Maeby This Time

A/N: Maeby's story continues after her episode in Season 4.

Summary: Maeby returns to the model home after being released from jail for being a sex offender and discovers a couple of surprises. Maeby and George Michael

Ch 1

Maeby Funke was being dropped off by police officers in front of the model home her family built. They only left after they were satisfied there were no kids under the age of seventeen around the neighborhood. Maeby was arrested as sex offender for having sex with a seventeen year old Perfecto Telles, whom she thought was an undercover cop and was trying to get him arrested as a sexual predator. With no actual proof or video of the alleged act and Perfecto's foster mother Lucille Austero also known as Lucille 2, failing to show up in court, the charges were dropped. But there was still only one place she could go.

So that's where she found herself a few weeks after Cinco de Cuatro. She walked down the sidewalk and to the familiar door. She reached for the doorknob, pulled very gently and the knob came off in her hand. She looked at it, dropped it on the ground and pushed on the door which swung open easily. She sighed as she entered shitty model house that belonged to her family.

Maeby wondered how her life ended up like this.

"How the # $% did I end up like this?" she asked herself. She had it all; she was on top of the world, literally. Maeby supervised the filming of the short film "A Very Gangy Christmas" at the North Pole. Maeby had been a popular movie executive, a high rolling madame and started the highly sought after Internet Company The FaceBlock. But now she was right back here, where she started.

Maeby walked around the empty house, looking for anything to do, the model homes still had no internet connection and the tv didn't work, but she did find three brand new boxes of the game Twister. She was quickly growing bored, at least in the jail they had plenty of activates scheduled.

It was a week later when she found herself hovering over the toilet for the third time that day and the tenth time that week that she figured it out. So she went to the grocery store to pick up some real food to eat.

Later on she was sitting on the lid of the toilet tapping her foot on the ground, waiting. When the timer went off she stood up and took a deep breath and walked over to the sink. She closed her eyes and prayed for the first time in her life. She opened her eyes slowly and looked down at the counter…at the white stick lying on it.

" #$#% me"

Maeby stared at the blue plus sign hoping it would magically change into something else. It didn't.

She leaned back against the wall and stared at reflection in the cracked in mirror in the guest bathroom. What was she going to do now; she was having a baby with a seventeen year old.

Maybe this is what Maeby needed to finally grow up. Well this will keep the other sex offenders out of this place. She thought to herself as she went to make something to eat. As she was eating cereal Maeby wondered if she should tell her parents she was pregnant. Nah she decided. There was no reason to tell them. Having a teenager's baby, with no job and no money wasn't something big enough to get their attention. She needed something else to really shove in their faces. She was determined to find something.