"The outside world is a dangerous place, filled with horrible selfish people. You must stay here where it is safe. Do you understand Flower?"

"Yes Mommy".

Rapunzel knew she should have stayed in the tower, where everything was safe. No men with pointy teeth or poison ivy and quicksand. Her head pounded and the unfamiliar trickle of blood that oozed from her arm was drying up and crusting. The wooden carriage she was in was bolted shut and the wooden walls wouldn't budge. Yelling for help wasn't an option, considering there was a dirty rag literally almost crammed down her throat. Her arms were tied together along with her feet.

Even if she did try to escape, there was nowhere to go. Rapunzel lost track of where they were six hours ago and all that was there to see were flat green plains with occasional trees and a dirt road. Birds were starting to sing, mocking Rapunzel with their freedom. It was rather funny that not even three days ago, she took her first step outside and declared she was never going back to the lonely and desolate tower, yet here she was, back to square one, except this time, she really was trapped, and she was in a prison carriage. Her stomach growled from lack of food and her face felt greasy.

The cart halted to a sudden stop. A Stabbington brother came and lifted the iron barred door up.

"You make one move and we'll really kill ya this time princess," he said while he untied her hands and legs. Rapunzel scrambled out of the carriage and stretched. She didn't think she would miss the outside so much. Some of the granules of dirt stuck to the bottom of her feet, but she relished the feeling. She looked over at the Stabbington brothers to see that they were arguing, presumably about directions. Rapunzel took this opportunity to explore a little bit. She heard a river streaming nearby.

"I need to go to the bathroom," the brothers grunted in approval then went back to bickering. Rapunzel made her way through the thick foliage, occasionally nagging her long braid on a branch and found a small stream. She carefully planted her feet on the rocks around the stream then bent down and washed her face with the cool water. Her hair stuck to her wet but clean face. She then washed the cut on her arm and wrapped it with a strand of her hair that went loose from the braid. She began to sing softly.

"Flower gleam and glow,
Let your power shine,
Make the clock reverse,
Bring back what once was mine.

Heal what has been hurt,
Change the fate's design,
Save what has been lost,
Bring back what once was mine,
What once was mine."

The warmness of her hair then faded after her hair stopped glowing. Rapunzel unwrapped her hair from her arm and inspected her arm. Like always, the cut was no more.

"Hey! What's with the singing? Get back here right now before I rip all that pretty hair off your head!", one of the Stabbington brothers yelled.

"I was just...practicing," Rapunzel said meekly.

"Well we've got no time for singing. Get your pretty princess behind back over here!"

She let out a breath of relief they didn't see her hair glowing. The Stabbington brothers had no idea what her hair was capable of, and she was determined to let it stay that way. She overheard them saying that they would cut her long hair and sell it to various villages a while back and flew into a wave of despair.

Rapunzel dragged herself back to the carriage and let herself be tied up without a fight. She knew they were stronger and faster than she is, but not quite as intelligent. She could use this to her advantage.

Several days later, she starts seeing some small farms and more travelers on the road. They were mostly poorly dressed and quite dirty. More small housing appeared along with more people. Rapunzel guessed they reached a small village not far from Corona. People gathered around the carriage she was in and followed. Pretty soon, about thirty people started chasing the prison carriage and caused quite a commotion.

The carriage then halted and the Stabbington brothers wrested the crowd of people then came to unlock the barred door again. The crowd looked at her in wonder. One little boy in particular caught her attention. His eyes were light brown and his dark brown hair was parted in the middle. He wore a white shirt and a light blue vest over it. The sight of the little boy caused a familiar pang in her heart. He even had that same mischievous glint in his eyes. With the sadness that came over her, came with anger when she remembered what Eugene did. One brother ungagged her while the other unbounded her feet. They marched her along the paved road, her hair dragging along the sidewalks,until they reached a fancily built house, far handsomer than all of the houses she has seen so far combined.

Looking behind her, Rapunzel saw that the crows stopped about ten yards away from the house, now only whispering in each others' ears. One of the brothers knocked on the intricately made door. They both grinned menacingly at each other, probably predicting how much money they could profit. A professionally dressed man came to the door. He had graying hair and a thin mustache.

