Author's note: hey guys, Sniffles here. It's been awhile, I've been kinda busy with preparing for college. Consider this a dirtier version of my story Firsts, just because. Here you go.


The word was buzzing around his head all day. It was said only in passing, but he still wondered what it was. Sex, his teacher had called it. He asked people at school, but people laughed and ignored him. Some said he was too young. When he had got home, he had asked his parents, but they too said he was too young.

Cuddles stood on the porch, shifting back and forth on the balls of his feet. He pressed the doorbell a couple times, and stood back from it. Nervously he messed with the bunny ears on his yellow hoodie. After a while he heard a set of feet walk towards the door from the other side. It swung open to reveal a short woman with bright purple hair.

"Hello Cuddles," she said with a smile.

"Hi Ms. Beaver, is Toothy home?" Cuddles asked.

"Yep, head up to his room. He'll be up in the minute, doing chores right now."


The blonde went in and stomped up the stairs. He sat down on Toothy's bed and waited. His eyes wandered around the boy's room, taking it all in. A few minutes later, he heard someone go up the stairs. Toothy entered the room a couple seconds later. The purple haired boy grinned when he saw Cuddles there.

"Hey Cuddles," Toothy said.

"Hey Toothy."

Toothy plopped down on the bed next to the blonde.

"So… what's up?"

"Could… could I ask you something?"

"Sure, shoot."

"Well, I heard something today, and I'm confused on what it means."

"What is it?"


Toothy's eyes widened with surprise.

"Wait, you don't know what that means?" Toothy asked in shock.

Cuddles blushed sheepishly.

"No… what is it?"

Toothy paused for a minute, trying to think of a way to tell him. The purple hair was surprised Cuddles had never heard it before. Especially since one of the guys they hung out with, Splendid, talked about it constantly. Then again… Cuddles always seemed to space out when Splendid talked, so he guessed it made sense.

"Well, um… you know the thing between your legs?" Toothy asked.

"You mean my penis?"

"Um… yeah. Well, there's something different between a girl's legs. Pretty much you put it in and do stuff, and something shoots out of your penis and goes into the girl. It's how babies are made."

"Wait, stuff out of it, you mean pee?"

"Well, no."

"Then what is it?"

"I heard it called cum."

"What does it look like?"

"Uh… it's clear and wet… and kinda sticky."

"Could you show me?"

Toothy was taken aback by that. He didn't expect Cuddles to ask something like that. One part of him wanted to say no, but another wanted to say yes. He mentally came to a compromise that he hoped would work.

"Maybe you've seen it without knowing what it is. Have you ever… um… messed with yourself down there?" He said, pointing towards his own grown.


That ruined Toothy's plan. He started to say no, but Cuddles' curious face stopped him.

He actually looks cute like that, the purple haired boy thought.

Toothy sighed.

"OK, I'll show you."

Slowly Toothy undid the button his pants. He hesitantly tugged down the front of his boxers, letting his manhood into the open. It wasn't very large, but it showed signs of puberty. The balls had started to drop, but that was the only sign of having a package. The purple haired took a breath and grabbed it. He couldn't believe he was doing this.

Well, better get this over with, Toothy thought.

He started pumping. Cuddles stared at the purple haired boy, whose face had started to turn red. Having such undivided attention on him doing this, especially when it was someone with a look of awe like the one on Cuddles' face, brought some strange pleasure to Toothy. A moan escaped the purple haired boy's lips, making Cuddles jump.

"You OK?" Cuddles asked.

"Y-yeah," Toothy said, stifling another moan. "That happens s-sometimes."

"What's the stuff coming out of it?"

"It's c-called pre-cum. C-comes out when you play with it."

Cuddles hesitantly touched it, making the purple haired boy squirm.

"S-sorry," Cuddle said, pulling his hand away.

Toothy just sat there. His face was bright red and was sitting there huffing. Cuddles stared at him for a while, and then looked at the stuff on his hand. It was slightly sticky, and when he tried to wipe it off on his hoodie it didn't come off.


"That actually… felt good…" Toothy finally said.

"It did?"


"Do… do you want me to do it again?"

Toothy blushed.

"Y-yeah," he said sheepishly.

