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"Charles! How dare you let her out! Do you know how much the village would gossip if they see her outside? I forbid you to ever leave this house. Am I understood?"

Rapunzel hung her head in shame, not daring to look at Lord Williams in the eye.

She knew it had been a mistake, but to simply be trapped in this god forsaken house for another second was unbearable. The air was almost suffocating her. She had been weeping in her bedroom; weeping for her lost freedom, her hair, her fate, for Eugene. It was the first time she cried ever since she met Charles. Rapunzel didn't want anyone to think of her as a weakling, just like her mother did. She went to the bathroom to wash her face, but looking into the mirror, she would see the life nearly drained from her eyes, and not just because she had been crying.

Rapunzel had never given much thought to her looks before, but she could see that her skin had become sallow, the area under her eyes dark and hollow. A week and a half had done as much work on her face as ten years could do.

"Father, she is suffocating in this house. It would not be a bad idea if you would just let her go out into the courtyard maybe once in a while-" Charles protested, but was cut off by his father.

"Enough! I have had enough of this nonsense," Rapunzel looked up to meet Lord Williams' glare,"you will not, I repeat, will not ever go outside without my consent," he then turned to Charles, who looked almost as scared as her," and as for you, I forbid you to communicate with her, not until the wedding. You will not talk, look, or even think about her."

He then sat down in his chair and excused Rapunzel and Charles from his office. They refused to meet each others' eyes.

"He didn't mean it, most of it at least," Charles half whispered," we can still talk in secret and maybe if we're careful, I can still take you outside, maybe for a walk even, around the courtyard."

Rapunzel shook her head, blinking back the tears. He didn't get it, nobody did. It didn't matter if she could go outside into the courtyard or not. She didn't want to go outside into the courtyard, only to go back to this wretched mansion. This place was driving her crazy.

They had ended up in the painting room, trying to admire the works of past artists, but only halfheartedly so.

It was nice that Charles was trying to make her feel at home, but deep in her heart, Rapunzel knew that at home was with Eugene; whether it be the streets or a lavish palace, she wasn't home until she was with Eugene. She desperately wanted to be with Eugene, she come to realize, but part of her would never forgive him for betraying her.

After that incident in her bedroom, Charles had apologized the next day at breakfast and had offered to show her every secret room and passageways she hadn't known about.

Rapunzel knew that he was trying to be as polite as he can, but she saw the way he looked at the servants. She even remembered when he thought she was commoner her first day here. His look of disgust had done it. Never in her lifetime, would Rapunzel ever come to love Charles.

"Did you enjoy today, at least?" his voice brought Rapunzel out of her thoughts.

"Y-yeah. It was really fun".

"Would you stop that?"

Rapunzel looked up at Charles's face.

"Stop what?"

"That! I can't stand it when you have that look on your face and when you talk like that!"

"I'm...sorry Charles".

"No! Don't fucking apologize!"

She felt confused. what did she do that was so wrong? She was quiet, polite, and didn't get in the way. What was so bad that Charles had to burst out yelling at her?

"You always have this gloomy look on your face that drives me fucking crazy! You always look sad and you never talk and-" he let out an air of annoyance.

"And what?"

"Boring! All you ever do is read and look out the windows with that look on your face. I try and communicate with you but the conversation can never last because all you do is act depressed and-ugh!" he threw up his hands in exasperation.

Rapunzel couldn't believe it. Her? Boring? Well, she did spend eighteen years in that tower and had no one to communicate with besides her mother. Rapunzel couldn't blame Charles for thinking she was somewhat boring. He was right. Everyday, all she would do after breakfast is head straight for the library to read. If not, then walk around the mansion, looking out the windows, overlooking the village. Every morning, the streets would be bustling with people at venders, selling bread and ham. Every afternoon, the life would fade a bit then the evening would bring out a whole other life. Rapunzel wanted to be a part of the village life so much it ached her.

Charles glared down at her, probably expecting for her to say something, but she couldn't. Rapunzel turned and walked out the painting room then floated down to her bedroom, where she spent the remainder of the day without feeling much.

Her hair was in complete disarray, her face felt gross, and to top it off, her back was itchy but she was just too tired to scratch it. Some servants had come up to inform her that the lord and his son were waiting at the dinner table, but she abruptly shooed them away, and they obliged with not much question. Of course, Lord Williams had come up that night to scold her for her behavior.

"I will not accept this. Any of this. I took you in from those hooligans, and you repay me with this preposterous attitude?" he paced back and forth in front of her bed post, looking as steamed as the lobster they had for dinner yesterday.

She couldn't hold it back in before she burst out laughing. Nothing about the current situation was funny of course, but she had to laugh. Took her in? Repay him?

"And what are you guffawing about now?"
Rapunzel wiped the tears from her eyes before she spoke.