"Monsieur Williams will be right with you, please, so enter" He bowed and led them in. Both the brothers and Rapunzel looked in amazement at the interior of the house. Everything was grandiose, the mark of a true nobleman. The professionally dressed man showed them the waiting room, where they took a seat in.

So this is it, I guess.

She was to be sold off as a maid after her hair was cut off and was destined to live her life off as a servant for this household. It pained her to know that she probably would never see her mother or Eugene ever again. Rapunzel sat there with her hands now untied, waiting for her future owner to show up. She thought back to Eugene. Sadness and anger surged through her. He had left her there for dead and is probably well off, now that he had his precious satchel. But why was he on a ship back to Corona, where he was trying to get away from in the first place? The whole situation confused Rapunzel. A part of her never wants to see his face again. Another wanted to run to him and sob maniacally. Run to his warm and strong hands, his intelligent eyes, and his boyish grin that showed a far more caring side to his nature.

Had it all been just a ploy all along then? To play with her heart, making her think he no longer cared for such superficial things, then betraying her in the end? She should have seen it coming. how could have she been so stupid?

The Stabbington brothers were both giddy like a child with candy while they talked vivaciously (and very annoyingly) about the money and what they were to do with it once they escaped to the next kingdom. A great big mansion, never ending women, and lazy days everyday. Rapunzel rolled her eyes at such vapid things they wanted. Why not a great big backyard with a waterfall? Or a grand horse?

"I am telling you sir, this one is special. I can sense it sir!" The professionally dressed man walked behind what Rapunzel presumed to be the master of the house. He was possibly in his early forties with dark brown hair, no hints of grey yet. His attire was not as professional, but she could tell from the way he observed with his careful eyes and the way he walked, that he was, indeed, the power of this house.

When he entered the room, the Stabbington brothers stood up. Rapunzel did also, but after hesitating. The housemaster held a hand out to one of the Stabbington brother and smiled while they shook hands.

"The name is Lord Williams, but call me John," he said, eying Rapunzel's hair.

"We are the Stabbington brothers, and we would like to negotiate with you about a deal," said the one with a scar on his mouth.

"Well of course. Right this way," John then led them to his office, which was quite cozy, a contrast to the magnificent house. He came and sat on the master chair behind the desk and motioned the professionally dressed man to bring chairs.

"Anything to drink?" The brothers looked at each other then declined politely," and you?" he nodded at Rapunzel. She hastily shook her head. He was very handsome for his age.

"Well alright then, onto the business. What is it that I must adhere for today?"

"We understand that you run a small wig factory in Corona, correct?"

John nodded slowly,"Correct, though business isn't doing very well, but go on".

"We have a solution to that problem, sir. Here, with us, is a young girl, willing to sell her hair, but for a profit."

"And what good would she be to me when she has no more hair?" Rapunzel was taken back by this offending statement.

"That's the thing, sir," one of the brothers got up and undid her hair, nearly pulling it out of her head with the rough movements,"she has never ending hair". John stood up in amazement as her hair began to lengthen.

"Over 70 feet of hair, sir, according to my calculations". John studied her hair.

"There are not many golden haired people out there, correct?"

John nodded,"indeed, and to have someone with over seventy feet worth of it! It's truly a miracle!"

The Stabbington brothers looked at each other with a devilish grin on their faces,"then I suppose we should begin to bargain". And so they did.

The two brothers and Lord Williams walked out of the office with grins on all their faces, whereas Rapunzel sat with her arms wrapped around her knees, sobbing uncontrollably. It wasn't possible for a person to be...bought, right? Only objects could be bought, right? They had agreed to over 30,000 pence and even though that is a lot of money, Rapunzel couldn't help but feel...used? Sure she was now out of the Stabbington brothers' captivity, but it didn't matter if she were stuck in this mansion or in that tiny prison carriage. She was still a prisoner. Rapunzel looked out the window and saw them shaking hands and nodding towards one another.

She didn't even realize that she drifted off into her thoughts when she heard Lord Williams's voice behind her, startling her.

