I hope so, Katpiss, I hope so. I really need to make more friends and less exs," the girl agreed with a movemnt of her head.

"Take a nap now, and when you´re awake we will have some fun and forget about everything bad, okay?"

The shadow of a smile spread on Clove´s lips, who was amused by the idea. "Okay, Kat. Can you just promise me something?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Will you make sure I don´t get hurt again?"

"Oh, Clove… I promise I will."