Title: First Dates Don't Always Go As Planned
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG13
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Summary: Jack's ready for his date with Ianto. Ianto not.

Warnings/Spoilers: Season 2 set after KKBB.
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Jack was nervous as he stood outside Ianto's apartment. It was the day after he asked Ianto out on a date. He was shocked that Ianto said yes. Not only because Jack abandoned them but also because of John Hart. It must not have been easy to see one of Jack's exes. But like Ianto he took things in stride, it was one of the things Jack liked about him.

With three loud knocks Jack waited for Ianto to answer. He couldn't wait to go out and just hang out with Ianto. Yes he missed the others but not as much as he had Ianto. When he heard the locks on the door click he put on his trade mark grin. It was removed when he saw Ianto. Gone was the three piece suit replaced with an old green tee shirt and grey sweat pants. "Hey…" Jack said.

"Hello, sir," Ianto replied. He made no move to allow Jack to enter his home.

"I thought you were going to start calling me Jack?" Jack asked. "Also I know I said dress casual but I think you've gone a bit overboard. Not that I'm complaining. You look good in and out of everything!" Jack expected the regular blush to cover Ianto's face but it didn't come.

Ianto stood there a moment before replying. "After some thought I've decided to decline your invitation to dinner."

Jack looked befuddled. "You've what? Why?"

"Because I am not going to play second fiddle to Gwen Bloody Cooper… or should I say Gwen Williams!" Ianto declared. "I deserve better than that."

Jack winced. He could only guess that Ianto looked at the CCTV feeds and saw his reaction to finding out Gwen was engaged. "It wasn't what it looked like."

Ianto crossed his arms. "Really? What was it about?" He raised his hand stopping Jack from answering. "And if the words 'it's complicated' comes out of your mouth I swear I will shoot you!"

Ianto could be scary when he wanted to be. He also knew Jack really well. If Jack wanted any sort of relationship he had to start being honest. "I was married once."

"You were what?" Ianto asked sure he had misheard.

"Over forty years ago. She was an amazing woman." Jack looked at Ianto. "Seeing Gwen's ring… it made me think of her." He looked Ianto in the eye. "It had absolutely nothing to do with Gwen. I came back for you not Gwen."

Ianto stared back at Jack looking for the truth in his eyes. When he was satisfied Ianto pulled Jack close and kissed him. "I believe you," Ianto whispered against Jack's lips. "I believe you."

Jack sighed in relief. The thought of losing Ianto before they actually started almost killed him. "We're late for your reservation."

"Doesn't matter," Ianto said as he stepped back. "I'm not hungry." He pulled his tee shirt off. "For food."

A grin spread over Jack's face as he stepped into Ianto's apartment and closed the door behind him.

The End