"You'll learn to like it here, it's not as big as it seems," he walked over to Rapunzel and placed his hand on her shoulder, turning her around so that his steely blue eyes looked into hers," I don't know what it is like for you, but please, I'm asking you, at least try to give this house a chance?"

Rapunzel nodded slowly, unsure of how to respond.

Lord Williams then stood up straight,"now then, I know that this was a last minute sort of deal, so I can't necessarily give you a room to live in, but hopefully, you'll find the guest room comfortable?"

He lead her to a bedroom, probably never used.

"Is this alright?" It was beautiful. Light sheer curtains fell in front of the windows, a dark gold and white bed combination, and maroon carpeting. It was a prison, a rather lavish one, she noted.

Rapunzel turned to Lord William,"why are you keeping me here? Why can't I stay at an inn and give you my hair?" her voice was on the verge of breaking.

"Because, my dear," he reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear," there will be many more people who would want your hair for their own selfish reasons, and I don't want any competition. Of course, that's not the only reason why you are here."

Rapunzel felt chills going down her spine. What other reasons would a middle aged man want a young girl besides her hair? She felt her limbs freezing.

"Oh don't be foolish. I have a son of marrying age," his tone was edged with annoyance," though I don't know why I would want to marry him to a girl with no past, no wealth to her name, and no manners". He straightened his stance then spoke with a more professional tone.

"Now, wash up. I will send some servants up with clothes. Dinner will be served at dusk, and I expect you to be polite when my son arrives home from his trip."

He then left Rapunzel alone with her thoughts. The first thing she did was flop onto the bed. She noted its fluffiness and how the pillows puffed up. Closing her eyes, Rapunzel thought about the lord's son. Will he be handsome like Eugene? Will he be as quirky as Eugene? Will he be funny? Will he be tall? She created an image of him in her head. He would probably be handsome, like his father. He would probably share his father's sternness and the way he stands. He would probably enjoy reading. He would probably be intelligent and soft spoken.

Rapunzel stripped of her clothing and went into the washroom that was connected to her bedroom. There was water in the tub, though she saw that there were no soap or anything to wash with. She slowly brought herself into the water. The cold of the water bit her thighs and her shoulders. Pushing away the urge to shiver, Rapunzel dunked her head under the water. She only washed the crown of her head, like always. She'll ask to go swimming in the creek to wash the rest of her hair.

"Madam, we have left choices of dress wear on your bed, please let us know what your needs are, if you have any," a clipping tone said outside of the door.

She sighed and got out of the tub, careful not to trip over her own hair. Rapunzel took a towel from the stack laid by the door and wrapped her self into it. She unlocked the door to the washroom, then walked over to her bed, hair dragging behind her. Some dresses were laid out, as promised. They were quite simple and pretty, but couldn't pull Rapunzel out of her sadness. She dried her self then put on the light green dress, similar to the style that her previous dress had. The sleeves stopped at her elbows and the dress stopped at her ankles. There was also a selection of shoes, but she decided to go barefoot.

She didn't even bother with her hair after she dried it. She called for someone from the household to come and do her hair. If she was going to be a prisoner, might as well take advantage of the riches that came with being a prisoner. The ladies have never worked with so much hair at once. They didn't know what to do beside wrapping it into a bun on top of Rapunzel's head. She wasn't used to so much weight on top of her head, and stumbled a few times after standing up. It wasn't dusk quite yet. Rapunzel took this opportunity to look around the mansion. She came across many unused bedrooms and many empty rooms. There was a door that was locked, which she guessed was the son's room.

She jiggled the doorknob again. She didn't know why, but she did. The house was so quiet that the noise of the doorknob echoed along the hall.

"What on Earth are you doing?" an annoyed voice came from behind Rapunzel. She jumped in surprise. There stood a young man in a white shirt and black trousers and hunting boots.

"Oh haaah haah," Rapunzel laughed nervously," you scared me!" she placed a hand to her chest to stop her heart from pounding so fast. The stern look on his face didn't soften.

