Not Alone Anymore

Kurama x Hiei

For the past several days, Kurama has noticed something was wrong with Hiei. Sure he was acting the same in bashing on Kuwabara and being very stone cold to everyone he knows and meets. Everyone else saw Hiei being the same, but Kurama noticed something within those red rubies called eyes. Something that was not normal for the fire demon.

Right after school ended, Kurama dropped his plans to go to the biology club and go shopping with his mom to go find Hiei and find out what's wrong with him.

Kurama hurried deep within the woods to where Hiei normally lived when visiting the ningenkai and masked his spirit energy so the fire demon would not sense him.

Kurama felt himself freeze when he heard some very unsteady shaky breaths coming from further up… like someone is crying.

'Is… is Hiei crying?' Kurama thought to himself as he walked up further to see the familiar figure of his friend trembling; knees to his chest and head to his knees. But the real sign of crying was the reddish black tear gems surrounding him.

As he couldn't take seeing this any longer, he took a step forward so Hiei could sense and see him, which he did.

Hiei had wide eyes and wiped the tears away in a hurry as he didn't want to look weak in his partner's eyes

"K-Kurama… this isn't what it looks like" Hiei said frantically looking for an excuse, but was stunned when the redhead fox demon kneeled down and pulled him into a hug.

"Hiei… don't force the tears away. Everyone needs to cry at some points in their lives. It doesn't make you weak in the slightest" Kurama said soothingly, "just let it all out"

Hiei, upon hearing these words, had wide eyes and started crying. Kurama just held Hiei, even was rubbing his back soothingly. Kurama knew this time would come for the fire demon, after all anyone, even the strongest person, who was in his shoes, would have to breakdown. Having been abandoned and been called a Forbidden Child when he was born by his own mother, being alone for most of his life, seeing his sister move on from ever trying to find her 'missing brother', and a lot more things even Kurama didn't even know about.

After a while, Hiei calmed down and looked to Kurama who was smiling

"Feel better?"

Hiei only could nod

"I… Kurama… I—" Hiei started and Kurama kissed his cheek

"No problem Hiei, that's what friends are for" Kurama said and noticed a small smile forming on Hiei's face. Kurama smiled as Hiei finally realized he was not alone anymore.