Cuddles grabbed Toothy's member and started fiddling with it. Toothy clenched his teeth to hide another moan. Toothy seemed so needy, and Cuddles grinned slightly at this. After a few more minutes of this, the blonde felt the purple haired boy tense up. Suddenly something warm and wet shot out of Toothy's member. It spilled out onto the floor and the blonde boy's hand, and a sharp scent filled the room. Toothy collapsed backwards on the bed, out of breath and huffing.

"That stuff… ugh… was cum," Toothy huffed.

"It feels… weird…"

Cuddles hesitantly sniffed at the cum on his hand. He licked it.

"Ewwwww… did you just…?" Toothy said in disbelief.

"It's not that bad, actually…"

"If you say so."

"So… um Toothy… what about the sex part…?"

Toothy turned bright red at that.

"Well… I don't know how to explain that…," he admitted.

"Can you show me… like maybe get a girl to…?"

The purple haired boy sighed. Better to tell him now than later.

"I don't like girls like that, Cuddles," Toothy said. "I like… um… guys."

Cuddles stared at him in surprise.

"I… I had no idea," Cuddles said.

"I mean… there's a way for guys to do it, but… there's no one here who would do it with me…"

"I would," Cuddles said, almost too eagerly.

Toothy's member went rock hard at that. Having a guy… this eager to do something… and his best friend? Didn't seem real. But there Cuddles was, sitting there with such an eager face. Both Toothy's lust and his want to not disappoint Cuddles won out in the end.

"Let's do it, I guess."

Cuddles pulled his legs up onto to the bed and crossed them.

"So how do we do it?" He asked.

"Well, um, you need to take your pants off first."

"Oh, OK."

Cuddles got up and dropped his pants, revealing a pair of bright yellow…

"Bunny boxers?" Toothy cackled.

The blonde haired boy blushed.

"Shut up."

Cuddles tugged down his boxers. He shivered slightly as his now bare legs hit the air conditioning. Toothy tried not to stare at the boy's manhood, but his eyes kept wandering back to it. It wasn't much bigger than his own, but there were some wisps of blonde hair already growing on it.

"What next?" The blonde boy asked.

"Well, one of us has to… um… well… kinda hard to explain."

"I'll do whatever you want, Toothy."

Cuddles flashed Toothy those eager eyes again, making the purple haired boy blush for some reason. Toothy could tell that Cuddles would be willing to do anything he told him too.

"Lay on the bed, facing your butt towards me, OK?" Toothy asked.

The blonde did as he asked. Toothy straddled the boy's hips, lining himself up with the blonde's entrance. He knew what to do from this point on, but it was something completely different to actually do it. The purple haired boy hesitantly poked his member at Cuddles' behind. The blonde boy squirmed from it.

"Sorry," Toothy said. "This is probably going to hurt."

"Just do it."

Toothy entered the boy slowly, trying to stop it from hurting as much, but that didn't prevent it from making Cuddles' eyes water. Toothy pulled himself out some, and then thrust back into the blonde. He continued doing this over and over again. It was clumsy and awkward, but Cuddles was in heaven. He didn't expect it to feel this way. All he could think of was Toothy's manhood in him, the weird sensation of being filled by it. The pain he felt was worth it, especially when Toothy took ahold of his own member and started pumping.

Toothy on his side of this was amazed at what it felt to be in Cuddles. Something, muscles he guessed, squeezed from all side on his manhood and stroked it almost as he thrust. Playing with himself felt like nothing compared to this.

"Harder, harder," Cuddles pleaded.

Toothy complied. He was inching closer to climax, and wanted to get it over with. Tears streamed down Cuddles' face, but the blonde really was enjoying it.

"Gah, Cuddles, I'm about to… ugh…"

Toothy blew his load into Cuddles. The blonde felt a rush of warmth and wetness shoot up inside him. It pushed him over the edge, and he came for the first time in his life. The sudden release was heaven, but it left him out of breath once it was done.

Toothy collapsed on top of Cuddles, robbed temporarily of strength. They laid there in their sweat and cum, trying to comprehend fully what they just felt. Finally Cuddles got the strength to speak up.


"Yeah Cuddles?"

"Let's do this again, OK?"

Toothy grinned slightly.


For a few minutes neither boy spoke.

"Toothy… will you be my boyfriend?" Cuddles asked.

Toothy blushed and smiled wearily.

"Yes. Yes I will."