"I, ahem, was just...looking around," she said meekly while glancing down at her toes. He was very handsome, with striking features and a solid build, similar to Eugene's.

The silence between them was immensely uncomfortable. His arms were crossed in a defensive way. He could kill her if he wanted.

"No servants are allowed up here. Go back downstairs to where you belong and quit snooping up here!" he barked. Cheeks blushing, Rapunzel squeaked an "ok" then slid along the wall until she reached stairs. The handsome young man's eyes never left her. He watched her intently with his strong blue eyes. When she reached the end of the stairs, she let out a breath of relief. Relieved to be free of his intense glare and his overbearing attitude.

She managed to find the grand dining room, taking a seat on the side of the table. Lord William was already there, reading a newspaper with his eye glasses on.

"It seems as though you haven't properly introduced yourself to me yet," he said, his eyes never leaving his newspaper. He picked a strawberry from a bowl in front of him and popped it right into his mouth.

"Rapunzel," she mumbled.

"What was that?" he turned to face Rapunzel,"you will need to speak up dear, I am quite hard of hearing".

"Rapunzel, my name is Rapunzel," a moment of silence followed.

"Rapunzel," he said," quite an unusual name". She only stared at her plate in response. She saw the headline on the newspaper. It read Corona Catches Infamous Thief: Flynn Rider.

She wanted to get up and rip that newspaper to shreds and cram it down the lord's throat. Tears burned the back of her eyes, threatening to fall. If only Eugene didn't get caught. Would he come look for her? Not likely, after he betrayed her. But why did it still hurt? Was it the fact that she knew she was having to spend the rest of her life cooped up in here? The house was very beautiful, but it was cold. Will living here be like living with her mother? Will she be able to leave now and then? Speaking of her mother, Rapunzel wonders what has become of her. Is she worrying about Rapunzel? Is she looking far and wide for her? Rapunzel hopes her mother can accidentally stumble across this town and look for her. It wasn't likely that her mother will find her. Even if she did, Rapunzel will just end up locked up in that tower again.

"Father, you would not believe what I have found on my-" Rapunzel looked up and saw the same man from upstairs. He stood there, staring at her and his father in shock.

So this is the famous son.

"F-Father, what is this commoner doing here?" he spat out. Rapunzel looked at Lord Williams. His face remained serene, no sign of any emotion.

"Son, sit down and I will explain". And he did. The son's eyes never left Rapunzel, making her feel uneasy. What was he thinking? Did he hate her? It sure seemed as though he did, based on the flabbergasted look he had when he saw that a commoner was sitting at his beloved dinner table.

Lord Williams gestured at Rapunzel and his son,"Rapunzel, Charles. Charles, Rapunzel". He then went back to reading his newspaper, leaving Charles and Rapunzel in complete awkwardness.

Charles was nothing like his father, looks-wise. Though both handsome, Lord Williams had hints of boyish good looks from his prime, whereas Charles had such striking and haunting features, probably inherited from his mother. His skin was fair and his hair was of auburn color. His nose and chin were sharp, not like his father's square jaw.

The servants brought in the food, smelling quite delicious, though not quite as delicious as the hazelnut soup her mother made for her.

Lord Williams cleared his throat and looked at Rapunzel, though she refused to return the look,"Charles, you and I both know that you have reached a perfect age to get married..." and before he even finished, Charles stood up in a rage.

"Charles, sit down and let me finish," his father said. Charles sat down, though his undeniable rage was seething from his skin," there have been many families that have come to our doorsteps, offering their daughter's hand in marriage and you have denied all of them. Well, since it seems as though you are not capable of picking out your bride, I will do it for you."

"But why her?" he glared at Rapunzel.

"Because, think about it. How many golden haired women are out there? Quite rare, correct? Now, think of how our family name will become known far and wide if you managed to marry a golden haired woman and produce golden haired children."

Produce children? How do you produce children? She pondered about it.

"And beside Charles, look at her! Wouldn't you want to search far and wide for a face that is as beautiful as hers?" Lord Williams chuckled while cutting a piece of meat with his knife then spearing it with his fork.

Charles looked down, his brows still furrowed,"I...suppose".