"You bought me and demand I be locked up in this hellhole, plan to sell my hair and marry me off to your son, and you expect me to behave properly?"

He stopped pacing and looked her dead in the eyes,"I gave you a home, somewhere you can be comfortable and safe".

"You bought me for my hair and I would rather cut off my own tongue before I can call this place comfortable and safe".

"You will learn to hold your tongue in my presence!"

Rapunzel never had much difficulty in obeying her mother at home, no matter how heated each conversation got, but this man, this vile man can go to hell if he thinks Rapunzel would ever hold her tongue in his presence.

"Like I would ever do that," she muttered. Lord Williams then reached over the bed and grabbed her wrists, yanking her off her bed, her legs hitting the floor painfully and dragging her out of her room.

"What are you doing? Let me go!" She struggled against his grip, but alas, his hands were far superior than hers. She managed to get up on her feet, but barely. What did he want with her? She shut her eyes tightly, trying to push away the cruel images of what might happen out of her head. Her mother had warned her against the evils of men, but Rapunzel thought otherwise when she met Eugene.

Eugene, she thought, her heart heaving, I wish you were here.

Lord Williams then came to a door on the upper levels of the mansion. He opened it, revealing a dark room and tossed her inside. Rapunzel landed on the cold hard ground her knees crashing down painfully. Lord Williams stood at the doorway, glaring down at her, arms crossed.

"A night in here will do you good." He then slammed the door shut before Rapunzel could stop him. She leaped to her feet and crashed her body against the door, full force. She pounded with her fists, yelling incoherent things, things she wouldn't even dare think about when she was living with her mother, even if her mother did say them often.

"You can't keep me in here! Let me out!" she kicked, clawed, and hit the door with all her force, but it would not budge. Her lungs burned from holding in air. With a final slam, she mustered out one final curse.

"Damn you Williams, damn you to the eternal depths of hell!". Rapunzel then sank to the ground, out of breath, gasping, choking at the stale air.

It was already bad enough that she was being kept in this house, but to be cooped up in this unfamiliar room was on a whole new level, even if it was only for one night. The air was stale, the only source of light was her hair, but she determined to keep her hairs' magical powers a secret until it was to be cut off.

Rapunzel sat in a fetus position, her back against the door.

This wasn't the first time she had ticked him off; on the third day she was here, he lectured her about her unsanitary habit of walking around barefooted. Charles had scoffed at Rapunzel and her refusal to do as Lord Williams had told her. The servants had given up trailing after her with a pair of shoes and begged the lord to accept the fact that Rapunzel would not put on a pair of shoes. He had hesitantly approved, but the disapproval was apparent on his face during dinner.

Time passed, and it was so dark, Rapunzel didn't even realize that she had fallen asleep. She dreamt of being outside with Charles, basking in the sun, sitting on the grass, watching Charles practice his archery. He was obviously showing off, but it was okay. Rapunzel clapped whenever he made a bull's-eye. She danced and danced, occasionally plucking a flower from the ground. Her eyes were closed, feeling everything, the sun, the grass, the warm breeze.


She had opened her eyes and saw Eugene standing there, with that quirky look on his face. She wanted to run to him, but when she tried, forty feet walls sprung up from the ground, blocking off Eugene.

Rapunzel then woke up with a start. It took her a moment to realize that her dream wasn't real. Her back was aching and she was hungry. Some lemon bars sounded appealing to her appetite. Rapunzel subconsciously got up and tried the door handle. It was unlocked and gave way to the hallway. She wandered around, still half asleep. Eventually finding a bathroom, Rapunzel washed her face and cleaned her teeth. Her stomach rumbled angrily, yowling and howling for food.

Rapunzel placed a hand at her stomach, trying to quiet her stomach. Her stomach was still flat, which was somewhat impressive, given the lavish foods that Rapunzel consumes regularly. She tried to imagine her stomach being three times the size it is now. The image in her head made her laugh, but amidst her laughter, it came to her. Rapunzel swung open the door, and made sure nobody was there.

She crept quietly along the halls, hopefully not waking anyone. She snuck into the kitchen and managed to find some lemon bars left from dessert last night. Rapunzel wasted no time scarfing down the lemon bars and washing it down with a cup of milk. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she then hurried out of the kitchen then ran up to her bed room. Her hair dragged behind her, occasionally snagging on a table leg. She pulled her hair into her bedroom and closed the door. Pulling on a clean dress, and briefly brushing some of her hair, Rapunzel then hurriedly ran to the library, but not before coming in contact with Lord Williams.

Darn it.

"Well, aren't we up early? Care for some breakfast?", he paced his hand on the small of her back. He looked as if nothing from last night ever happened.

"Uh, no thanks. I already ate" Rapunzel then scurried away from Lord Williams and into the library. She looked around, making sure nobody was there then hurried over to the human anatomy section, digging out as many books as she can.

