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Katherine and Danny have been married for a year and things are going smooth for them. Katherine has some news to share with her husband and planned a special dinner for them since Katherine's ex-husband has the kids for the night. Danny is just finishing up another surgery with another nurse so that way she can get some work done. He got out of the room to find her just looking something.

"Hey what's going on? What are you looking at?" Danny asked his wife as he walks up behind her and giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Oh nothing." Katherine said to her husband as she got back on the file that the nurse handled her. "How did the surgery go?"

"It went fine." He said as he checks the clock and it's five at night which mean that it is time to go home. "Are you ready to go home?"

"Yeah." She said standing up and gathering up their stuff to head home. When they get home, She goes into make dinner and gets ready to make the big announcement. They sit down and eat their food and then cuddles on the couch.

"So I have something to tell you." Katherine said to her husband. "We are going to have a baby soon."

"What?" Danny responds to her letting the news set in "You're pregnant?"

"Yes." She said to him. They go upstairs and celebrate their first child being on the way.

Nine months later

Danny was rushing to get to the hospital room to meet his baby girl for the first time. Maggie was with her mom when the labor started and got a taxi to take them to the hospital. About three hours later, they welcome their daughter, Chloe.

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