And with that, they all ate in silence. The lord excused himself to his office then assigned Charles to show Rapunzel around the Williams' Manor. She inwardly pouted at this, but went along with it anyways. Charles didn't say much other than "that's the bathroom, that's another bathroom," and etc. When they came to the upper floor, he was hesitant to show her a certain room. He opened the door and revealed that paintings were behind it. The room was quite large, but paintings hung from ceiling to the floor all around the room.

"Wow," she said in wonder. There were paintings of dogs, people, flowers, everything!

Rapunzel walked over to a particular one that caught her eye. It was of a pretty girl and a boy kneeling in front of her.

"Whose are these?"

"My mother's," he stared at a grand painting of a women in a deep red dress. She was fair skinned with striking features. He had a dazed look in his eyes, as if remembering a memory. It was a stark contrast to his previous demeanor.

Rapunzel stood there for a moment, unsure of what to say.

"You miss her, don't you?" Charles didn't respond. They both stared at the painting in silence.

Eugene gulped down a plate of eggs and ham, savoring everything. This was the first full meal he has had in over a week and it was splendid. Catherine sat, watching him, which kind of creeped him out. She was pretty, he guessed, but it was still creepy.

"You're not from around here, aren't you?" she asked.

He looked up with his mouth full. He swallowed and laughed nervously,"A ha haaah, no. I'm not". He cleared his throat and looked away from her.

"That's strange. You look familiar..."she narrowed her eyes. His blood froze, remembering that he was a wanted thief now. Posters of him were probably everywhere. It's dangerous to stay here. In fact, it was dangerous anywhere near Corona. He made a note to himself. After getting Rapunzel back, they were moving far far away.

"I uh, want to thank you for taking me in, but really," he got up from his chair," I have very important business to attend to, so I must bid you, good bye!" He dashed out the door, looking frantically for Max. Instead, two redheads caught his attention. They both had stocky builds and both holding a bag full of something heavy.

He pushed through some people then ran up to the brothers, grabbing one by the collar.

"Where the hell is she!" he didn't care if he was going to get pummeled. He didn't care if they were going to turn him in. As long as Rapunzel was safe, he would happily turn himself in.

"Answer me dammit!" surprisingly, the one brother he grabbed whimpered in fear while the other took some steps back.

"We sold her to a village to the west of Corona!"

Sold her? Sold her? Eugene clenched his fist in fury. Then he let go of the Stabbington brother's collar. Was she safe? Was she living as a servant?

"Flynn!" he turned around, to see that everyone was looking at him, and Catherine running up to him.

"Why did you just leave like that?" He looked away.

"Look, I really need to leave. It's urgent. If you want to help, please tell me how to get to the village that is west of Corona". Catherine blinked in surprise.

"You're leaving? So soon?" He nodded.

"Then I'm coming with you!" she touched his arm with her hand.

"Um, no ho ho ho," he said, gently pushing her hand away," this is a solo kind of thing, and frankly, I don't think you would want to come with me, seriously."

"Oh but I do! You have no idea what it's like to be trapped here in this boring god forsaken town!" she begged, tugging on his sleeve.

"Actually, that sounds pretty familiar," he muttered.

"Just let me come along with you on your journey! I know the way to the village you are talking about, just please let me go with you! I promise, I won't even talk if you don't like me talking!" He looked around and saw that nearby people were watching them. They were probably causing a scene.

He chuckled nervously," Um, I think that we should discuss this," he started nudging Catherine to her house,"inside".

"Oh please oh please oh pleeeease let me go!" she looked at him with her big brown eyes. This girl wasn't even seventeen yet, but she did know the way to Rapunzel.

He gave in with a sigh,"Fine, you can come, just be sure, no questions. Got it?" She nodded.

"What about your parents?" he asked while she flew around the house, packing all of her belongings for the trip.

"Oh," she said, running around her apartment," they're dead. I've been on my own since last year!" she concentrated on whether to bring a pot or a pan.

"Oh,"he muttered as they went to get the horses,"sounds familiar".

And with that, the two were off to find the lost maiden.

End part I


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