She had a plan.

"This is it, we're here", Cat pointed at the tiny village in the distance.

After several days, they have finally made it, the small town just west of Corona. Eugene has never been so happy in his life. Once he takes Rapunzel back, he'll be a free man, being able to go anywhere and start fresh, with Rapunzel and Max at his side. Maybe rent out a shop in the neighbor kingdom and start his own nick knack shop, or become a smith. It was all too perfect.

"Wow, I never though you could smile like that, Flynn", he looked over at Cat, embarrassed that she caught him in a moment of "uncool-ness". Eugene cleared his throat.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!", he then charged forward, towards the village. The morning breeze whipped his face. It was refreshing, after being stuck with Cat, he can finally see Rapunzel. The village became bigger as he neared. He dismounted Max and went up to a random lady carrying a basket of bread.

"Excuse me, have you seen a blonde girl by any chance?" she looked startled, but her face softened (probably due to his good looks).

"Yes I have. Just about one or two weeks ago, two large men had her transported to the lord's household. We villagers have not seen her since. Rumor has it, she is to marry the lord himself. Ever since his wife died, he has been nothing but somber. Sad really, the girl was quite the beauty."

His heart fell.

"Is there any way people like us can see her?"

"Well, I haven't seen her since she arrived here, but if you're looking for work, you can always work at the mansion where she lives."

"That's great!" he could see her, and that's enough.

"But beware, many have worked there, but never to be seen again. My sister worked there as a maid, and she never came home," the lady then leaned in close to Eugene's ear,"my guess is, Lord Williams has the maids locked away in a cellar and the men cooked for dinner when he tires them."

A chill went through Eugene's whole body. He sure as hell didn't want to end up in someone's plate, but seeing Rapunzel and making sure that she is safe was worth it.

"Um, thanks lady".

Horse hooves came from behind him. Cat dismounted her horse then smacked his arm.

"What the hell was that Flynn?" He stared ahead, and spotted the huge mansion laying on top of the hill. It had to be the place where Rapunzel is. He then turned to Cat.

"Well, your work here is done. Thanks for everything Cat, really, but now I'll take it from here. Travel, eat, explore! You are free to go". He then mounted Max and rode towards the mansion, leaving a stunned Cat behind.

"Well, Mr. Grimes, I don't normally do this, but you're hired" The man behind the desk grinned at him.

"Thank you, Lord Williams, you have no idea what it means to me," Eugene spoke behind gritted teeth, trying to keep his anger at bay. This guy had to be at least thirty five years old.

Eugene worked his charm with the lord, and apparently, it worked, he was now a butler.

"Please, let me show you around", he got up then gestured towards the door.


Eugene had to admit, this place was pretty impressive. This was what he would've wanted for himself before meeting Rapunzel. It was grand and huge, but a bit overblown. It was just too much, which is surprising, considering Eugene used to love big houses.

"And this, is the library, home to my vast collection of books! Is this not beautiful or what?"

Eugene rolled his eyes. He was never a reading kind of person.

Then his eyes stopped at the table next to the ceiling-floor windows. Sitting there, was Rapunzel. His stomach fluttered. She sat, her head propped up by her elbow while her other arm flipped through pages of a book.

"Beautiful," he half whispered.

"Yes, and-oh! There is lovely little Rapunzel! Isn't she just exquisite?" Lord Williams chuckled. Eugene wanted to hit him.

"Sir? The shipments are ready." the two of them turned around and saw a maid with a roll of parchment in her hands.

"I will be out in a minute Martha." the lord then turned to Eugene," Do you mind? I have some important business to attend to. Henry will escort you to your dormitory" Lord Williams then left with the maid.

Eugene took a deep breath then cautiously went to Rapunzel.

"Rapunzel?" She looked up from her books. Her eyes began to widen.

"Eugene? Is that you?" He merely nodded, overwhelmed with happiness. He wanted to hug Rapunzel, and keep her in his arms forever. Rapunzel stood up, obviously taken back. She looked a bit more tired then he remembered, but it didn't matter. Eugene opened his arms out to her, ready to take her in. Rapunzel however, stepped back for a moment, then ran out of the library.

"Rapunzel! Hey!" he followed her out the library, but ran into someone. He looked a little younger than Eugene (twenty, twenty one) but was about two inches taller.

We-he-hell, what a dashing young fellow.

It was nice to occasionally see a fellow good looking man around here. Eugene almost held out a hand to the man, but changed his mind when the stranger glared at him with his cold blue eyes.

"Watch where you are going, peasant!" he then turned away and followed Rapunzel up with stairs.

Confused, Eugene went into the library and picked up the book Rapunzel was reading. He stared at the contents, then set it back down, even more confused. What the hell was she doing, reading a human anatomy book?

This is getting quite weird...a little bit too weird for Eugene.

End Part III


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