"So a diary that writes back. Interesting." Harry jumped, startled at the monotone voice that came from over his shoulder.

"Ryuuzaki! What are you doing?" He asked furrowing his brow. He was actually curious. Ryuuzaki never really showed any interest in other people's business, preferring instead to hold staring competitions with inanimate objects. Like a wall. Ryuuzaki could outstare the Universe if he so chose.

"I was just wondering what was so interesting about a diary that you would mumble to it for an hour and twenty six minutes. I now see it writes back. Pretentious and self-importantly to."


"Well he's simply boasting that he caught the perpetrator, isn't he? 'I did this' and 'I did that', 'I can show you' and the like. How do we know he's not simply exaggerating his involvement, or even if he was the criminal in the first place."

Harry looked up shocked.

"Someone would frame someone and then boast they caught the killer? Why?"

"Well obviously to avoid detection. I did that as well." Light said from the opposite side of the room. "It was fun. Ryuuzaki was trying to catch me and I was trying to throw him off the scent. It didn't work though." Light scowled, displeased at his failure.

"And Ryuuzaki let you go? Why would he do that?" Harry asked slowly looking towards both the transfers.

L simply smirked at the confused teen.

"Why on Earth would I imprison Light? I'd be throwing away my only source of a good chess match."

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